God of Illusions

Chapter 668: Sneaking in; Mission Impossible!
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Chapter 668: Sneaking in; Mission Impossible!

Translated by: pokka

Editor: Reckeva

Crystal’s Longing, as the highest-end fruit in the whole continent, had extremely high requirements for its environment, which included not only constant low temperatures but also fertile soil and surroundings full of energy. Any of this missing and not a single tree would be able to grow.

The necessity for low temperatures limited it to the far north, and after taking into account the rest of the conditions, only a few places in the Snow Kingdom could meet such requirements out of the entire continent.

After realizing the value of Crystal’s Longings, the Snow Kingdom made every effort possible to protect these areas. After the country rose in power, the security of those places made new progress every day. As a result, even the capital of the kingdom wasn’t as heavily guarded.

First, the outermost perimeter had an illusion formation that had stopped nearly 90% of the thieves that set their sights on the Crystal’s Longings. So far, except those who worked there, the number of people that knew of the production places absolutely didn’t exceed the double digits.

When the Snow Emperor that year decided to apply protection to the precious production lands, the first thing he did was arrest people, which was everyone who was aware of the lands, and then gave those people a choice: either die or work in the production lands and be monitored by the Snow Kingdom for the rest of their lives!

This was absolutely overbearing, but one had to admire the emperor’s determination at that time. Without his decisiveness, the Snow Kingdom might be in a completely different situation now.

In the end, those people and their descendants became workers in the production lands of Crystal’s Longings. Once they stepped out of this territory, they would be heavily monitored by the Snow Kingdom.

After the problems concerning people had been solved, the later generations of emperors gradually perfected this system, and at the same time began to send troops to the production lands. The soldiers being sent over had to first sign a contract similar to selling themselves – they would trade their freedom for a worry-free future for their family and future generations.

Generous rewards attracted courageous people. The Snow Kingdom was able to do something that no other country could, making a large number of well-trained soldiers stay in one place forever until they died!

Yet, the 24-hour patrols brought about by so many troops were only the most basic protection. Above them were various alert measures and formations in numbers that far exceeded anyone’s imagination.

Not to mention a stranger, even any alien bug entering the areas would immediately be surrounded and wiped out.

However, at the moment, Bai Xiaofei’s mission was to sneak into one of such places and steal a hundred Crystal’s Longings, the mature ones that all had number tags on them...

Looking at the forest below from afar, Bai Xiaofei had an urge to kill himself. He was holding a stack of yellow paper with messy symbols written on them that Cang Lan gave him, so nervous that his heart was pounding like crazy.

A total of 20 pieces of paper. Two kinds, one for entering, one for exiting, to be used at a fixed location.

Before entering, all puppets must be summoned and left outside, or the alarm would be triggered at the first step in. That was to say, Bai Xiaofei could not rely on Huskie and Blackie. Not only so, but after entering, he had to ensure that his energy would always be at the same frequency as the environment inside, otherwise, he would immediately trigger the alarm as well.

Recounting to this point, Bai Xiaofei cursed Cang Lan again. It turned out that the old guy had already plotted this scheme against him when he had him catch Snow Moles!

Bai Xiaofei even wondered whether the ability to control energy was related to God Control...

Letting go of his inner complaints, Bai Xiaofei checked the time to make sure it was the right moment. He took a deep breath and tried his best to calm his emotions. Then, his energy poured out from various store points and he adjusted it to the frequency that Cang Lan had provided before pulling out a piece of yellow paper.

The next second, Bai Xiaofei was already on a giant tree in a flash of light. This amazing experience put surprise on his face.

Compared with teleportation, this ability to twist space was even more miraculous, and the distance was also further. The only disadvantage was its inconvenience.

After sighing in amazement, Bai Xiaofei first checked the giant tree he was hiding on, thinking if he could have his first harvest, but soon he was disappointed. The fruits on this tree were only the size of lychees.

The mature period of Crystal’s Longings was not fixed, the average value being around four years, but the later it matured, the higher its value. Rumor had it that Crystal’s Longings of over ten years could even have similar effects to the Feature Locking Pills!

However, that was not for Bai Xiaofei to consider at the moment. He just wanted to pick up one hundred ordinary ones and escape quickly.

Squatting on the tree for a while, Bai Xiaofei once again cursed Cang Lan.

It had only been ten minutes, yet ten teams of patrols had passed by! The gap between two consecutive teams was only two seconds!

Just how many people does this place have?!!

Cang Lan told him that there was a formation that sucked out people’s energy in this place. As long as the alarm went off, that formation would immediately activate, and his Legend Rank strength wouldn’t last for 30 seconds. At that time, only physical abilities could be relied on, but every leader of a patrol team was a Martial Master.

Therefore, once discovered, one could only wait for death...

What’s more, Bai Xiaofei wouldn’t dare to be reckless even if he had the strength. After all, this was a garden, the treasured land of his future father-in-law. Having a criminal record here was no different from cutting off his own future!

At this thought, Bai Xiaofei sighed again, and then his eyes rested on the passing patrol team.

Two seconds!

Measuring well the distance, Bai Xiaofei jumped the moment the first team was gone. His energy gushed out and his speed shot to the limit, letting him dash to a nearby tree in one and a half seconds, finishing with a leap into the branches.

“There’s something moving!”

As soon as Bai Xiaofei stopped, the second patrol team arrived and a soldier suddenly shouted. Bai Xiaofei’s heart leaped to his throat and cold sweat seeped out on his back.

All he counted on now was his ability to hide! Hopefully, none of these people had better senses than Snow Moles...

Lying flat against the tree trunk, Bai Xiaofei tried his best to maintain calm so as not to affect his energy frequency while waiting for the final verdict.

Fortunately, his luck wasn’t that bad. The patrol group looked around for a long while and saw nothing but the branches swaying in the breeze.

Heaving a long sigh of relief, Bai Xiaofei found that his back had been completely soaked.

F*ck, is this what humans can be capable of?! No wonder that damn old man made me do it! Can I just buy one hundred Crystal’s Longings and not steal them?!!

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