God of Illusions

Chapter 851: Ethereal!
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Chapter 851: Ethereal!

Translated by: pokka

Editor: Reckeva

“Is it just my imagination? Why do I feel that you’ve grown taller?” Bai Xiaofei doubtfully compared heights as Tan Xin brushed her teeth.

“Peh! Don’t talk if you can’t say anything good. Have you considered what to do after we arrive at Ethereal?” Tan Xin shot Bai Xiaofei a glare, but she was inwardly delighted.

It’s finally shown some effect! I thought it might have been impossible after being split for such a long time...

“There is no clue at all, so we can only take it one step at a time. I have a hunch that I won’t have a difficult time there, though,” said Bai Xiaofei, but he was slightly uneasy. After all, he was not Revelation. He could not predict what was going to happen.

At this thought, Bai Xiaofei couldn’t help feeling regretful. If I had known, I would have asked the old man for a divination!!

“I knew it. Anyway, I may have to find a place to hide for a while after we arrive. You will be on your own during that period. I warn you, you are not allowed to run or hook up with other women!” Tan Xin stared intently at Bai Xiaofei, obviously full of distrust for him.

“My little ancestor, where can I run to? As far as your means are concerned, finding me is like a walk in the park. Besides, when have you ever seen me hooking up with a woman? It’s always them who want to hook up with me!” Bai Xiaofei retorted, rendering Tan Xin speechless as it was true. However, he could not hide the smugness in his tone, making it really unconvincing...

“Forget it, whatever you say. If I find something wrong when I return, you can wait for your demise. I haven’t used my full strength for a long time!” Tan Xin clenched her fist, and the crackling sounds of her joints showed that she was not joking.

Seeing this, Bai Xiaofei gulped. In a sense, Tan Xin’s ability of invention and creation was very similar to his Virtual Reality. If they fought, he might not be able to win...

Don’t tell me... I’ve met the bane of my existence?!

“Here we are,” announced Tan Xin suddenly as Bai Xiaofei was still secretly comparing their strength.

Looking down from the ship, they saw the Ethereal Empire, located in the southwest corner of the Northern Border Mainland and backed by the Endless Sea. Not far to its south was the Endless Mountain Range. Ethereal was the closest empire to Windlove City.

However, ‘close’ was only relative. It would take the Windsurfing Ship ten and a half days to fly from Windlove to Ethereal.

Ethereal was situated in the plains region. Besides developed agriculture, it was their puppet refining industry that propped up this monstrous empire. When it came to puppets, being labeled ‘Ethereal’ meant quality. The empire, therefore, was the holy land of all puppetsmiths, and the Puppetsmith Holy Mountain right outside its imperial city gathered 80% of the continent’s high-rank puppetsmiths!

What the Windsurfing Ship had arrived at was only the Ethereal border.

“That’s it. You’re on your own now. If there are no incidents, we’ll meet in the imperial capital.” Letting the ship land, Tan Xin showed no reluctance at all.

“Walking to the imperial capital from here will take me at least three months...” Bai Xiaofei swallowed with difficulty.

“Are you stupid or are the Amethyst Coins in your pocket fake? Moreover, don’t you have flying-type puppets yourself? You can just fly over in the worst case!” After one last eye-roll, Tan Xin marched away. Her voice echoed in the distance, “Remember what I said, I will check on you!”

After confirming that she was no longer around, Bai Xiaofei suddenly burst into laughter.

“Hahaha!! Free at last!!!” Hugging Huskie, he cried tears of happiness. No longer having to keep his guard up or explain or be told to do anything, he was free to do whatever he wanted – He had barely gotten to live such a life after coming out from the Gorge of Heroes.

Like a fish returning to the sea or a bird entering the mountains, he was free!

“Meow~” cried Blackie scornfully after taking over the ‘responsibility’ of dissing Bai Xiaofei.

“No hurry, we should handle matters one by one, right? You can’t force what’s not meant to happen. We should leave it to fate.” Bai Xiaofei ignored Blackie’s reminder that he still had business to do and flashed a smile at Huskie. “How about a meal first?”

Huskie immediately jumped. When it came to eating, he was definitely a dog of action!

Open Field City was one of the many border cities in Ethereal. Unlike the small nations and dukedoms, empires like Ethereal paid great attention to the construction of their border cities. While they might not be as prosperous as the inland cities, their army was definitely among the best.

Bai Xiaofei got to experience this for himself.

“Where are you from?”

After a long queue at the gate registration, it was finally his turn. Those who came to Open Field City for the first time had to get a temporary entry certificate and hang it on them at any time. Otherwise, they would be driven out by the patrols. The identity of a puppet master did not let one bypass this rule.

Rather, it was precisely because one was a puppet master that they needed to be strictly investigated!

One hundred ordinary people could not cause a fuss as big as a Proficient Rank puppet master could. Therefore, the so-called privilege did not exist in border cities.

“Starnet graduate.” Bai Xiaofei realized that this was the only thing he could say after some thought. If he said that he came out of the mountains, he would probably be arrested for trying to cause trouble...

Ugh, but I really came out of the mountains!!

“Oh? You’re from the miracle generation, huh? This little brother has a promising future. Present your proof.” The guard’s tone instantly softened.

However, his request struck Bai Xiaofei dumb. Proof?! What proof?!

“Be nice, little brother. Don’t tell me that you don’t have a graduate certificate. I remember that the Starnet graduation this year wasn’t long ago. I received quite a few graduates some time ago, their certificates are all new.” The guard re-examined Bai Xiaofei with doubt in his eyes. There was more than one case where people made up a good background to pass.

Speaking of graduate certificates... Bai Xiaofei really didn’t have one. He slipped out before the ceremony and forgot about it!

Bai Xiaofei thought hard. After some struggling, his eyes lit up. Big Bro, I did not want to show off. You forced me!

He took out the Starnet Brilliance. The faint fluctuation on it made the guard’s eyes widen.

“This... this is...” he stuttered as he stared at the little token.

“Well, you are not mistaken, it is a Starnet Brilliance. Should be enough to prove my identity.” Bai Xiaofei flashed two rows of white teeth.

Showing off was not good, but it felt... really cool!!!

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