Goddess Medical Doctor

Chapter 12
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Chapter 12

Two flowers blossomed on one branch. Although the man in black managed to evade Mu Tianchen, who was tracking him, he did not do so without getting hurt. He dragged his injured body to Yu Lin palace and reported what he overheard Mu Tianlin. Once Mu Tianchen [Mu Tianlin; I think the author made a mistake.] heard the brother he hated returned, and the possibility of the Emperor establishing Mu Tianri as the crown prince, his face turned sullen.

“Master, this subordinate has one more thing to report.” Seeing the terrible look on Mu Tianlin’s face, the man in black could not help but tremble, but he still told what he overheard to Mu Tianlin. “This subordinate overheard the eldest prince say that you kidnapped Princess Gu Guo of the Jingyue Kingdom.”

“What? You said that Miss Yue is my little cousin Yue Xin’er?”

“Yes, this subordinate is sure there has been no mistake.”

“You go treat your wounds first.”

“This subordinate retreats.” After the man in black bowed in ceremony, he disappeared without a trace.

It turns out that Miss Yue is Yue Xin’er. No wonder she is so special, so it turns out she’s the cousin whose name is known all over the world. Now that she is by his side, it makes sense if they tie the knot, right? Moreover, he heard that her identity was not ordinary in the Jingyue Kingdom, and the marriage between the two kingdoms would be a great help to him in the future. If he tells this news to his Empress mother, who knows if she will be happy! The more he thinks of it, the happier he gets, the unhappy feeling brought to him from Mu Tianchen was soon forgotten, he quickly rushed to Chi Yue Palace where the Empress resides.

○ 嶽: Yuè (Mountains); Fake surname she uses. 月; Yuè (Moon); Her actual surname

When he arrived at Chi Yue Palace, Mu Tianlin couldn’t wait to tell the Empress all the information he had received. Sure enough, the Empress also agreed with him as he thought, the Empress had never been happy that Mu Tianlin brought back a lowly woman from the Jingyue Kingdom, now she knows that the woman turned out to be her own niece, with a distinguished identity, after all, Yue Xin’er has a blood relationship with herself, and should help Mu Tianlin, if she wants Mu Tianlin to sit on the throne, and she is a princess of a country, once she is brought in, the throne will be at their fingertips.

“Lin’er, how is the relationship between you and Xin’er?”

“She is the same as always, ignoring Er Chen.” Speaking of this, Mu Tianlin had a look of annoyance, these days, no matter what he did, she didn’t even spare him a glance.

The Empress smiled sullenly “It doesn’t matter, let’s send someone to the Jingyue Kingdom to speak of the matter of marriage, Bengong does not believe that once she married, she will still act as a spoiled princess.”

○ Bengong: How women of status in the palace refer to themselves.

“Right, Er Chen will send people to prepare the gifts for tomorrow.” Both the mother and the child are accustomed to taking advantage of it, if it is not the easy way, then it will be the hard one.

○ Gifts refer to the bride price, to compensate the family after no longer having their daughter

“Lin’er, your elder brother does not agree with you, your Emperor father has not established the crown prince, you should quickly get rid of him. Your Emperor father has been poisoned by my heart devouring gu, it is estimated that he will only have a few days to live. You have to get rid of the dissidents, don’t let other people take advantage of it.” For this husband, she felt nothing for him, as for the Jingyue Kingdom, there was only endless resentment. That year, if her Emperor father had not forced her to marry to the Tian Xiang Kingdom and separate her from her beloved, how could she not poison him with gu? In order for revenge, she became what she is today.

“Yes, Er Chen understands.” Although the Emperor is his biological father, in order to be able to sit on the throne, he will use any means, block by the Gods, he will, kill, and kill Buddha when they meet.

On the other hand, Yue Xin’er returned to Yulin Palace, when several of the palace ladies saw her finally returning safely, they let out a sigh of relief. This master cannot be easily lost, the situation was urgent, and it was too late to report to the second prince. Plus, when Yue Xin’er left, she ordered them not to tell Mu Tianlin, if something really happened they could not afford it. After waiting for half an hour, they saw her coming back, just like the drowning people catching on to the straw. Mu Tianlin knew nothing about Yue Xin’er going to see the Emperor, at first, it was because the man in black came over and returned, later, he went to the Chi Yue Palace, naturally, he did not know that she had left the Yu Lin Palace.

Before Yue Xin’er returned, she pulled off the jade ring and hid it, she didn’t want Mu Tianlin to discover this. If he knows that this thing can mobilize the soldiers, it is estimated that he will immediately take it away and then rebel. However, the Emperor appointed the Jade to her, who was a foreigner, if she wanted to attack the Tian Xiang Kingdom, wouldn’t it be easy? It is good that she has no ambitions, or the Tian Xiang Kingdom will probably merge into the territory of the Jingyue Kingdom.

The following day, Yue Xin’er took the opportunity to find Mu Tianxing by going to Xing Chen Palace of, where Mu Tianxing resides. After entering the quarters, she sent away the palace servants behind her.

“XIn’er, how did you come?” Mu Tianxing just got up, and her voice was still full of drowsiness.

“Today, I will return to the Jingyue Kingdom today, there will be many things happening in Tian Xiang Kingdom after this, In my opinion, it would be safer if you go with me. If Mu Tianlin knows that Tianri will become the crown prince today, he will definitely capture you and threaten your brother, do you want to go with me?”

In order not to become cumbersome to Mu Tianri, the only way was to, follow Yue Xin’er to go to the Jingyue Kingdom to play, so, she simply agreed.

The palace gates were opened, with her lightness skills, she bypassed countless guards with Mu Tianxing, without a soul knowing, they arrive at Chen Zi Palace. As soon as she entered the door, she saw that Mu Tianchen was waiting for them, Yue Xin’er looked at him with a smile, and the two seemed incomparable, Mu Tianxing looked at the pair with envy.

“Eldest imperial brother, the feelings between you two are very good, your little sister is envious to death.” Mu Tianxing slyly teased the couple, she then really saw Yue Xin’er blushing a shade of red.

“Enough, Xing’er, don’t tease, didn’t you see, her face is already red.” Mu Tianchen looked at Mu Tianxing with a funny smile, this girl, when was she was so courageous, daring to ridicule him.

“Hey, I haven’t married you yet! What are you saying?” Yue Xin’er’s blush could move a person.

Although Mu Tianchen likes to tease her, he also likes to look at her shy face, but it is impossible to get her angry.

And now it is imperative to send them both out of the palace, looking at the sky, it is not too early, he let them sit on the carriage that was prepared early, telling them to wait for his subordinate, who acted as a driver, then he also joined them.

When the carriage arrived at the gate of the palace, it was stopped by the guards who guarded the gate, Mu Tianxing’s hands nervously tighten around Yue Xin’er’s. Yue Xin’er’s expression has no fluctuations because she knows that Mu Tianchen has taken care of this matter. Sure enough, after a while, she felt that the carriage was moving again.

Out of the palace gate, the carriageway went straight toward the gate of the city, about an incense stick later, the carriage stopped. After Mu Tianchen took the lead in the carriage, Yue Xin’er also stuck out her head to explore, looking around, obviously, they were already in the suburbs. After all three of them got off the carriage, Mu Tianchen took them to a nearby farm.

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There is nothing special about this farmhouse, but after she entered it, she realized that the sparrows were small and complete. Although there is no grand palace, it is quiet and pleasant, bringing in a new feeling.

“Older brother, why did you bring us here?” Because they were away from the palace, in order to not expose his identity, Mu Tianxing called Mu Tianchen older brother.

“You will stay here.” Mu Tianchen said.

“Then what about you and Xin’er?”

“I will bring Xin’er to return to the Jingyue Kingdom.”

“No, I want to go to Jingyue with you.” To say it beautifully, didn’t you just want to be alone with Xin’er? You want to leave me alone, no way.

“Tianxing, you stay here! I have a hunch, we will meet with bad things on the way back to the Jingyue Kingdom, in order to protect your safety, you will stay here. You can rest assured that I will send someone to protect you. Besides, you have to help keep an eye on your brother’s business.” Yue Xin’er opened her mouth and said. Last night, she once had a glimpse of this trip, and it seems there would be a big obstacle, full of blood, if it was just her and Mu Tianchen, it may be avoided.

“I…” Mu Tianxing grievously screamed, wanting to say something, but seeing Yue Xin’er’s face, she thoughtfully swallowed the rest of her words.

“Xing’er, you are staying here, don’t go out of the farm. Just wait for our news.” Finished speaking, he told a servant to take good care of Mu Tianxing, bringing some dry food and water, then he brought Yue Xin’er and got on the carriage.

After a moment of silence, Yue Xin’er asked Mu Tianchen: “Why are you not asking me why I stayed in the palace?”

Mu Tianchen took her shoulder and smiled, “Your husband, I know you very well, I naturally know what you want to do.”

Yue Xin’er shook off his hand and said disdainfully: “You are really not serious, was it your Emperor father who call you after he looked for me yesterday?”

“Yeah, Emperor father called me last night, he told me to bring you and Xing’er out of the palace early in the morning, it seems that this time Tian Xiang Kingdom cannot avoid a big storm.” Although he really doesn’t want to manage these things, this matter is related to his Emperor father and younger brother, no matter what the results are, it is probably not very good.

“Okay, don’t worry, although your second brother has done so many things that hurt the world, he is your brother and my cousin if he doesn’t do anything that makes me angry, I will not kill him. Tianri, along with your father will not kill him due to their blood relationship.” Knowing what he was worried about, but Mu Tianlin is not a good person, at this point, she has to make a decision.

After a few days of rushing, they finally reached the border between the Jingyue Kingdom and the Tian Xiang Kingdom, the three people on the carriage were relieved. These days, the three people have not eaten a good meal, and have not had a good night’s sleep. Now that they have finally reached the border, they could be considered half safe. After being on the carriage for a long time, their backs hurt. Mu Tianchen saw that Yue Xin’er’s face was not so good, so the driver brought the carriage to the side of the road and prepared to rest for a while before crossing the border.

Seeing that there is a small lake not far away, Yue Xin’er looked at Mu Tianchen with hopeful eyes, after getting his permission, she rushed over. She has not taken a shower in the past few days before she went to sleep, she would only wipe her body. Although she loves cleanliness, she has no complaints, but she still feels a bit awkward always feeling itchy. Now that she is at the border, she can say that they are safe for the time being when she sees this clear water, how can she stop herself from wanting to take the bath?

She took off her clothes, using the tip of her toes to test the temperature of the water, it was cool, not too icy, so she jumped in happily. Mu Tianchen stayed in the distance, hearing the sound of her jumping into the lake, he could not help but smile. This girl is really easy to satisfy, and he has not seen her so happy for a long time. When the matter of Tian Xiang Kingdom has come to an end, he would like to propose to the Jingyue Kingdom, he really couldn’t wait to see her become his own bride.

Yue Xin’er swam in the lake and played with the little fish in the lake, it was very comfortable. When she was having fun, she heard Mu Tianchen call out to her, it seems that a group of people came to the lake. Yue Xin’er’s heart didn’t come to a panic, an ominous premonition shrouded her, she quickly put on her clothes and flew away in the direction of Mu Tianchen.

Before I arrived at Mu Tianchen’s side, she saw a group of soldiers wearing armor rushing to her with Mu Tianlin. Mu Tianchen was half kneeling on the ground, his hair covering his face, she did not know how he was. Yue Xin’er hurriedly ran over to help him, she saw an arrow in his body, the wound was bleeding profusely with black blood apparently the arrow had poison.

“Brother Chen!” Yue Xin’er was shocked and quickly took out a porcelain bottle to put a greenish pill into his mouth. The toxicity of this poison is too strong, even the “Sacred heart Dan” that solves the poison can only temporarily suppress the toxicity, it is imperative to find a safe place to settle him down and find the method of detoxification. After Mu Tianchen ate “Sacred heart Dan”, he temporarily passed out.

At this time, Mu Tianlin had brought the soldiers to the front of Yue Xin’er. “Little cousin, go back to the palace with your cousin! I have prepared the bride price, and tomorrow I will personally bring it to the Jingyue Dynasty to propose to your family.”

“Shut up!” The wrath of Yue Xin’er at this time cannot maintain the usual coldness indifference, just when she took Mu Tianchen’s pulse, she found that this poison is actually mixed with gu, apparently, it is his masterpiece of the vicious aunt. She was so disgusted with Mu Tianlin, and now he has hurt her lover, the new hatred and the old enmity, she cannot wait to kill him. “Hand over the antidote, if brother Chen is hurt in any way, I will have all of you buried along.”

Mu Tianlin may have been fascinated by her beautiful face, he did not hear the coldness in her words, instead, the soldiers who followed him felt that the surrounding temperature seemed to drop to the extreme.

Mu Tianlin saw that Yue Xin’er actually got angered for Mu Tianchen’s sake, and the fire in his heart Burst, “Stop, do not think of it, I won’t give you the antidote, I just want him to die!”

“You… very good!” Yue Xin’er was extremely angry and laughed after the words were finished, her body flashed one could only see her white clothes flying, it was only a moment, and she returned to her original place.

Mu Tianlin looked back and saw all the soldiers behind him were bleeding from all seven orcrafices and died.

He looked at her with suspicion, for the first time, he felt that he had met a person who shouldn’t be provoked. “What have you done?”

“If you don’t hand over the antidote, you will be like them.” Yue Xin’er smiled coldly, before she was like a fairy, now she is like a demon from hell.

“The antidote is not on me.” Under the cold eyes of Yuexin, Mu Tianlin could not help but tremble and told the truth involuntarily.

“Tell me, where is the antidote?”

“Even if I die, I won’t say!” Who knows where his courage came from, Mu Tianlin viciously stared at Mu Tianchen who was on the ground, “He deserves to die! If it weren’t for him, Emperor father would not make Mu Tianri the crown prince, if it weren’t for him, you wouldn’t be like this to me.”

“Stop! Let me tell you, even without him, your father will not choose you as the crown prince, do you think that what you usually do is not known to your father? What if I tell you that I am also the reason you were not chosen as the crown prince, what would you do? Hahaha… You won’t give me the antidote, I will destroy all your meridians and make you a waste.”

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