God of Fishing

Chapter 2648 - 2648 The Godfiend Sea, Line Up to Give Gifts (2 in 1)
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2648 The Godfiend Sea, Line Up to Give Gifts (2 in 1)

After Han Fei used the Heaven-Defying Scale of the Azure Dragon, he was at his peak state. And the time limit for the use of the Heaven-Defying Scale of the Azure Dragon was based on the power contained in this scale.

So far, Han Fei had only killed Zhang Haoran, which didn’t even use one tenth of the power of the Heaven-Defying Scale of the Azure Dragon.

At this moment, he hoped that someone would kill him.

However, although the power was strong, it couldn’t be displayed for long under the watch of the heavens. It wasn’t that there were no Immortal-Level mine demons in the Infinite Mining Area. In fact, no one could guarantee that there weren’t any Immortal-Level powerhouses lurking in the dark in the Infinite Mining Area.

Therefore, although Han Fei only killed one person, he could only give up. After collecting one of Zhang Haoran’s arm bones, Han Fei flew towards the Godfiend Sea at a hundred times the speed of light.

Less than a hundred seconds later, Han Fei saw the dark sea. When he approached, tentacles were baring their fangs and brandishing their claws.

Different from the first time, when he first saw the Godfiend Sea, those dark tentacles bared their fangs and brandished their claws. Anyone who wanted to approach would be dragged into the Godfiend Sea by these dark tentacles.

But this time, when Han Fei saw the tentacles, he had mixed feelings. He felt that he was finally home and could finally get rid of his bad luck.

What he wanted to do was to quickly send the Demon God away so that he could restore his luck and no longer have to worry about misfortune.

Therefore, this time, Han Fei was not afraid at all. With a flash, he dodged the dozens of dark attacks and stepped into the boundless darkness.

Since the fall of the Demon God, it had been more than 1,800,000 years since the appearance of the Godfiend Sea.

In the past, there were countless strong masters suppressed in the Godfiend Sea, so Han Fei was actually a little nervous when he entered. After all, not everyone who walked the Dao of Extreme Balance could stay sober.

Therefore, the Godfiend Sea wasn’t necessarily very safe. His top priority was to find the original body of the Demon God and take the heart and soul heritage over. Only when the two were combined would his trip be meaningful.

As soon as he entered the Godfiend Sea, it was completely dark and silent. Han Fei didn’t know how many strong masters were hiding here, but at least he didn’t sense any strong masters after he came in.

In order to suppress these people, the Demon God couldn’t connect to his Origin Star here, nor could they release their perception far away. Their perception range was only about 100,000 kilometers. In such a large area, the perception range of 100,000 kilometers was useless.

In addition, Han Fei felt a dark, crazy divine intent trying to attack his soul and invade his body.

Han Fei asked, “Senior Demon God, are you there? I’ve entered the Godfiend Sea.”

Since he had entered the Godfiend Sea, logically speaking, it should be within the suppression range of the Demon God, so this place should be under the supervision of the Heavenly Dao.

Naturally, the Demon God’s voice finally sounded again. “I know, what you are feeling now is the spiritual mark left behind by a large number of former mutants after their death. However, with me around, these powers can’t corrode you. You can digest and absorb these powers by operating the Dao of Extreme Balance.” Please visit 𝒇re𝐞w𝐞𝚋𝒏𝚘ѵeƖ c𝗼𝑚

In the next moment, Han Fei clearly felt a strong attraction in the Godfiend Sea.


This power bloomed like infinite ripples, and at the moment this power appeared, a voice said from the void, “Welcome back, Demon God.”

“Welcome back, Demon God.”

Han Fei didn’t even know where these people were, but he heard their calls. The expected attack by the mutated powerhouse didn’t happen.

The Demon God said, “After countless years, only those who can survive the corrosion of time can stay. But it’s not absolute. So, don’t listen to these voices. Just focus on finding my original body. My original body guards the central area of the Godfiend Sea. It’s not difficult to find it.”

Han Fei didn’t dare to be negligent. He had already come this far, so he couldn’t make any mistakes here. While he still had the power of the Immortal Level, he should be able to deal with the mutants.

Han Fei accelerated again. This time, he didn’t need the Vast Ocean Navigator. Because the connection between the heart of the Demon God and his body was too strong, Han Fei’s sense of direction was extremely precise.

Racing wildly, Han Fei’s speed reached a hundred times the speed of light. It was not that the speed of an Immortal-Level powerhouse was only a hundred times the speed of light, but that this was the fastest and most extreme speed that he could exert according to his comprehension of speed.

When he proved Dao and gained some understanding of speed, he might be able to burst out with faster speed, but not now.

Half a day later.

Han Fei saw the first sealed powerhouse. It was a giant crocodile whose body had partially mutated. Its body was more than 30,000 feet long, and its body bulged like a large tumor. On its back was a row of serrated wind blades, and its claws were curled like hooks, clasped in the yellow-brown ground. Its huge dark red eyes startled Han Fei when he first saw them.

Just like when he saw the old turtle, it was bound by countless black chains. These chains were extremely suppressing. Even if it knew of Han Fei’s arrival, it only twisted its head slightly.

“Lord Demon God, you’ve finally returned.”

However, the Demon God ignored him, so did Han Fei. But after passing by the giant crocodile, Han Fei saw one suppressed powerhouse after another along the way.

There were giant whales that were tied up, crabs that had all their claws locked, big fish that looked like a ball, and even… Han Fei saw a humanoid powerhouse whose face was full of Dao patterns and talismans and whose body was full of tattoos.

When the man saw him, he only put on a smile that he thought was kind, but this smile was extremely creepy in Han Fei’s eyes, because the man’s mouth was opened into a strange flower.

Han Fei: “…”

In addition to those who were still alive, there were also some places where Han Fei saw mountains of bones. Those bones were engraved with black Dao patterns, and some were even emitting a dazzling green light.

It was not until Han Fei passed by a giant turtle that he suddenly stopped.

“Old Yuan?”

After seeing Han Fei, the big turtle said in a booming voice, “I knew you could do it. My efforts weren’t in vain.”

Han Fei stopped. “So, all of this was planned by you from the beginning?”

Old Yuan said, “There’s no absolute plan. It’s more of a coincidence. Not everyone can summon me. When I saw your life experience, I knew that you were the one who would crack the situation. It can only be said that everything has its own arrangements. But the more this is the case, the more amazing it is. Is this the arrangement of the heavens or fate? There are still many unknowns in this world that we can’t see through. For example, why is it you who came here?”

Han Fei: “…”

The old turtle didn’t seem to care if Han Fei understood her or not. He just said, “Go! When the Demon God returns, we can lift the seal.”

Han Fei nodded and continued to move forward. After another two hours, he finally came to a huge sitting statue. It was exactly the same as the statue he saw in the God Burying Ridge.

However, this one was even taller. Humans, or any creature, would instinctively look up at the giant. To put it bluntly, it was the worship of the giant.

Han Fei was stunned for a few seconds. Then, he flew up uncontrollably. At this moment, Han Fei was a little angry. Didn’t the Demon God say that he just temporarily stayed in his body? How could he still control him?

The Demon God said, “Don’t panic. We’ve already come this far. This last step is not a big deal.”

In the next moment, Han Fei came to the heart of the colossus.

Then, a large amount of black smoke seemed to be forcibly extracted from Han Fei’s body. In the end, it turned into a beating heart and floated towards the elephant’s chest.

Han Fei felt that his body was relaxed, which meant that the Demon God had completely left his body.

However, the departure of the Heart of the Demon God made Han Fei immediately feel a tremendous amount of negative emotions, excitement, mania, and riot, which combined together to attack his soul.

However, these powers appeared very briefly, because in the next moment, like the spiritual energy between the heavens and earth, they were crazily sucked in by the body of the Demon God.

Han Fei looked around and saw that in all directions, a certain power in the darkness turned into pillars of energy and entered the body of the Demon God.

Soon, when Han Fei felt that the pressure at his position was getting heavier and heavier, he immediately left the Demon God. At first, he retreated a hundred kilometers, then a thousand kilometers, and then ten thousand kilometers.

He saw infinite dark chains drilling into the body of the Demon God.

Crack ~

A crack appeared on the giant elephant’s cheek. Then, there were cracks in its neck, chest, arms, and many other places. And within ten thousand kilometers, the unknown power that was originally only the dark chains gradually turned into a huge energy net, absorbing the power of all directions and gathering in the body of a Demon God.

“Pu! Pu! Pu!”

Three hours later, with a bang, Han Fei felt as if he was suffocating. An indescribable sense of dignity suddenly descended, making him spit out three mouthfuls of essence blood, causing him to retreat again. After retreating nearly 100,000 kilometers, Han Fei could still see the place where the Demon God was.

After this explosion, Han Fei saw the true body of the Demon God appear, which was a pure human form.

As the humanoid giant rose, the entire Godfiend Sea began to tremble.

At this moment, Han Fei held his breath. Is this a real god?

The moment he stood up, Han Fei heard the sound of chains snapping in the Godfiend Sea.

Ka ka ka ~

Han Fei’s first thought was that all the people suppressed here had been unsealed.

However, these people were actually still in a mutant state. There was still a problem with the Dao of Extreme Balance they took! If they were released now, wouldn’t there be a problem?


In the next moment, a young man carrying a shield appeared in front of Han Fei.

Han Fei: “???”

He said, “It’s been too long. Those who are completely mutated have long died. Those who are partially mutated can still maintain the clarity of their souls, like me, so it’s not a problem for them to be released. However, don’t expect them to be all good people.”

Han Fei glanced at the shield behind him that looked like a pendant with some mysterious Dao Patterns on it. It even looked a little ragged.

Han Fei asked in confusion, “Who are you?”

The man said lightly, “Old Yuan.”

“Puff ~”

Han Fei was speechless. He quickly stepped back. “Let’s not lie at this point. Old Yuan is a female.”

The young man glanced at Han Fei casually. “I’ve mutated.”

Han Fei: “…”

Han Fei found it hard to accept. “Others become uglier when they mutate, but why did you mutate from a female into a male?”

Han Fei had always thought that Old Yuan was a man, because the image of a woman was far different from Old Yuan he remembered.

Old Yuan said, “It’s normal for sea demons to be hermaphrodite. I deliberately mutated in this direction. However, if I’ve guessed right, my clone has successfully transformed into a woman.”

Han Fei: “???”

The old turtle said, “Yin-Yang Twins. Little Black and Little White inspired me. Have you ever thought that Little Black and Little White are very suitable for the Dao of Extreme Balance?”

“Uh ~”

Han Fei had never thought about it, because Little Black and Little White had grown too fast since they entered the Sky Opening Realm. If he guessed right, after the two of them woke up, they would have at least four Dao Locks even if they didn’t have five. Therefore, he had never thought of letting Little Black and Little White embark on the Dao of Extreme Balance.

The old turtle said, “When my clone is completely rebuilt, my path will actually be opened.”

Han Fei opened his mouth. “Then should I still call you Old Yuan?”

Old Yuan said, “Sure. After all, we survived after going through countless life-and-death battles.”

Not far away, Old Yuan looked up in the direction of the Demon God, only to see that the aura on the Demon God’s body was constantly rising, and his body was constantly shrinking.

Old Yuan cupped his hands. “Greetings, Demon God.”

“Greetings, Demon God.”

Swish! Swish! Swish!

At the same time, a figure came over.

Someone said to Han Fei, “Boy, well done.”

The speaker was a toad with eight eyes and six legs. Its mutation was obvious, but it was sober and didn’t look like the so-called demons at all.

Following that, more and more people arrived.

Someone said to Han Fei, “Boy, I, Demon Butcher, owe you a big favor. If I can leave here in the future, I will definitely fulfill any request you make.”

Someone laughed. “Human, I heard from East Martial that your name is Han Fei? Not bad, not bad. You are truly our comrade. We all owe you a favor.”

A big crab shouted, “You guys are not practical at all. Everyone says that we owe him a big favor. But since Little Friend Han Fei can bring Lord Demon God back, does he even care that you owe him a favor? I don’t even know when you can leave the Godfiend Sea.”

Han Fei saw that it was a humanoid creature. Eight slender crab claws grew out of his back and he was crawling with the crab claws. This was a serious mutation.

The man said, “Young friend Han Fei, I have a pair of scissors, the God Shattering Scissors. They’re no longer useful to me, so I’ll give them to you. Of course, I still owe you a favor.”

After that, Han Fei saw a pair of scissors the size of a person flying towards him.

Just by looking at the scissors, Han Fei knew that they were extraordinary. When the scissors were not opened, they could be used as a kind of cone sting and looked extremely sharp.

In Han Fei’s eyes, information emerged:

<Name > God Shattering Scissors

<Introduction > The Divine Shattering Scissors, also known as the Cause and Effect Scissors, are made of the pincers of the Coiling Dragon Crab without any refinement or polishing. The Divine Shattering Scissors can snip any law and can snip anything below the Immortal Level. This pair of scissors can also snip karma and cut out some simple Cause and Effect connections with mystic divine power. Apart from that, the combat power of the Divine Shattering Scissors is comparable to an ultra-quality godly weapon. It can continuously exert Monarch-realm power according to the amount of power provided.

<Quality > Connate Spiritual Treasure

< Attached Soul > None

<Effect > Cut the law, the void, and karma.

<Recastable >

<Unrefined >

<Note > A Divine Shear Coiling Dragon Crab will only give birth to one Divine Shattering Shear in its entire life.


Han Fei was stunned. A Connate Spiritual Treasure? Who could resist that? After all, the God’s Prayer Bead that he had obtained after so many hardships were only an Acquired Spiritual Treasure and the same level as the God Shattering Scissors.

The old turtle said, “These scissors are not bad. Xie Wukuan is generous this time.”

Han Fei didn’t have the means to fight strong masters in the first place. Now that he had the God Shattering Scissors, in addition to the Extreme Cold Pearl, he had another trump card. How could he let go of such a treasure?

Han Fei took the scissors and quickly thanked him. “Thank you, Senior Xie.”

Xie Wukuan shook his head. “I should be the one thanking you. If you hadn’t come, I would have died in another hundred thousand years. So, you gave me a chance to be reborn.”

At this moment, he saw the giant crocodile that he saw just now turn into a human form, but its mouth still retained the shape of a crocodile and it had a long tail.

The giant crocodile said, “I can’t thank you enough. I have a life scale here that can withstand a blow from a Great Monarch-level powerhouse. It can resist an Immortal-level powerhouse for at least 30 seconds.”

Old Yuan said to Han Fei, “This is the Life Scale of the Eastern Divine Crocodile. He can only give birth to three such scales in his lifetime. If it’s on him, this scale can block a Great Monarch for a hundred seconds. If it’s plucked out and given to you, its quality will be greatly reduced, but you deserve it. It’s a good item.”

The human-like powerhouse he saw earlier came not far from Han Fei and nodded slightly. With a flip of his hand, he threw a palm-sized piece of mud over.

Old Yuan said, “This guy’s name is Li Tiangan. This piece of soil was the Universe Vast Soil dug from the Sea of Chaos at the depths of the Sea of Stars. Although it’s only palm-sized, it can directly increase the strength of your Origin Star by one level. You heard it right. No matter how big your Origin Star is, it can directly improve your Origin Star by a full level in an extremely short period of time.”

“F*ck, is there such a treasure in this world?”

Han Fei secretly took a breath. Didn’t this mean that a palm-sized piece of Universe Vast Soil was comparable to a million cubes of Chaotic Spiritual Earth?

It was over. A red demonic flower turned into a human, but perhaps because of her mutation, her upper half body was stunningly beautiful, but her lower half body was twisted like a tentacle monster.

The woman said, “Little friend Han Fei, this trip was not easy. I have a spiritual fruit for you.”

Upon hearing this, even Old Yuan revealed a burning look.

When the bright red fruit flew to Han Fei, everyone looked at him.

Han Fei even heard someone swallowing. Before the old turtle said anything, information popped up in Han Fei’s eyes.

<Name > Divine Tribulation Fruit

<Introduction > This spiritual fruit is the North Sea Demon Flower’s life-long work. It blooms once every 100,000 years and bears fruit every 300,000 years. It can only produce nine Divine Tribulation Fruits in a lifetime. The Divine Tribulation Fruit can block one divine tribulation.

<Level > Divine

<Quality > Ultra-Quality

<Effect > It can resist divine tribulations. Each person can take up to nine in their lifetime.


“Gulp ~”

Han Fei swallowed. How could there be such spiritual fruits in this world? This North Sea Demon Flower could produce nine Divine Tribulation Fruits in its life. If all nine of them were given to one person, wouldn’t it mean that this person would definitely become a god?

However, no wonder so many strong masters here were looking at this spiritual fruit with greedy eyes. At their level, who didn’t want to become a god?

This fruit could help them resist a divine tribulation. Who wouldn’t want it?

The old turtle said, “This is the North Sea Demon Flower, Jiang Honghua. This fruit is the Divine Tribulation Fruit. After taking it, you can avoid a divine tribulation. It’s a waste to give it to you now. Do you want to exchange it for some treasures with me?”

Han Fei tilted his head and looked at the old turtle. Hehe, what do you want to exchange for such a treasure?

Han Fei shook his head. “No.”

The old turtle seemed to have expected it, so he didn’t care. He casually took out the turtle shell on his back and said, “They have all given you something. You and I are deeply fated. How can I not give something to you? This turtle shell has more than two million years of history since I was born. It’s already a Spiritual Treasure of Heaven and Earth. If it could have been nurtured in the Chaotic Void, it might have become a Chaotic Spiritual Treasure. Unfortunately, it’s only a Spiritual Treasure of Heaven and Earth now.”

The old turtle said, “This is a real Mystic Martial Monarch Armor. Even Great Monarchs can’t break it. Besides, it carries a divine technique, the Turtle Shell Sky Sealing Technique. With this shell, you can use the Turtle Shell Sky Sealing Technique at any time, but you need to inject enough power of heaven and earth in advance.”

Han Fei’s eyes widened. “Turtle Shell Sky Sealing Technique? I can use it an infinite number of times?”

The old turtle said, “Yes.”

“Oh my god.”

Han Fei hurriedly hugged the Mystic Martial Monarch Armor, but the old turtle didn’t care. He said indifferently, “Although you have the treasure armor, you can’t just hold it to resist the attack of a Great Monarch-level powerhouse head-on. In that case, even if the turtle shell doesn’t break, you will be killed on the spot. Therefore, no matter how good the treasure is, you have to have the strength to use it.”

There were still many strong masters who were queuing up, preparing to give gifts to Han Fei.

At this moment, there was a buzzing sound not far away. The suction power seemed to have reached its limit, and the Demon God’s eyes opened slightly.

The first thing the Demon God said was, “You can owe him a favor, but you can’t give him too many resources. The strong never completely rely on resources. Too many resources will damage his Dao heart.”

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