God of Fishing

Chapter 1989 - Collect Chaotic Qi
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Chapter 1989 Collect Chaotic Qi

Colorful and poisonous, it was a fat worm with a tail like a pair of scissors. Its body was full of marine plants, shells, and seaweed, and it was stuck to the stone pillar. Its disguise was simply flawless.

This creature was already extremely fast, but Han Fei was a Sea Establisher anyway. The moment its killing intent burst out, Han Fei’s eyes had already fallen on it.

Han Fei clasped his hands and grabbed the two scissors that could cut through the void. Seeing that it seemed to be a creature made of stone and grass, information popped up in his eyes.

< Name > Bloody Scissor Worm

< Introduction > Living in a place that has been suffused with blood for a long time, they grow by absorbing the suppressing power in the blood and Qi of this realm. The Bloody Scissor Worms can completely blend into the natural environment. In a non-combat state, they can be plants, insects, or stones. This worm is poisonous. Once the poison enters the blood, it can corrode the bloodline.

< Level > 88

< Quality > Exotic

< Realm > Advanced Venerable

< Chaotic Qi Contained > 59 wisps

< Battle Technique > Blood Light Scissors, Shadowless Scissors, Blood Dissolving Poisonous Spike

< Collectible > Blood Dissolving Poison, Blood Tail Scissors



< Remarks > This insect is poisonous.

Han Fei saw that there were some dark green marks on his hands. Before the insect reacted, he tore the insect in half with his hands. The Void Lines were attached to it, and the Demon Purification Pot absorbed the Chaotic Qi in the insect’s body quickly.

Han Fei couldn’t help but smile. Sure enough, the more dangerous a place was, the greater the harvest. Although this insect hadn’t reached the peak of the Venerable realm, it still had dozens of wisps of Chaotic Qi. At this speed, wouldn’t it be easy for him to get tens of thousands of wisps of Chaotic Qi if he hunted for a few more months here?

Without stopping here, he continued to swim deeper into this place. The scenery along the way became more and more strange, because the colors here were too beautiful and pure. For example, Han Fei saw a large area of black and yellow striped sea anemones. The color was so pure that it was almost glowing, as shiny as polished gold.

There were also red poisonous mushrooms, blue and white spiders, and corals of various colors. Only the ground and the rock skin were dark red.

Han Fei felt that he seemed to have entered a sea of paintings. All kinds of colors surrounded him, making his eyes a little uncomfortable.

Han Fei thought that he would encounter a lot of danger, but when he walked forward, he found that no creatures attacked him. Except for the one just now, no other creatures ambushed Han Fei again.

Han Fei was curious. He fused with Little Black and Little White and soon discovered something wrong. He found that in a place that he couldn’t see just now, after a sea anemone saw him, it immediately turned into a normal sea anemone, a colorful crab shrank itself into a stone, and a squid drilled into its nest.

It seemed that these creatures had discovered Han Fei long ago. “Huh? I couldn’t even discover them. How did they discover me?” Han Fei flew past these creatures, but they didn’t attack him. Instead, he found that these creatures weren’t very strong and didn’t even need to be hunted.

After searching for quite a while, Han Fei went at least a million kilometers deep. When there were more and more turbid red particles in the surrounding seawater, he found a Blood Coral Spider in the Half-King realm under the guidance of the Vast Ocean Navigator.

The spider disguised itself very well. Under the cover of the turbid red mist, it could even conceal its spiritual energy and energy state. If Han Fei hadn’t seen its information, he would have missed it.

When Han Fei approached the spider, he took action. Unlike other creatures, although the spider didn’t move, a big net fell silently. The moment the big net fell, Han Fei felt a sharp claw extending out of the void and stabbing the back of his head. The speed was so fast that it was impossible to defend against.


Han Fei waved his hand, and a knife light burst out. In the next moment, the net broke and the claw shattered. From beginning to end, the spider didn’t move at all.

Han Fei didn’t attack immediately. He just wanted to see if the spider would attack again. As he expected, the spider didn’t attack again but stayed still, trying to hide itself.


Han Fei couldn’t help but wonder. This spider’s combat power was not low, and its attack methods were not bad. If it were an ordinary Half-King, he might not have been able to completely dodge it. Besides, even if he dodged this sneak attack, so what? The spider’s original body hadn’t even attacked.

It could be seen that the Half-King creatures here had extraordinary hunting methods. This was why most of the people coming from the Raging Sea to explore the Monarch Palace gradually became Half-Kings here.

However, the spider didn’t attack again because it found that Han Fei was very strong. But this time, Han Fei keenly noticed that when he shattered the claw sting, a tiny part of the turbid red mist in the water passed through his body after it shattered.

“No wonder!”

Han Fei suddenly understood why no creatures attacked him along the way. It turned out that when he was destroying the red mist, this strange red mist seemed to reflect his strength.

Han Fei checked the reflection but didn’t find anything. Yes, even with his strength as a king, he didn’t find anything wrong with the red mist, nor did he find anything on his body. It seemed that only the creatures here could feel it.

Therefore, when Han Fei approached other creatures, these creatures could know how powerful Han Fei was, so they didn’t attack him at all.

Han Fei was speechless. So, a king in this so-called dangerous area was actually equivalent to being in a safe area?

In that case, the Embroidery Needle appeared in Han Fei’s hand, and he thrust out his spear, nailing the blood-colored coral spider to death.

The Void Lines buckled, and Han Fei put his hand on the rock-like spider and swallowed its Chaotic Qi.

Han Fei grinned. “In that case, I won’t hold back. Xiaobai, let’s hunt.”

Han Fei said in high spirits, “Little White, find me the Half-King creatures here.”

However, after a brief stun, Little White looked at Han Fei. “Dad, I can’t find any.”


Han Fei, who was in high spirits just now, was dumbfounded to hear what Little White said. He asked in surprise, “How can you not find it? How can they hide from your eyes?”

Little White swam around Han Fei a few times. “Dad, I can’t feel anything, spiritual energy, or energy. I can’t even see a hundred meters away…”

Han Fei’s heart sank. It seemed that he was still too naive. It made sense. If the Half-Kings here were so easy to hunt, this place would have become a resource gathering ground for the kings in the Raging Sea. Then there wouldn’t have been any Half-Kings left here.

Therefore, if he wanted to hunt, he could only do it through the Vast Ocean Navigator. According to the speed of hunting three times a day, he could only hunt 90 times a month. Even if the average Chaotic Qi contained by a Half-King was about 150 wisps, it was equivalent to 13,500 wisps of Chaotic Qi. Plus the Chaotic Qi he had accumulated now, it would exceed 45,000 wisps.

Han Fei’s heart did a flip. It was already a lot. At least, if he came out of the Monarch Palace in the future, he could hunt here for a year or so. As long as there were enough Half-Kings here, it wouldn’t be difficult for him to accumulate Chaotic Qi.

With this in mind, Han Fei immediately took out the Vast Ocean Navigator. The hunt had officially begun.

Three months later.

Han Fei estimated that it would be less than two days before the Monarch Palace opened.

In the past three months, Han Fei had hunted 102 Half-Kings, some of which he found and killed.

This was not bullying the weak, but the law of survival in nature.

During this period, Han Fei had obtained 15,096 wisps of Chaotic Qi, and his total Chaotic Qi had reached 46,015 wisps.

The amount of Chaotic Qi he stored now was probably the most in the entire Raging Sea. He had asked the old turtle how much Chaotic Qi a Sea Establisher should store.

However, this time, the old turtle didn’t have an accurate explanation. He could only provide information about him. He said that when he transcended the tribulation to become a king, the amount of Chaotic Qi he had had just exceeded 50,000 wisps.

This number really shocked Han Fei, because among the kings Han Fei had killed so far, who had so much Chaotic Qi?

However, the old turtle explained, “But I slept on an ancient battlefield for tens of thousands of years. An emperor-level powerhouse died on that battlefield, so I absorbed a lot of Chaotic Qi.”

Han Fei thought to himself, The old turtle is an exception. He had so much Chaotic Qi because of opportunities.

He hadn’t even surpassed the old turtle, so he didn’t think that his Chaotic Qi was the most anymore.


Suddenly, when Han Fei was preparing for today’s hunt, the red mist in this sea area seemed to be boiling.

Immediately afterward, Han Fei saw that all the creatures he saw no longer hid themselves.

For example, a sea anemone in the junior Venerable realm not far from Han Fei suddenly bloomed. Every sea anemone tentacle was a sharp knife that could extend a hundred meters.

Han Fei passed by other places and found that wherever he passed, all the creatures no longer hid themselves and appeared one after another.

However, Han Fei felt that they seemed to have entered a berserk state.

“Is this the so-called entrance danger?”

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