Godlike Player in a Game-Like World

Chapter 109 Fang’s Trouble
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As the man viewed the object for the first time, he realized it was a crafting material and not anything ordinary. "Let me check."

He took the black stone out of Raydon's hand and studied it for a while. "It seems to be a material and death-type. But I'm not sure which grade."

He grumbled and grimaced before activating a skill.

''Inspect. ''

When the man used his skill, his eyes seemed to glow white for a while, and it looked like texts were moving quickly inside them. His eyes returned to normal shortly after, and he remarked, turning to face Raydon in amazement.

"I don't know where you got this, but you'd better put it back in your dimensional storage. Something like this could make you the target of greedy item holders. '' The man stated gravely, giving Raydon the stone back.

''So? What is this?" Raydon said as he placed the stone in his dimensional storage.

''This is a pure death-type crafting material. I believe it is one of the best materials available for crafting a death-type item. Moreover, this is a blue-grade material. In the hands of an experienced item expert, a top blue-grade, death-type item can be crafted with this. ''

Raydon was unsurprised by what the man had said. After all, Herman was attempting to craft a body enchantment, most likely of the death type. It was quite usual for him to create the materials himself.

The item expert that the man was talking about was the title given to people who have mastered item crafting. Herman should have been an item expert or semi-item expert if he could even craft his own material.

"So, how much would it cost for me to sell it?" Raydon inquired. He didn't really want to sell it, but knowing how much it was worth would have helped him figure out what it was worth overall.

"It's difficult to say. Items and materials of blue-grade or higher that people want to sell or buy can only be bought and sold at auction. Moreover, since this material is of a rare type, its worth is unclear. If you discover someone who truly wants it, the price will most likely rise to 300,000 gold coins, or more. But I'm sure it's not less than 100,000 gold coins." He said openly and honestly.

There may have even been item holders who wanted to get it by giving up all of their possessions. After all, it was a rare material that was hard to find.

'Wow, it's simply a material, yet it's that expensive?' Raydon pondered. He was well aware that blue-grade items were several times more expensive than green-grade items, but the blue-grade material he had at the time was sufficient to purchase dozens of green-grade items.

"All right, I suppose it was today's most valued thing. I look forward to seeing you again." When he realized that Raydon had no more things to show, the man laughed.

"Many thanks for your assistance. I'll see you later." Raydon smiled back and then left the store.

As the shopkeeper saw Raydon exiting the store, he instantly removed his necklace, and after activating the skill, Fang appeared in the hologram that emerged.

''Hm? Do you have any interesting thing to say about him?" Fang inquired, lifting an eyebrow. He was curious since he knew this guy would only call regarding Raydon.

? In response to Fang's query, the man lowered his head and answered respectfully. "Yes, master. He was recently here and, as usual, sold a few rare items. But, this time was far more interesting and special than the previous ones."

"Interesting and special, huh? Keep going."

"Sure, master, you may be aware of recent happenings. A high-rank item holder attacked Herman Ashskin. '' The man said and waited for Fang's response.

"Yeah, this news has spread quite quickly. After all, a high-rank was involved. I'm not sure how that moron managed to offend him." Fang exclaimed in awe.

Even though he is a B-Rank item holder, he is one rank below high-rank status, therefore he must show respect while speaking with high-ranks. That's why he couldn't figure out how Herman, a mere E-Rank item holder, could be so foolish.

"What does this matter have to do with it?" Fang inquired, frowning. He didn't want to become involved in the affairs of a high-rank if at all possible.

"Master, the things Raydon sold today were most likely belonging to Herman Ashskin.

No, I believe they absolutely belonged to him."

The man said assuredly. He was certain of this since he was the one who sold Herman the majority of the materials he used to craft his items. After all, the item market was a great location to buy for unruly item holders like him, and this store is also recognized for offering all high-quality stuff beneath the blue-grade.

"This is troublesome." Fang grimaced as he heard this. If what he suspected was correct, he would have to adjust his plans for Raydon as well.

'It seems that there is someone else besides myself who recognizes this young man's potential, and this person is a very powerful one. I think I should take a chance and seek this senior and speak with him. Maybe I can persuade him to let Raydon assist me. Even if it involves compensating a few blue-grade items.'

Fang was wishfully thinking about finding a high-rank item holder who was even not real and trying to ask him to let Raydon help him.

"Achoo. "

"Hey, what sort of virus can make me sick despite my stamina?"

As Fang and the shopkeeper discussed a non-existent item holder, Raydon was walking around the stalls looking for a suitable item for himself.

'I have a total of 182,544 gold coins at the moment. With this money, I can easily buy a set. But first, I need an attack-type skill.' Radon thought.

He had difficulty in his last fight with Herman because he lacked the attack-type skill. To make up for this, he used the movement-type skill, but this strategy wouldn't always work.

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