Global Towers: Starting With The SSS-Rank Talent, God-Tier Extraction

Chapter 793 - 793 Subduing Withered Tree Spirit King
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793 Subduing Withered Tree Spirit King

Soon, Liu Yan set up the array formation and activated it.

The purple six-pointed star array was emitting a purple light.

Liu Yan dripped a drop of his blood into the formation, and the Withered Tree Spirit King dripped a few drops of the liquid that looked like blood and wood shavings from the wound.

Suddenly, the purple hexagram shone brightly. It enveloped Liu Yan and the giant Withered Tree Spirit King.

After some time, the purple hexagram gradually disappeared, and they signed the soul contract.

After signing the contract, Withered Tree Spirit King became Liu Yan’s pet. Liu Yan could sense the existence of the Withered Tree Spirit King, and they had also achieved a mind link, so Liu Yan could roughly understand its thoughts.

At this moment, Withered Tree Spirit King was a little happy. Not only was it happy that it didn’t have to die, but it was also glad it had met a rare talent like Liu Yan.

It told Liu Yan that it had grown up in this Hallucinatory Forest and had been here for thousands of years.

In the past thousand years, it had seen too many creatures that passed by this place.

Among them, there was no lack of talented creatures. However, it had never met such a heaven-defying existence as Liu Yan.

At the same time, Withered Tree Spirit King also told Liu Yan that it believed that as long as Liu Yan continued to grow, he would become a top-tier master and go to a wider world!

At this time, Treasure Pangolin and Purple Wind Falcon sensed that a new companion had joined them. They were all curious and wanted to come out and play.

Seeing this, Liu Yan immediately summoned Treasure Pangolin and Purple Wind Falcon.

Purple Wind Falcon looked up at the sky as if it wanted to observe how tall Withered Tree Spirit King was.

Treasure Pangolin looked up with a dazed expression. It seemed to have never seen such a gigantic monster plant before. It was a little surprised.

As Treasure Pangolin continued to raise its head, it could not see the highest point of Withered Tree Spirit King. Treasure Pangolin raised its head too high and even accidentally fell. It was a hilarious scene.

Liu Yan looked at Purple Wind Falcon, Treasure Pangolin, and Withered Tree Spirit King and could not help but sigh.

Including Ice and Fire Draconic Wolf, who was still fighting the group of Withered Tree Spirits, Liu Yan already had four pets.

Liu Yan’s spirit energy determined the number of pets he could own.

Fortunately, Liu Yan’s spirit attribute was already very high after continuously increasing his spirit. Otherwise, Liu Yan’s spirit would not have been able to subdue this powerful Withered Tree Spirit King.

Treasure Pangolin and the Purple Wind Falcon were both S-grade fierce beasts. At the same time, their levels were not very high, so they did not take up much of Liu Yan’s spirit energy.

However, Ice and Fire Draconic Wolf with SS-grade potential and strength occupied more space.

The SS-grade Withered Tree Spirit King, whose strength had fully grown, occupied even more space.

Liu Yan roughly sensed that his spirit energy was more than enough to tame another fierce beast or monster plant with S-grade potential.

However, if he wanted to subdue a fierce beast or monster plant with SS-grade potential, as long as the other party had grown a little and gained some strength, his spirit energy would no longer be able to subdue it. He could only successfully subdue a fierce beast or monster plant with SS-grade potential that was still young.

Liu Yan couldn’t help but sigh. It seemed like he would have to continue raising his spirit energy in the future. Only then would he have the ability to subdue fierce beasts or monster plants with high potential and strength in the future!

Otherwise, even if he defeated the other party and the other party was willing to submit, he would still be unable to subdue it. That would be a little ridiculous.

Withered Tree Spirit King was healing itself with wood elemental energy while interacting with Treasure Pangolin and Purple Wind Falcon.

The two fierce beasts and one monster plant were also extremely happy to get along.

Seeing this scene, Liu Yan decided to help Withered Tree Spirit King.

Although Withered Tree Spirit King had high attainment in wood elemental energy, wood elemental power did not have strong healing ability.

With the healing speed of Withered Tree Spirit King, coupled with the constant erosion of the violent fire elemental energy left behind by the Blue Flame Strike, it would take at least a month for Withered Tree Spirit King to recover.

Liu Yan immediately activated his S-grade skill, Blessing of Water.

A large amount of dense and pure water elemental energy condensed.

The water elemental energy was so dense that it turned into a drizzle and fell on the Withered Tree Spirit King.

Wherever the Blessing of Water touched, the wounds on Withered Tree Spirit King’s body healed rapidly.

By the time the Blessing of Water was over, most of Withered Tree Spirit King’s injuries had recovered.

The remaining violent fire elemental energy had been removed, which was the crucial treatment. It would no longer cause any harm to Withered Tree Spirit King.

Although Withered Tree Spirit King had been severely injured by the Blue Flame Strike, it had mostly recovered after the treatment of the Blessing of Water.

Although there were still many wounds on Withered Tree Spirit King’s body, they were no longer too serious.

Withered Tree Spirit King relied on its wood elemental energy to fully recover in a few days.

Withered Tree Spirit King had seen Liu Yan attack with water elemental energy before, so it knew that Liu Yan had mastered water elemental energy and had a high achievement. Naturally, it was not surprising that Liu Yan could use rich water elemental energy to heal it with such an impressive healing effect.

Withered Tree Spirit King was grateful to Liu Yan. It said that it would recover fully in a few days. After becoming Liu Yan’s pet, it no longer needed to rely on the condensation of wood elemental energy to transmit its thoughts to Liu Yan. It could do it through a telepathic connection with Liu Yan.

Liu Yan nodded. He then asked Withered Tree Spirit King how high its attainment in the wood elemental energy was.

Withered Tree Spirit King told him it was still at SS-grade Wood Secret Art but not far from SSS-grade Wood Elemental Law. It only needed an opportunity to reach SSS-grade.

In short, Withered Tree Spirit King was only one step away from the SSS-grade Wood Elemental Law. However, Withered Tree Spirit King had been unable to take this step. It had been 300 years, and it had not been able to succeed.

Withered Tree Spirit King guessed that if it continued to stay here, no matter how much it cultivated, it would not advance because its talent had stopped here. It needed an opportunity to take this step.

Although this step was short and only one step, it was very far away. Withered Tree Spirit King felt that even if he spent another thousand years, it would not master Wood Elemental Law. Google search 𝑓𝗿e𝐞𝓌𝙚𝙗𝑛o𝚟e𝙡. c𝚘𝚖

It was also one of the reasons why it wanted to follow Liu Yan. It felt that as long as he followed Liu Yan to a bigger world, he would have the opportunity to take this crucial step.

Although Withered Tree Spirit King had SS-grade potential and 16-star combat strength, it was still a tree-type monster plant. Hence, it couldn’t leave this place on its own.

However, as long as it was subdued by Liu Yan, it would be kept by Liu Yan and leave this place.

In addition, Liu Yan’s strength was powerful and his potential was amazing. Even Withered Tree Spirit King had never seen it before. It believed if it followed Liu Yan, it could go to a new horizon.

Liu Yan couldn’t help but feel a little happy after learning about this. The reason was that Liu Yan could use Withered Tree Spirit King to enhance his strength, especially his attainments in the wood elemental energy. This way, he could be closer to the SSS-grade Wood Elemental Law.

After all, Withered Tree Spirit King, who had mastered such a powerful wood elemental energy, would bring a lot of improvements to Liu Yan.


Although Liu Yan did not kill the Withered Tree Spirit King and did not obtain its body, he could still extract it differently. He could extract it directly without touching its body.

Although this method of Divine Extraction could not allow Liu Yan to gain a large amount of combat experience and attribute points, he could still gain a lot in terms of skills, potential, and talent.

Immediately after, Liu Yan told Withered Tree Spirit King not to panic, and he used it to improve his strength.

Liu Yan used his SSS-grade talent, Divine Extraction, on Withered Tree Spirit King.

A huge milky white light enveloped Withered Tree Spirit King. Not long after, a notification appeared in front of Liu Yan.

[ Divine Extraction of Withered Tree Spirit King successful (potential SS-grade, level 122, 16-star combat strength). Congratulations on receiving: SSS-grade Wood Elemental Law progress +60%, Ultimate Wood Net (SS-grade)! ]

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