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Chapter 149 - The Secret At the Bottom of the Lake, The Aura of the Water Elemental Dragon King
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Chapter 149: The Secret At the Bottom of the Lake, The Aura of the Water Elemental Dragon King

“What’s going on?” Ye Feng did not know why.

But he knew that this was one of the ways elves showed their loyalty. They were willing to be driven by their masters and would go through fire and water at any cost.

This was the message that the elves conveyed to him.

This was an ancient and magical ritual that Ye Feng had only read about in books.

Although Ye Feng did not know what exactly happened, since it was already like this, he could only accept it.

Yi looked at Ye Feng and said, “Brother Ye Feng, since you are so powerful, perhaps we can set off to the deepest part of the lake and see what the situation is like in the cage that imprisoned our master.”

Their bodies were recovering rapidly. Although they were severely injured, their bodies were made up of pure water elements, so their recovery speed was extremely fast.

Moreover, they were currently in a lake. The water element content was already higher than the outside world, so their recovery speed was naturally very fast.

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Ye Feng nodded and picked up a few Dragon Scales on the ground. Then, he followed the steps of the Water Elemental Guards and walked forward.

The body of Sea Monster was also quickly devoured by Ye Feng.

‘Since this guy’s defense is so strong, its scales must be very useful!’ Ye Feng looked at the palm-sized scales and was a little surprised.

Whether it was for medicinal purposes, developing some kind of medicine, or auctioning it off, its value was definitely top-notch.

These were the scales taken from the body of a third-generation sub-Dragon. Not to mention what they were going to make, even if they were to take them home to enjoy them, it was a rare piece of art!


As they gradually went deeper, Ye Feng and the group passed through the special tunnel at the station and bypassed many sub-Dragons, directly arriving at a very dark place.

Ye Feng had just stabilized his footing when an invisible pressure came from the surroundings.

‘What’s going on?’ Ye Feng was a little surprised. His perception told him that there were no enemies nearby.

Seeing this, Yi immediately explained, “Brother Ye Feng, don’t panic. This is just some kind of powerful force emitted by the enchantment. It’s only used for passive defense.”

“As I said before, this enchantment that seals Master is one of the Ten Great Ancient Sealing Arts. It’s very powerful. Not only does it have active and passive defense, but it can also swallow all things, even spiritual energy and elements, to maintain its own defensive power.”

“This is also the reason why Master has never been able to break through this barrier. From ancient times until now, no one has been able to break through this barrier from the inside, and very few people have been able to break through from the outside. Since the birth of this barrier, basically, it has always been the person who released it personally. Otherwise, even an A grade god would be powerless to do so!”

When Ye Feng heard Yi’s words, a thought appeared in his mind.

If that was really the case, then the Dragon Seed contained in his body would be even more useful.

Since they could not forcefully break through from the inside and the outside, then they had to try their best to imitate the power of the Water Elemental Dragon King when it released this barrier back then. If the purity of the Dragon Seed was sufficient, it should be possible to undo it!

This was also their only chance.

After all, what was locked inside was the water-type Human Ceiling-level existence. If he could not break through it, no matter how hard Ye Feng tried, it was basically impossible.

“Then we can only try!” Ye Feng said.

After all, his only goal now was to break this barrier.

Then, the Water Elemental Guards continued to bring Ye Feng deeper.

The water temperature here was no longer constant. It directly dropped to -300 degrees Celsius.

It was impossible for normal creatures to survive here, let alone get close to it!

“It’s right in front!” Yi said in a deep voice, pointing at a beam of faint light in front of him. It was an incomparably perfect arc.

This was the barrier that imprisoned Walter!

Ye Feng’s eyes narrowed slightly when he saw this.

This enchantment was no small matter. Even Ye Feng felt an unimaginably huge pressure!

But Ye Feng did not want to give up so easily. This was a rare opportunity.

How could he let it go?

As Ye Feng walked forward, he carefully observed this flawless enchantment, trying to find a flaw in it.

However, the cold air inside made Ye Feng’s footsteps blocked again and again.

Yi saw Ye Feng go forward and immediately stopped him. “Brother Ye Feng, this is too dangerous. If your body can’t withstand the cold here, you’ll be dead for sure!”

“Moreover, the barrier will trigger a passive defensive ability. A casual attack is enough to destroy the world. It’s much stronger than the third generation!”

Hearing this, Ye Feng could only give up on the idea of going forward to observe.

The outer part of this barrier was connected by hundreds of fine and solid iron chains. Strange words were carved on the iron chains, emitting a gentle light.

Ye Feng did not recognize it, but Yi and the remaining four Water Elemental Guards understood it.

They were Water Elemental Guards, and they were all Water Elemental Elves. Their survival time could be traced back to the ancient times. They were naturally very proficient in this type of Dragon language, so they could understand the words on it.

After reading these Dragon texts, Yi and the other four had ugly expressions on their faces. Obviously, they did not dare to determine whether this was real or fake.

“What’s wrong?” Ye Feng asked curiously when he saw their expressions.

He could have used his [Analysis] ability originally, but because it belonged to a certain form of power, Ye Feng was also afraid of triggering some kind of passive defense mechanism of the barrier.

Hence, he did not use his [Analysis] ability.

“What’s written here is different from what we saw before. It’s mainly about strengthening the barrier’s defense mechanism!”

“You can understand that someone is in the dark, constantly strengthening the barrier’s defense! The only explanation is that the barrier’s power seems to be constantly being perfected!”

Hearing Yi’s words, Ye Feng immediately frowned. “Someone is secretly strengthening the barrier’s power?”

Ye Feng immediately thought of the Water Elemental Dragon King. Was it awake? This possibility was not nonexistent.

After all, Walter had already been sealed for over a hundred years. This long period of time was enough for the Water Elemental Dragon King to recover.

Not to mention fully recovering, it could at least recover two-thirds of his power. That was an earth-shattering existence!

The Water Elemental Dragon King was the leader of the water-elemental Dragons and was one of the Ten Great Kings of the Dragon race.

This level of existence was definitely the highest among the Dragon race. It was not an exaggeration to say that a sub-Dragon was already so difficult to deal with. If a true Dragon appeared, not to mention a battle, even a glance from one of them would cause Ye Feng to die on the spot!

“That’s right, the Water Elemental Dragon King might have come out...” Yi’s expression was very solemn as he looked at his companions.

“Do you remember when we were in the stronghold not long ago, and we felt that sudden change in the water element? It was a fluctuation far beyond our comprehension, and we had never felt such a violent fluctuation since we had followed our master. ”

The crowd was silent, their faces grim like a man on their deathbed.

“It’s okay. So what if the Water Elemental Dragon King appeared? We don’t need to face it. We just need to go around and harvest enough purity of the Dragon Seed. We can still open this barrier. Even if the Water Elemental Dragon King finds us, we won’t panic even if it comes after us! ”

“Not only is Walter, your master, sealed inside but the Water Element Human Ceiling exists. A hundred years ago, he was accidentally sealed by the Water Elemental Dragon King. If we break the seal, Walter will definitely be able to repel the Water Elemental Dragon King! ”

Ye Feng looked at the crowd and spoke seriously.

They had only just begun the rescue plan, and they couldn’t afford to be demoralized in the first place, because that would have a huge impact on the follow-up plan.

“Look, what’s that?”

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