God of Illusions

Chapter 908: Unexpected?!
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Chapter 908: Unexpected?!

“So it’s us two who meet first, Third Brother. We haven’t dueled for quite a long time!”

Although the situation had gradually tilted towards the Sixth Prince, he did not order his people to deal with the Third Prince and instead came up to him while holding a sword. This was the respect between brothers.

“Sixth Brother, you actually broke through without anyone knowing. It seems you’ve made some effort to accumulate power for this competition, huh?” The Third Prince laughed joyously as a longbow appeared in his hand.

One was an Assault Stream and the other was a Ranged Stream. Among the five candidates, they were the fiercest in one-on-one battles, regardless of the fact that the Sixth Prince had been behind the Third Prince due to the gap in their ranks.

“Beat me, and my people will not stop you!” declared the Third Prince as he pulled his bowstring to the limit. The weapon instantly emitted a blinding blue light.

“Hey, hey! Using your biggest move right from the start? Third Brother, you’re going too far!” Despite talking trash, the Sixth Prince wasn’t slow to make his move, being quite familiar with the Third Prince’s skills.

“Get away!!” roared someone. While not many people had seen this attack of the Third Prince, they certainly had heard of it - Radiant World!

The next second, an ice-blue light arrow shot into the sky, lighting up the entire city before it exploded in mid-air into hundreds of thousands of sparks.

Needless to say that the battlefield was entirely enveloped in the attack, and those who couldn’t run in time took damage. Since the Third Prince had obviously controlled the attack’s intensity, no one was seriously injured, but according to the rules of the competition, they were eliminated.

The real purpose of the attack, however, was not to damage!

“You are still not fast enough,” declared the Third Prince.

The Sixth Prince, who had turned into a sword light and shuttled rapidly among the blue sparks, had still been touched by three of them. Leaving marks was the real use of Radiant World!

“Really?” The Six Prince smiled slightly.

The Third Prince suddenly found that his right hand had a silk thread attached to it.

“Leading the Play!” shouted the Six Prince as his energy surged. The Third Prince immediately lost control over his right hand while the Sixth Prince turned into a sword light that shot at him.

“Come!” Ignoring his now-useless right hand, the Third Prince swung his bow forward. Using his right leg to support it and his left hand to pull the string, he shot out a light beam.

The Sixth Prince’s eyes glinted with slight hesitation, but he did not slow. Since he had been marked and could no longer hide, he chose to ram straight ahead.

“Reflection Slash, break!” He split the light beam with a slash of his sword and raised it at the Third Prince. “Seal Slash!”

Any Ranged Stream would have at least a teleportation skill of sorts to preserve their life in dangerous situations, let alone an outstanding puppet master like the Third Prince. Therefore, the Sixth Prince had especially prepared this Seal Slash skill for the Third Prince!

“Shattered Glass!” shouted the Third Prince as energy burst forth from his body.

The three marks on the Sixth Prince exploded with a crisp snap, making his attack miss! Seizing this opportunity, the Third Prince tapped his right foot on the ground and vanished right in front of his brother.

After the first round, neither had the advantage.

“If you two continue, this city might be destroyed.”

A faint voice rang out when the Sixth Prince and the Third Prince were about to have a go again and drew everyone’s attention to the speaker, the sight of which was a pleasant surprise for the leaderless Eighth Prince’s troops.

The Eighth Prince was the third to arrive!

“Formation,” he quietly uttered.

Immediately, his private army spread out.

Seeing this, the Third Prince and the Sixth Prince became anxious. The Eighth Prince had been able to pacify the invasion for the Moonlight empire not by his puppet master strength, but by his identity as a matrix mage! No one knew how many formations he had in store!

However, it was too late to act because using humans was the fastest way to make a formation. The Third Prince and the Sixth Prince were quickly trapped in the formation and forced to see the Eighth Prince pass them both!

“I’m not good at fighting, and our other brothers are right behind, so I won’t wait for you, my brothers.” With that, the Eighth Prince left before the unwilling and helpless faces of his brothers, who could only wait until the human formation ran out of energy. After all, it was no joke to trap so many people together.

However, by that time, everything would be too late…

Not long after, the Fourth Prince and the First Prince respectively passed by the trapped two princes. They made a common choice: acting if they didn’t see anything…

Catching up with the Eighth Prince was the priority!

“This isn’t it. We won’t be able to catch up with Old Eight at this rate. Although it’s not close enough yet, there’s no other way. Let’s hope he is not that fast.” The First Prince suddenly sighed.

Walking next to him, Yun Tianhe wanted to say something, but he swallowed it back. His Highness is right, we’d be late if we go on like this.

“Everybody gather around me!” ordered the First Prince.

His troops stopped in unison and gathered around him. A purple light bloomed and enveloped them, rapidly draining the First Prince’s energy. A moment later, the army vanished.

When they reappeared, they were already inside the imperial city, behind them was the Eighth Prince who was making his final sprint.

“No traffic allowed!” Yun Lan leading the Yun and Lan private armies was blocking the road. From them emitted the oppressing aura of two Exquisite Rank puppet masters.

Seeing this, the Eighth Prince couldn’t help but sigh.

“Looks like Big Brother is in a hurry. But he may not know that I still have this trick up my sleeve.” With a smirk, the Eighth Prince gathered his people around him. Then, the ability that the First Prince had just used to teleport once again made an appearance.

The scene instantly drew horrified expressions from Yun Lan’s group.

“Interrupt him!!” Yun Lan shouted and rushed out, followed by the Lan Clan master.

Welcoming them were four soldiers from the Eighth Prince’s side. While stopping them was impossible, stalling for a moment was not a problem!

“Eighth Brother, it’s not very nice of you to go alone!”

At the instant the Eighth Prince’s teleportation was about to take effect, the people around him disappeared and instead were replaced by the Fourth Prince, whose specialty was swapping positions!

Meanwhile, the First Prince was observing everything. It wasn’t possible for him to take everyone to teleport again, but just himself wouldn’t be a problem. As a result, the three armies had just met, but the three people they protected already teleported away together…

“It seems that our mission here is over.” The Eighth Prince’s force began to withdraw. They couldn’t beat the other two armies anyway.

Meanwhile, the troops of the First and the Fourth Prince showed no intention to stop.

This was the first time there was such a large-scale confrontation among the four great clans. Some people did not want to miss this ‘rightful’ opportunity to fight.

“General Chen, take your people to aid the First Prince. Leave this place to us,” Yun Lan said to the commander of the First Prince’s private army as his eyes rested on the clan master of the Hai clan.

Clan Master Hai made the same choice, telling the Fourth Prince’s private army to go into the palace. Interestingly, Yun Lan did not stop them.

In other words, only the four great clans remained to settle their debts!

“Someone once said there is absolutely no need for all four great clans to exist. I had always felt that this statement was biased and from a clueless outsider’s perspective,” Yun Lan slowly said as his energy armor appeared around him. The Bright Moon Spear in his hands shone.

“Who farted that?!” commented Clan Master Hai.

The next second, headed by the two clan masters, the private armies of the four great clans clashed. The so-called ‘no kill’ rule became a joke at that moment! It was destined to be a real battle with bloodshed!

Meanwhile, the three princes who had reached the entrance to the palace hall were looking at one another.

In terms of strength, the Fourth Prince and the Eighth Prince were no match for the First Prince, while this situation was something neither of them had thought of. In their memory, the First Prince’s teleportation could not be used continuously.

They had factored in everything, but not the fact that the First Prince’s strength had advanced!

“Big Brother, I’ve lost,” the Fourth Prince broke the silence with a trace of bitterness on his face.

Right after him, the Eighth Prince also accepted his fate. He was all alone. By the time he finished arranging a formation, the First Prince would have already knocked him down. While teleportation was a specialty of the First Prince, it was only the icing on the cake to his fighting ability.

“Don’t worry, I will abide by the agreement.” The First Prince smiled and turned toward the hall.

“My Big Brother, have you forgotten me?” a cold voice suddenly rang out to everyone’s shock.

The three princes froze. This voice was no stranger to them, but its owner should not have appeared in this place - the Second Prince, who was the only one among the many princes to be exiled to the border!

The door of the hall slowly opened. The Second Prince clad in a black gown walked out, his face terrifyingly pale.

“Ling Huang!? Why are you here?!” The First Prince lost his composure. Among so many brothers, he could accommodate anyone, but not Second Prince Ling Huang, who practiced a sinister cultivation method and killed his first teacher, and even planned on killing his own brothers!

“No hurry, everyone hasn’t fully arrived yet. It’s not yet time for the grand show,” said Ling Huang as he fiddled with a small dagger while his eyes on the First Prince were full of murderous intent. “Eldest Brother, I advise you to calm down. You know my ability. If any misfortune befalls me, the old man over there might die by your hands. Geez, patricide… That’s a sin you can’t afford, right?”

Hearing this, the First Prince resisted the impulse to attack.

At the very same time, a large number of human puppets emerged inside the imperial city, the lowest level being Master Rank. Thanks to the particularity of human puppets, they had at least 80% of their strength before death.

Even more frightening was the quantity!

Because the garrison had abandoned their posts, the great formation protecting the city had been easily deactivated, allowing the human puppets to be teleported in. The private forces of the five princes become history in an instant, having no strength to fight back when faced with a powerful and fearless army. The fires of war filled the city as the human puppets knew no such thing as ‘spare the unrelated.’ They only knew to carry out the order to destroy anything that lived!

The massacre lasted until dawn, the darkest dawn in the history of the imperial city…

During that period, the three princes just stood there alarmed as they watched Ling Huang, not daring to attack for fear of hurting the emperor, who had been taken hostage by him.

For some reason, the emperor never said a word. He just sat on the throne with his eyes closed, as if he didn’t notice what was happening in front of him.

“Well, they are here. Your wait should be over.” Ling Huang suddenly pulled a long stretch. Before long, two Exquisite Rank human puppets covered in blood appeared carrying the Third Prince and Sixth Prince, whose limbs were incapacitated, and threw them at the three princes’ feet.

“Third Brother! Sixth Brother!”

The First Prince hurriedly picked them up, but the two were so weak that their lives were hanging on by a thread.

“If you give them some energy, they should be able to persist until the end of the show.” Ling Huang sneered. Their so-called brotherhood wasn’t even worth a penny in his eyes.

“Ling Huang!! They are your own brothers!!!” the First Prince roared, his eyes bloodshot. However, this only triggered Ling Huang further.

“Brothers?! Where were they, where were you when my cultivation was abolished?! I was sent to the frontier for twenty-three years! Had anyone come to see me?! Had anyone asked about me?! I only made a small mistake and the old man had to treat me like that! And you ‘brothers’ only rejoiced at my downfall!! Clearly I am the best among us all!”

Ling Huang roared back, but then, his intense emotion was replaced by a cold sneer.

“But that doesn’t matter. Heaven helps the worthy. The old man abolished my cultivation, but that actually enabled me to break through the last layer of my cultivation technique that I had struggled with for a long time. A silver lining that gave me the opportunity to accumulate my strength as well.” Ling Huang looked at the First Prince. “Today is the day that I collect on old debts!!”

The First Prince slower lowered the Third Prince.

“They were all young that year. I’m the only one older than you, so, come at me instead! If taking my life can quell your anger, then be it. However,” The First Prince looked at Ling Huang with pity. “After you killed your teacher to advance your technique, the entire empire wanted you executed. It was Father who shouldered it all to keep your life. And the families of those whose lives you took for the same reason, they only reluctantly agreed to let you live after I and Third Brother did everything to persuade them. What you thought to be ‘rejoice at your downfall’ was the only result that we could get to keep you.”

Hearing this, the cold sneer on Ling Huang’s face froze. A trace of confusion and loss flashed across his eyes as the version of the story he had never heard about pulled him into a trance.

When the First Prince thought there was still a possibility to persuade Ling Huang, the latter’s eyes suddenly turned red and his long black hair became scarlet. A horrifying and bizarre fluctuation swept through the whole hall.

“Lies! You lie to buy time! But it’s useless! No one can save you! You shall all die today! As offerings to my cultivation!!” Ling Huang’s voice was choked and he let out a hoarse and mournful laugh. At the same time, his whole body swelled up before turning into a ferocious, bloody monster in just a few breaths.

“He’s possessed! Protect Father, leave him to me!!” shouted the First Prince as a one-meter long black rod appeared in his hand. The moment it did, the surrounding air seemed to become depressed.

Heavy Shadow, a gold-grade puppet that controlled gravity!

As the lord of gravity-control type puppets, Heavy Shadow turned the gravity within its range into a toy of the First Prince. However, even after taking out his ultimate card, the First Prince didn’t feel relaxed at all.

Perhaps I will die…

He thought to himself, but still rushed out without hesitation!

With the advantage of gravity, the First Prince successfully stopped the seemingly possessed Ling Huang, who was relying on nothing but brute force in such a state.

However, as the fight dragged on, the First Prince’s energy started to slip, until Ling Huang suddenly stopped.

“So this is the last level of the Demonized Godly Technique? I finally broke through! Power! So this is power!! Ling Yue, you can die now!!!”

Ling Huang’s laughter echoed in the hall as he suddenly turned into a blur. Even when the First Prince adjusted the gravity to the highest level, Ling Huang still showed no signs of slowing down!


His right hand was less than an inch away from the First Prince!

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