Go With The Flow Of Love

Chapter Nineteen (Part 3 of 3)
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Chapter Nineteen (Part 3 of 3)

Translated by trungtnguyen123

After the fight ended, Zheng Hao took Chu Hao Ran to the hospital and everyone else went back inside, including Chen Yu Bai who started the fight.

An Xiao Li slowly followed the guests inside. She was angry at herself for being fooled again by Chu Hao Ran, he only pretended to stop breathing before! She realised Chu Hao Ran was one of the people involved who set out to hurt Qin Sang.

Inside An Xiao Li stood at a distance from Chen Yu Bai, but her eyes never left him. She’d never seen him looked so complex – weird, furious, heartbroken and finally he hid it all under a cold mask before he looked away from her.

Chen Yu Bai turned away from Xiao Li and looked at Rong Yan who was stepping toward him.

Rong Yan wasn’t impressed with his third brother’s public display of testosterone and greeted his third brother with a hard punch on his third brother’s arm. ‘Bastard, couldn’t you wait until you left the banquet before you attacked?’

Chen Yu Bai shook his swollen red hand. ‘Couldn’t wait.’

Rong Yan glanced at An Xiao Li who stood at a distance to them and was about to say something to his third brother, but his fifth brother came inside and his third brother used it as an excuse to leave.

An Xiao Li decided to step toward Chen Yu Bai before he left. She tugged on his shirt sleeve. ‘Are you ok?’

‘Not dead yet,’ Chen Yu Bai said stiffly.

Chen Yu Bai left An Xiao Li behind again since they watched fireworks together on New Year’s Day in her hometown.


Li Wei Ran drove Chen Yu Bai and Rong Yan to the Liang household. Li Wei Ran looked at Chen Yu Bai through the front mirror. Chen Yu Bai sat on the backseat with his eyes closed. ‘Do you need to go to the hospital first?’

Li Wei Ran saw that Chen Yu Bai’s shirt sleeve was stained with blood and Chen Yu Bai sat stiffly. Li Wei Ran was certain that the injury on Chen Yu Bai’s back wasn’t light.

Rong Yan was frustrated and knocked on the window to get Chen Yu Bai’s attention. ‘Third uncle, how are you?’

‘Can’t be killed,’ Chen Yu Bai said coldly.

Chen Yu Bai opened his eyes and felt really tired. He leaned forward and rested his head against the back of Rong Yan’s seat. ‘Call Qin Yang.’

‘You want me to thank him for being such a good host to us?’ Rong Yan teased.

‘Ask him… if everyone has left yet,’ Chen Yu Bai said.

‘Um,’ Rong Yan said.

Chen Yu Bai didn’t say anything else.

Li Wei Ran sighed. ‘An Xiao Li wouldn’t have left yet. Chu Hao Ran was the one who drove her to the banquet.’

Rong Yan sighed. He took out his phone and called Qin Yang but couldn’t get through so he called Qin Yang’s sister, Qin Liu. ‘Third uncle, it seems you’ve fallen.’

When the three sworn brothers arrived at the Liang household, they saw Liang Fei Fang and Gu Yan lighting firecrackers outside. Gu Yan noticed Chen Yu Bai first and was extremely shocked that Chen Yu Bai was injured. ‘Who’s so daring? How can they not be scared of Chen Yu Bai?’

No one responded to Gu Yan’s questions and she sulked all the way into the living room. Liang Fei Fang soothed Gu Yan with a few words before she pouted her lips and went upstairs.

Liang Fei Fang asked a servant to serve his sworn brothers hot tea and dinner then bandage Chen Yu Bai.

Rong Yan recounted the disastrous night to Liang Fei Fang. Afterward Liang Fei Fang looked at his clock and saw that it was late. ‘Whoever is staying, find your own room. I’m going upstairs.’

After a servant bandaged Chen Yu Bai, he let Rong Yan and Li Wei Ran talk amongst themselves. Chen Yu Bai stood and quietly went upstairs to try to have a peaceful sleep that evaded him the last couple of nights.


Qin Yang asked An Xiao Li to sleepover night with Qin Sang at their family home, but An Xiao Li refused.

‘Give Sang Sang space. Right now she has no sense of security, she doesn’t trust anyone,’ An Xiao Li reasoned.

Qin Yang still wanted An Xiao Li to stay overnight with his sister, but he respected An Xiao Li’s decision and personally drove her home.

On the way to Qin Sang’s house, Qin Yang talked to An Xiao Li about Chu Hao Ran. ‘Earlier the hospital called and said Chu Hao Ran isn’t in a serious condition, except the same arm that was broken before is broken again and he’ll need to keep it in a cast again.’

‘You don’t need to tell me about Chu Hao Ran’s condition. I have no connection with that kind of person like Chu Hao Ran,’ An Xiao Li said coldly.


Qin Yang laughed. ‘Xiao Li, you’re too naive. There’s a few things that you only see what’s on the outside.’

An Xiao Li didn’t want to argue with Qin Yang. She knew clearly what kind of person Chu Hao Ran was and what kind of people Qin Sang’s half-siblings were too. She was happy that it didn’t take long to get to Qin Sang’s house.

‘Thank you, good night,’ An Xiao Li greeted farewell coldly.

‘Are you and Qin Sang renting this house together?’ Qin Yang stalled.

Qin Yang had been to Qin Sang’s house many times.

‘No, this is Sang Sang’s house. I’m staying here temporarily,’ An Xiao Li said.

An Xiao Li didn’t hesitate to open the car door to get far away from Qin Yang. She jumped out of the car and quickly went into Qin Sang’s house without looking back.


End of Chapter Nineteen (Part 3 of 3)

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