Goddess Helps Me Simulate Cultivation

Chapter 224 - Game Across Space? A City in Savage Mountain! (2)
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Chapter 224: Game Across Space? A City in Savage Mountain! (2)

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

He had stepped into the upper echelons of Great Yan City.

Most of the people in the Qin Clan were Human Traitors. Wu Yan was the one who instigated their rebellion, and he was also the one in charge of managing them.

Wu Yan nodded, “Yes, City Lord!”

Following this, Wu Yan could not help but ask, “Do we need to secretly get those people out of the Qin Clan and send them to Great Yan City?”

Fu Shuangni said, “Let’s do that. Bring them out safely and don’t alarm too many people.”


Fu Shuangni was not an emotionless demonic beast. She did not treat the traitors in the Qin Clan as abandoned children. Instead, she asked Wu Yan to bring them to Great Yan City and let them start a new life in Great Yan City.

Right now, the Head of the Qin Clan wanted to know who was dealing with the Qin Clan.

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Hence, he did not do anything to those traitors for the time being. Instead, he left them behind.

However, if he discovered that he could not discover the existence of Great Yan City through these people, the traitors in the Qin Clan would be in danger.

It was also because of Fu Shuangni’s attitude toward traitors that Wu Yan was so loyal to Fu Shuangni and was so loyal to Great Yan City.

With such a leader, he was not worried that he would be mistreated. He knew that he could rise up the ranks.

[Age 25, you used all sorts of methods to bring the ten or so Human Traitors that you planted in the Qin Clan out of the Qin Clan and sent them to Great Yan City in Savage Mountain. When the Qin Clan Head learned that these people had suddenly disappeared, he was furious, but he could not do anything.]

[You personally went to meet these Human Traitors and talked to them, and you found that there were some crooked people inside. If it wasn’t because they were crooked, your people wouldn’t have been able to turn them so easily.]

[You asked a demonic beast in Great Yan City to control these people. If they didn’t change their mindset, then you would give them a physical indoctrination.]

[After both mental and physical indoctrination, the people were invested in the construction of Great Yan City.]

[Age 26, a demon was wreaking havoc in a county of the Great Wei Dynasty, killing many Immortal cultivators of the Imperial Court as well as ordinary civilians. Blood flowed like a river!]

[Many civilians were scared out of their wits and hurriedly packed their things and left. You ordered people to mix in with these civilians and think of a way to lure them to Great Yan City.]

[However, you didn’t expect that the demon would actually pursue and kill a group of fleeing civilians.]

[Once again, there were large-scale casualties!]

[You ordered your subordinates, demonic beasts, and Immortal cultivators, to surround and annihilate that deranged demon and save a portion of the commoners.]

[Your subordinates succeeded in killing the demon! However, they also suffered some losses.]

“City Lord, we saved over 3,000 humans, but we were unable to save over 2,000 of them. They died at the hands of the demon,” a human Immortal cultivator respectfully reported. “As for the demonic beasts and humans we sent…”

“Three demonic beasts and two human Immortal cultivators died. The others were more or less injured.”

This was the most serious incident since Great Yan City was founded. For a group of people who had not joined Great Yan City, three demonic beasts and two Immortal cultivators died.

Was it worth It?

This confusion only flashed through her mind before it was shattered by Fu Shuangni’s firm belief.

It was worth it!

Fu Shuangni took a deep breath and said, “Record their names and achievements. Prepare a stone tablet and carve all of them on it. They sacrificed themselves for Great Yan City. We can not let future generations forget their lives.”

When this human Immortal cultivator heard this, he nodded heavily. “I will do it now!”

It was because of Fu Shuangni’s actions that there were human Immortal cultivators working for Great Yan City.

Currently, there were already over a hundred Immortal cultivators in Great Yan City. They were all itinerant cultivators in the past.

In the past, they did not rely on any factions, and there were no factions that took a fancy to them.

After all, these unaffiliated cultivators were all at the Qi Refinement stage.

Moreover, their cultivation roots and bones were pretty much the same.

Those Immortal cultivation sects did not take a fancy to these unaffiliated cultivators at all.

However, Fu Shuangni took a fancy to them!

Moreover, she valued them very much!

She would even give a portion of cultivation resources to these unaffiliated cultivators to cultivate.

This greatly moved the group of unaffiliated cultivators.

Who would have thought that the ‘person’ who treated them well was not a sect Immortal cultivator or an Imperial Court Immortal cultivator, but a very special demonic beast?

[Age 28, after two years of development, the citizens of Great Yan City can be considered to be living and working in peace and contentment. The more than 3,000 people who joined Great Yan City later also developed a certain sense of belonging to Great Yan City. They accepted the reality of living with demonic beasts.]

Today, the human population of Great Yan City has reached 9,700 people, while the number of demonic beasts in Great Yan City has reached 1,200. In total, they have passed the 10,000 mark.

Through the joint efforts of humans and demonic beasts, the area of cultivated land in Great Yan City has doubled.

The scale of livestock in Great Yan City has also doubled.

[You didn’t choose to sell the surplus grain during the harvest. Instead, you built granaries and stored all the surplus grain in them.]

[You knew that there would be a major event next year!]

[Age 29, an extremely large-scale earthquake affected an area of more than 1,000 miles, causing disaster to countless people! A large number of houses collapsed, a large number of farms and crops were destroyed, the riverbanks collapsed, and the river water poured in, causing a large-scale flood.]

[Countless people were displaced, homeless, and without any food. A large number of people became refugees. The number of refugees were as bloated as the amount of air in a bag of potato chips.]

[The large-scale natural disaster even alarmed the Great Wei Emperor.]

[The Imperial City sent a large amount of disaster relief rations to save the people. However, before these disaster relief rations could be distributed to the people, they had already been deducted.]

[You also got a piece of the pie through the Human Traitors you planted in the bureaucracy.]

[However, unlike the local officials who were unwilling to waste their energy on disaster relief, you ordered the traitors to lure the homeless refugees into the desolate mountains.]

Fu Shuangni had stored a large amount of food because she knew that this natural disaster would happen!

The last time she simulated Immortal cultivation, it was because she had absorbed the people of Great Wei who had been displaced by this natural disaster that Fu Shuangni had the chance to build a large-scale Great Yan City.

This time, Fu Shuangni did not have the ability to stop the natural disaster from happening, but she had the ability to absorb more refugees.

Especially this time, she had planted a lot of spies in the local government.

When these people joined forces, it was enough to cover their tracks.

They could allow large numbers of refugees to enter Great Yan City without being discovered.


The occurrence of a natural disaster was also a good time for people to climb to the top.

A large number of opportunities appeared in front of them.

Fu Shuangni said… She had to grab hold of all of them!

She could not let go of a single chance!

[Under the leadership of the Human Traitors, the first batch of over 10,000 people who had been affected entered Savage Mountain with great anxiety.]

[It was not that they did not know that the desolate mountains were very dangerous, but under the situation where the local officials did not care about the disaster victims…]

[They seem to have no other choice. They can only rely on their own lives to fight for a future.]

[A month later, the first batch of refugees arrived at Great Yan City.]

[They saw a city appear in the desolate mountain.]

[They were dumbfounded!]

“This… This is… a city!?” A disaster victim looked at the scene in disbelief. He wondered if he had lost his mind due to hunger. Was he hallucinating?

“Oh my God! It’s really a city! Is this Great Yan City!? There’s really a city in the Savage Mountain where demonic beasts run rampant?!” The refugees could not help but exclaim!

“The Lord who brought us here didn’t lie to us. We can really survive in Savage Mountain!”

“But… will the people in this city accept us, refugees?”


The group of homeless people had just become excited when they suddenly became pessimistic.

That’s right!

So what if they found a city in these desolate mountains?

After all, they all came from the same county.

Even the county where they were originally from would not help them.

Would a city in Savage Mountain save them?

Will they be driven away again?

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