Go With The Flow Of Love

Chapter Twenty-three (Part 2 of 2)
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Chapter Twenty-three (Part 2 of 2)

Translated by trungtnguyen123

Qin Song rented a forest for hunting. By the time Chen Yu Bai and An Xiao Li arrived, everyone else were already horse riding.

In the distance, An Xiao Li saw strangers wearing hunting outfits and hunting guns were strapped around their shoulders. The strangers rode horses in pairs and they chased wild beasts. An Xiao Li threw away all her worries from meeting Chen Yu Bai’s family, she grabbed his arm and she jumped excitedly.

Chen Yu Bai led Xiao Li to a nearby place to change into hunting outfits then they went horse riding. He was good at horse riding, but she could only ride a gentle pony assisted by the hunting grounds staff. Fortunately he was patient, held her reigns and rode slowly beside her pony around the woods.

That day of horse riding passed by fast and Qin Song’s guests were invited to Golden Age for dinner.

During dinner An Xiao Li pulled Chen Yu Bai’s shirt sleeve and whispered in his ear. ‘What’s the situation between Li Wei Ran and Qin Song?’

Chen Yu Bai flicked Xiao Li’s forehead. ‘Don’t ask about them. Do you want me to punish you?’

Xiao Li turned away from Chen Yu Bai and he thought the way she sulked was loveable. He passed her a glass of tropical juice as a peace offering. ‘No one can interfere with their private lives, you don’t need to worry about them. What do you think about… taking me home to your parents?’

An Xiao Li felt reluctant about Chen Yu Bai asking her parents to give their blessings to marry her. ‘Little Bai, are you certain we’ll get married?’

An Xiao Li wasn’t certain someone like Chen Yu Bai wanted to be her husband. She didn’t know why each time she thought about marrying him, she felt insecure.

‘An Xiao Li!’ Chen Yu Bai called.

Chen Yu Bai was frustrated to death. He calculated a thousand steps for them to reach the point of marriage, but Xiao Li didn’t progress from the same spot and she still wondered whether she should stay or run away from him. Even his confidence wavered, he felt insecure and frustrated. Her reluctance to marry him made him speechless, he didn’t know what to say anymore.

Whilst Chen Yu Bai was in a defeated state, Ji Nan came to drag Xiao Li to play cards. He was worried he couldn’t hold back his frustrations and that he’d hit someone so he pushed Xiao Li toward Ji Nan.

Chen Yu Bai scanned the restaurant and found Qin Sang sitting at the bar. He went to sit next to Qin Sang to talk about Xiao Li.

Chen Yu Bai sat silently for a long time next to Qin Sang, whilst she sipped her glass of wine. There was always a clear line between them, Qin Sang knew if there wasn’t anything wrong then Chen Yu Bai wouldn’t be bored enough to sit next to Qin Sang.

‘Speak up, what’s wrong?’ Qin Sang asked.

‘Do you need me to remind you about Wei Ran and Song Song?’ Chen Yu Bai asked.

‘Do you need me to tell you how scared An Xiao Li will be if she brings you home to meet her parents as her boyfriend?’ Qin Sang asked.

Qin Sang and Chen Yu Bai looked at each other and laughed.


‘You and I live very tiring lives,’ Qin Sang said. She slumped on the bar table and sighed. ‘Chen Yu Bai, sometimes I think if I can choose then I truly want to be Xiao Li.’

‘If An Xiao Li didn’t exist, you’ll be an ideal girl to me,’ Chen Yu Bai said.

Chen Yu Bai picked up his glass of wine and clinked Qin Sang’s glass of wine. He tilted his head back and drained the wine down his throat.

‘Thank you,’ Qin Sang said.

‘What should I do about Xiao Li?’ Chen Yu Bai asked.

‘Let her do whatever she wants,’ Qin Sang said. She sipped more wine. ‘We’re already this tired, it doesn’t matter if we’re a little more tired. No one forced you to be foolishly in love with her.’

Chen Yu Bai frowned and he clinked another glass of wine with Qin Sang’s glass of wine. ‘We’re the same. You’re just as foolish.’


End of Chapter Twenty-three (Part 2 of 2)

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