Go With The Flow Of Love

Chapter Thirteen (Part 1)
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Chapter Thirteen (Part 1)

Translated by trungtnguyen123

Chen Yu Bai’s health improved at a fast rate under An Xiao Li’s ‘no place forbidden to touch’ attentive care.

It was autumn and the atmosphere gradually became lethargic. Even a workaholic like Chen Yu Bai didn’t have any inclinations to work. All day he’d look at Xiao Li, he didn’t need to eat her and he’d still be able to find amusement. Xiao Li fell for his trap once and didn’t want to make the same mistake twice in public so she was more alert and able to avoid him before he made his move on her.

In the afternoon it was peaceful, there weren’t visitors. Chen Yu Bai looked over his work papers for a while and felt bored. Xiao Li was quietly resting on the sofa next to him, but he kept interrupting her rest to watch TV with him.

Little Bai held the remote that controlled the angle movements of the TV screen so An Xiao Li was forced to move her lazy body closer to him inch by inch. Little Bai’s body was tall and broad, he hugged her and half her body leaned into his chest. The more she had to twist her body to see the TV screen the further her body sank. She ended up laying her head on his lap and her head was levelled with his stomach. She was immersed in watching the documentary about wild beasts.

But the warm scene of a couple relaxing on the sofa watching TV was cut short by little Bai’s hand. An Xiao Li thought in their situation it was ideal for little Bai to stroke her hair… why didn’t his hand cooperate? ‘Chen-Yu-Bai! Can’t you be romantic for a bit?’

An Xiao Li gripped little Bai’s wrist that was attached to his hand that was kneading her breasts. She used her strength to pull his hand away but failed.

Little Bai laughed cheekily. He draped a leg over An Xiao Li’s stomach to stop her from leaving the sofa. His wild beast sneakily erected a tent behind her neck. She heard the impatience in his voice. ‘What man can be romantic when your head’s leaning against their crotch?’

An Xiao Li’s embarrassment turned to anger. She fought with his hands but when she was about to win the war, suddenly she was switched to the losing side – she struggled too much, little Bai draped his leg over her stomach and trapped her… her face ended up pressed against his excited wild beast.

Chen Yu Bai groaned in pain and lost the ability to think about anything else. ‘An Xiao Li, do you want the next half of your life to have nothing left to serve you?’

An Xiao Li felt giddy. She quietly crawled up from little Bai’s lap and rested her head on his arm. She lifted her head to look at his scrunched face from the pain she inflicted on his excited wild beast. ‘The next half of my life? Do you want to marry me?’

‘An Xiao Li, perhaps…’ Chen Yu Bai mumbled.

An Xiao Li tugged little Bai’s arm to get him to say more. ‘Perhaps what?’

Little Bai bent his head and looked at An Xiao Li’s eyes from a close distance. His eyes were darker and unreadable as if he was deep in thought. ‘Perhaps, it’s truly you.’

Xiao Li of course didn’t understand Chen Yu Bai’s meaning. He smiled and wrapped his arms around her waist like a kid hugging their beloved teddy. She was surprised by his sudden movement and cried out but he hugged her tight against his chest.

The insecurity, frustration, indecisiveness and hesitation that Chen Yu Bai thought it wasn’t possible for him to have… was slowly being pulled out of him by Xiao Li. The bitter sweet smiles that he thought his lips weren’t capable of forming… was slowly appearing one after another with Xiao Li. Perhaps his judgement of himself was truly wrong up until he met Xiao Li or perhaps he was really just a person with bare flesh and bones… perhaps, truly only Xiao Li could give him ‘love.’


The lawns of the hospital garden were still green but during autumn the leaves were scattered on the lawns and the garden footpaths. There were less people outside strolling during autumn and the atmosphere was bleak.

Chen Yu Bai held An Xiao Li’s hand and walked along a garden footpath. He was still handsome wearing a hospital patient gown. The top two buttons of his gown was opened and only exposed his collar bone, but it was enough for her to lose her senses. She couldn’t control herself from smiling like a fool.

The sun shone orange light on Xiao Li’s dazed head. Chen Yu Bai pursed his lips and didn’t say anything. He just wanted her to be happy, it was enough.

Suddenly, An Xiao Li’s foolish smile turned upside down quickly like a turning of the tide.

Chu Hao Ran appeared out of nowhere and obstructed Chen Yu Bai and An Xiao Li’s path.

‘Why didn’t you answer the phone?’ Chu Hao Ran asked An Xiao Li. He put out the document he was fiddling with. ‘You left this behind in the cafe. I forgot to tell you about it on the phone. I called you back but you didn’t pick up. Here, I’m returning it to you.’

Chu Hao Ran acted as if there was no one around him and An Xiao Li, he placed the adorable strawberry shaped document on her head.

An Xiao Li noticed that Chu Hao Ran pretended he didn’t see little Bai. Chu Hao Ran only paid attention to her and smiled brightly at her. She felt the atmosphere in the garden turned disastrous like a glacier landslide. She felt breathless. Her hand that little Bai held became colder and the cold chill spread along her arm.

‘Um,’ An Xiao Li said. She grabbed her document from her head. Then she stepped back and stood beside little Bai. She awkwardly introduced him to Chu Hao Ran. ‘This is little Bai.’

Chu Hao Ran raised his eyebrows and An Xiao Li realised she called Chen Yu Bai by his pet name by accident. She wanted to bite off her tongue and swallow it down to her stomach. ‘Chen Yu Bai. CEO Chen… he’s the CEO of my company.’ She turned to little Bai to introduced Chu Hao Ran. ‘This is Chu Hao Ran… he’s a friend.’

Chen Yu Bai politely put out his free arm to shake hands with Chu Hao Ran. ‘Mr Chu.’

Chu Hao Ran was also polite. He forced a smile and shook Chen Yu Bai’s hand. ‘CEO Chen, it’s an honour.’

‘I don’t dare to accept,’ Chen Yu Bai said calmly.

An Xiao Li was shocked. She was ready to call the police but… little Bai and Chu Hao Ran were polite to each other.

After Chen Yu Bai greeted Chu Hao Ran, he dismissed Chu Hao Ran as if Chu Hao Ran was invisible. Chen Yu Bai turned to Xiao Li without hesitation. ‘I’m hungry. Let’s go eat.’

An Xiao Li just wanted to leave and nodded her head like a bobblehead on a car dashboard.

Chu Hao Ran grabbed An Xiao Li’s free arm. ‘When will we see each other next? You agreed you’ll think about what I said to you. I’m still waiting for your answer.’

Chu Hao Ran bent his head and looked deeply into An Xiao Li’s eyes. He also pretended Chen Yu Bai was invisible too.

Chen Yu Bai’s eyes became dark as squid ink. The atmosphere little by little became frozen. But he didn’t say another word, he just gently pressed his hand on his stomach.

‘Talk about it later, I need to go,’ An Xiao Li said to Chu Hao Ran without taking her eyes off little Bai.

Chu Hao Ran’s state of shock and disappointment was obvious because he stood frozen and speechless.

Whilst Xiao Li was checking Chen Yu Bai’s stomach for injuries, he looked straight at Chu Hao Ran and gave Chu Hao Ran an icy smile.


That night, An Xiao Li ate less than ten spoonfuls of dinner. But little Bai ate a whole fish and slurped a bowl of fish broth without leaving a single drop behind inside the bowl. She thought the way he ate calmly like nothing happened in the afternoon was scary.

After dinner, little Bai sat on the bed and leaned against the bedhead reading a book. An Xiao Li held the TV remote and changed the channels continuously whilst she secretly glanced at him. But since dinner she didn’t see him even gave her a threatening look or made a fuss about Chu Hao Ran.

When it was past nine, An Xiao Li picked up her bag and keys ready to go home. ‘Mmm… I’m leaving.’

‘Um,’ Chen Yu Bai said.

‘Little Bai…’ An Xiao Li called.

‘Um,’ Chen Yu Bai said.

‘I’m… really going,’ An Xiao Li said.

Chen Yu Bai lifted his head from the book he was reading and smiled gently at Xiao Li. ‘What is it? Are you waiting for me to escort you downstairs?’

An Xiao Li’s throat was choked. She bent her head and fiddled with her bag’s zipper. She bit her lips and left little Bai’s room.

Behind Xiao Li’s retreating back, Chen Yu Bai bent his head and looked at the same page he’d read for the last hour.


At home An Xiao Li went into the wicked witch’s cave but didn’t see anyone. She jumped onto the wicked witch’s large pink bed and called the wicked witch for a counselling session.

‘Chen Yu Bai hasn’t acknowledged me as anyone significant in his life. What right does he have to stop me from keeping my options opened?’ An Xiao Li reasoned.

‘Oh, it turns out you’re actually a player,’ Qin Sang teased.

‘Qin-Sang! I hate you,’ An Xiao Li said.

‘He hasn’t acknowledged you but his body has acknowledged you. You haven’t objected so you’ve also accepted him without saying anything,’ Qin Sang said.

‘Did little Bai bribe you? Or is it because you’re about to be married off so you’re siding with your husband’s sworn brothers?’ An Xiao Li asked.

‘I’m sleepy to death but I still have to listen to your nonsense. Do you have a conscience?’ Qin Sang scolded. ‘What’s your heart feeling? Do you like little Bai or Chu Hao Ran?’

‘I like little Bai, but not to the point that it has to be him. If he continues to be unclear about his intentions toward me then I don’t want to waste my youth with him,’ An Xiao Li said.

‘You have will power,’ Qin Sang said.

‘Of course,’ An Xiao Li said.

‘Our counselling session is done for the night. Have a good night,’ Qin Sang said.

‘Hey! I haven’t told you what happened in the evening yet,’ An Xiao Li stalled.

‘I write romance novels every day, I don’t need you to rehash it for me to hear. I’m really sleepy. I’m sleeping now,’ Qin Sang said.

‘Don’t be like that. Sang Sang, I can’t sleep. Talk to me,’ An Xiao Li pleaded. ‘Sang Sang? Sang Sang… Qin Sang, you prioritise your lover over your friend the most in the world!’

There was no response from Qin Sang’s end so An Xiao Li hung up her phone.

An Xiao Li rolled around on the large pink bed and still couldn’t sleep. She resorted to texting little Bai. ‘Little Bai, are you asleep?’

An Xiao Li rolled around on the large pink bed again for a little while before her phone rang, it was little Bai.

The night was quiet, little Bai’s tone was sweet and it deeply moved An Xiao Li’s heart. ‘Can’t sleep?’

‘Um,’ An Xiao Li said.

‘Missing me?’ Chen Yu Bai asked.

‘Something like that,’ An Xiao Li said.

‘Come to me. I’ll wait for you,’ Chen Yu Bai said.

‘No, it’s too late,’ An Xiao Li declined. She’d starved little Bai for days. Plus, she’d provoked his anger in the afternoon. If she offered herself straight to his mouth then she’d be nervous about the extent of the torture he’d inflict on her. ‘You should sleep early.’

‘Can’t sleep,’ Chen Yu Bai said. He sighed. ‘I miss you too.’

An Xiao Li’s heart trembled with giddiness – ‘little Bai can’t sleep… the reason he can’t sleep is because he misses you.’ Her cheeks flushed pink.

Chen Yu Bai and An Xiao Li hugged their own feelings and didn’t say anything else. In the quiet night, their phones exchanged their rapid breathing.


The following day at the break of dawn, An Xiao Li cooked black soy milk herself and bought buns at a restaurant. She brought the black soy milk and buns straight to little Bai’s hospital room for him to eat whilst they were steaming hot.

At the hospital, An Xiao Li softly opened little Bai’s door and crept inside. As she expected he wasn’t awake yet. The heater was on, the bed sheet only covered his body partially and he laid curled up. The buttons of his gown were unbuttoned and exposed his toned chest.

An Xiao Li bit her lips and held in a giddy laugh. She put the food on the table then lifted the bed sheet to cover his whole body.

Chen Yu Bai was woken up by the swish-swoosh sounds of a bag. He opened his eyes and saw Xiao Li putting his breakfast on a table. She was smiling to herself early in the morning. He closed his eyes and waited. The moment her back faced him after she adjusted the bed sheet over him, he pulled her by her waist and she fell on top of him on the bed.

An Xiao Li fell backward, little Bai hugged her from behind and she couldn’t move.

‘Hehe… today I personally cooked the black soy milk and added honey too. Do you want to eat it?’ An Xiao Li asked.

From the moment Chen Yu Bai was awake, his desire for Xiao Li was at boiling point. He squeezed her waist tighter. ‘I want to eat you first.’

‘Not good timing,’ An Xiao Li reasoned.

Chen Yu Bai flipped Xiao Li and he pinned her to the bed. ‘Opposing is futile.’

Little Bai’s breath was hot on An Xiao Li’s face. He kissed her but his usual cool mint scent was missing. She turned her head to the side. ‘You haven’t brushed your teeth.’

Chen Yu Bai turned Xiao Li’s head back to face him. He bit her lips. ‘You dare mock me?’

An Xiao Li pouted her lips and stayed silent. Little Bai pressed her further into the bed. He licked and kissed her. She was ticklish and laughed giddily.

Chen Yu Bai was in the middle of torturing Xiao Li when he heard the door creaked opened and his back became rigid. He turned toward the direction of the door. ‘Who’s there? You can’t come in!’

The sounds of footsteps immediately stopped at the door. But on the carpet floor were the sounds of paws running toward the bed. Chen Yu Bai looked down the bed. He saw a Siberian Husky that was tall as half of Xiao Li’s body and the Siberian Husky stood in front of their bed.

‘Third brother… it’s me, Ji Nan. I… was going for a morning jog and was passing by… can I come inside and take my dog with me to continue jogging?’ Ji Nan said.

‘Wait outside twenty minutes! Go back further away!’ Chen Yu Bai ordered.

Ji Nan heard a strange anger from her third brother’s tone of voice that she didn’t recognise. But it was scary enough for her whole body to shiver and she quickly took ten steps back away from the door.

On the bed An Xiao Li’s face was bright red. She pinched little Bai’s chest. ‘Quickly go outside.’

Of course little Bai refused. He inched himself deeper into An Xiao Li and paralysed her senses.

The Siberian Husky sat in front of the bed and its naive eyes watched the male and female interlocking their bodies together on the bed.

An Xiao Li was affected by the Siberian Husky’s clear innocent eyes and she wasn’t comfortable having sex with Little Bai whilst the Siberian Husky was watching them. Whereas Little Bai was unaffected, his wild beast’s strokes became stronger. A long time later he grunted and his whole body tensed for a few seconds. Finally his body relaxed and collapsed on her body.

The Siberian Husky looked at the male and female thrashing and rolling around under the bed sheet for a long time and still couldn’t understand what the purpose of their actions under the bed sheet was.


Chen Yu Bai looked down from the bed and gave the Siberian Husky an icy dagger. The Siberian Husky received a heavy shock, it whimpered pitifully and obediently laid on the carpet floor.

Finally the owner of the Siberian Husky that was shocked into submission was allowed to enter the room. When Ji Nan stepped into the room, her third brother changed out of his hospital gown into a casual outfit. He sat comfortably on the sofa and ate breakfast. But her third sister-in-law sat shyly behind him, third sister-in-law’s face was bright red and dress was wrinkled.

Ji Nan walked toward the opened window and closed it. ‘Why open the window? It’s freezing inside the room.’ She turned around and walked toward the coffee table in front of the sofa. She grabbed a bun and the Dewar bottle then she plumped on the sofa next to her third brother. She bit into the bun and gulped the black soy milk. ‘Mmm… the bun’s cold and the black soy milk is curdled.’

Chen Yu Bai was frustrated and grabbed the Dewar bottle back. He poured the rest of the black soy milk into his glass. ‘Who invited you to eat?’

Ji Nan wasn’t affected by her third brother’s rudeness. She calmly ripped the bun into small pieces and fed it to her Cola. Then she wanted to boast about Cola to her third brother and third sister-in-law. ‘Second brother gave me the Siberian Husky, its name is Cola.’

‘Pepsi or Cola?’ An Xiao Li joked.

Chen Yu Bai glanced at Cola after Xiao Li said its name.

Ji Nan gave An Xiao Li another bun and they fed Cola together. They played with Cola whilst Cola happily ate the bun. An Xiao Li loved dogs and cats. An Xiao Li thought Cola looked like a noble and purebred dog, the more she admired Cola the more she adored Cola.


End of Chapter Thirteen (Part 1)

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