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[Michael Aroa's POV]


Dungeon of Libra

Floor 41


"Sing with me~"


[Dungeon Points received +33]

"I am not~"


[Dungeon Points Received +36]

"Feeling Well~"


[Dungeon Points Received +33]

"Come on Erina, you too should enjoy the moment," I spoke with a cheerful smile as I killed yet another Zombie


[Dungeon Points Received +30]

Like a melodious tone, the messages from the System kept ringing in my ears. It was truly poetic. Though Erina looked really creeped out by my behavior for some reason.

I can barely sense pity in her eyes, with the usual sadness. I wonder if there is anything I can do to make her happy… Though based on the events which she had gone through; I doubt I am capable of doing anything that can help her right now.


[Dungeon Points Received +33]

Though it's really fascinating to be honest. All my Stats have gone up, more than 35 with that potion alone, along with my strength reaching 50 which was honestly a bit too much.

Compared to previously where I had trouble even standing against the C-Grade Zombie, using the two time slowing skills together, I could easily kill that C-Grade without any problem; it was as easy as breathing for me now.

Even these Zombies, which are D-grade with 5 times more Stats than normal, are nothing really that much of an issue for me.


[Dungeon Points Received +30]

[Floor 41 Cleared!]

[Extra Time Left: 32140 seconds!]

[Extra time will be added to the next Floor!]

[Grade for Floor 41: SSS]

[All Floor clear rewards will be calculated in the end!]

"Welp. Let's go to the next floor, I suppose. I wonder what we will encounter on the next Floor," I thought as I moved towards Erina again with a bright smile, took her in my arms and walked to the next Floor.

It was easy farming for me right now, and based on how the difficulty increased with each floor, I think I should be fine for another dozen or two floors before it becomes harder for me to venture further.

[You have entered Floor 42!]

[Sixth Boss Floor!]

[Kill the Boss Zombie!]

[C-Grade Zombie Fleshrope (All Stats Tripled)(Health +2000%)]

My eyes opened wide as I looked at the Zombie. He looked like a normal zombie from top to bottom with two upper limbs and two lower limbs, but his hands… or more like everything from his forearm and below, had turned into a fleshy rope-like structure.

His eyes were glowing red and I could sense a certain energy oozing out of his rope-like hands as well. There was something about his skull-like face that made me gulp as I felt like there is more to this Zombie than it seems.


[C-Grade Zombie Fleshrope]

[This particular Zombie has the ability to extend its flesh from various body openings, including but not limited to, arms, legs and spines. It can also release a large amount of heat, burning everything in its path, but doing so will cause a deteriorating effect on the Zombie itself.

Be careful of its flesh once again as it has a 1% chance of absorbing the life force of objects around it and healing itself in the process.]

[Temporal Deceleration!]

[Temporal Deceleration (copy)!]

I saw that Zombie slowly walking towards me, and I kind of sighed at his ridiculous speed. I was at least 200 to 300 times faster than a normal person, yet these Zombies can still somehow, even if it's barely, catch up to me.

I wasn't talking about earlier when I had lower Stats, but right now when I had more than twice the Stats previously. It's like multiplying someone's speed by 2-3 times and then slowing the time by 100 times.

And yet I see this guy walking slowly towards me…

[Monster Index!]

Using the monster index, I got as a bonus trait from the Dungeon; I searched through the list of Zombies and found out this particular Zombie.

[Fleshrope (C-Grade)]

[Description:This particular Zombie has…

Health Points: 120,000

Cessation Energy: 25,000/25,000


1. Limb Extension: Can extend his limb as much as 10 meters ahead of it and grab anything in front of it. Grip power is twice of Strength.

2. Psionic Touch: At the cost of 10% HP. Can force its flesh into an object and control its movement.

3. Killing Touch: At the cost of 2% HP. Can cause decay of objects it touches by injecting its flesh.

4. Blood Sucker: When the attack hits a critical point of the opponent, there is a 5% chance of absorbing 10% of the opponent's health and restore one's own.


Strength: 97

Constitution: 205

Dexterity: 134

Intelligence: 120

Wisdom: 23

Charm: 109

Weaknesses: When using an attack, it has to use its flesh in other areas. So in that time frame, its back and spine are vulnerable. Also, right after its attack, the heat buildup in its body takes time to recover so it can't perform two successive attacks of the same type.]

My eyes turned at the Zombie in front of me with a sighing look. No wonder they were all so powerful… No wonder that guy in the basement was that fast… these Stats are beyond monstrous.

'And not just that… isn't it like the Stats are tripled for this one? Along with an additional 2000% Health? Man, that's overkill,' I sighed before proceeding to kill this monstrous being as if I were killing just another mosquito.

Welp… whatever… not like I can say anything about being a monster, as I myself am nothing less than a monster now.

I saw it extending its limbs towards me as it proceeded to attack me and slowly walking to the side, I dodged that slow attack. My eyes turned a bit focused on its flesh that was extending from its mouth as well.

'Looks like it was trying to trap me,' I thought as I moved a bit more to the side and close to it with slight caution.

Though this one was more dangerous combat wise, compared to the Licker, this one was a bit slower in comparison.


Using my weapon, I hit its back as hard as I can pushing it away from the point of impact. But since I didn't get any message from the System, I yawned a little as I stretched a little before moving closer to it again.

I saw it slowly getting up using its limbs, though it was having a bit of difficulty in standing up I suppose, perhaps because I hit it in a weak spot.

Walking closer to it as I saw it on its four, trying to get back up. I took a proper stance, then rotating the bat as hard as I could.


I hit it in the same weak spot again, pushing it down to the ground.

I noticed a part of its flesh coming from the side as it tried to reach my legs and I chuckled a bit before taking a step back and once again…


And once again




[Dungeon Points Received +5000]

[Dungeon Points Tripled!]

[Dungeon Points Received +15000]

[Dungeon Points Received +30]

[Floor 42 Cleared!]

[Extra Time Left: 33240 seconds!]

[Extra time will be added to the next Floor!]

[Grade for Floor 42: SSS]

[All Floor clear rewards will be calculated in the end!]

[Dungeon Shop Reset!]

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