Global Survival: 100 Times Cultivation Speed From The Start

Chapter 310 - Genius List of the Hundred Gods!
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Chapter 310: Genius List of the Hundred Gods!

The Genius List of the Hundred Gods!

It records the top hundred peerless geniuses in the universe.

Restrictions: below a hundred years old; below the divine rank.

It was a simple introduction.

Below were breathtaking names.

They occupied almost half of the vast Golden Ranking List!

Countless huge golden characters seemed to have come alive. They floated in the air and formed names.

Although Chu Feng did not recognize those words, he could easily understand the meaning of words.

The methods of these ancient experts were unfathomable.

Following the direction of Chu Feng’s finger, everyone could not help but look at the list.

A hundred huge names were neatly lined up.

The rankings at the front were too eye-catching.

It was as if it was telling him that he was not strong enough to even see the names!

Everyone could only look from bottom to top.

When he saw the fifth last name, Chu Feng was suddenly stunned.

Then, he found it funny.

There was only one word for the fifth from the bottom.


It was actually this guy!

One of the ten great Master Gods of the ancient human race!

He was also the first ancient human Chu Feng had encountered on his path of growth.

Before he died, he even passed his Destruction Bloodline to Chu Feng.

He could almost be considered the founder of Chu Feng’s path of growth.

Chu Feng’s current achievements were all because of this divine-grade bloodline.

Furthermore, Chu Feng still remembered that before Yu died, he seemed to be lamenting that he had not lived long enough. He wanted Chu Feng to revive him when he was strong enough.

He was so carefree, like an old child.

He did not expect this guy to have been here before.


Chu Feng mocked inwardly.

Yu was not that great!

He was actually ranked near the bottom!

How embarrassing.

But on second thought, Chu Feng sighed with emotion.

A master god-level expert could only be ranked fifth from the bottom.

How valuable was this golden rank!

No wonder it dared to claim to record the strongest geniuses in the universe!

Of course, Chu Feng guessed that the ranking here might only be the ranking of these powerful existences when they were young.

After all, it was limited to those below a hundred years old.

There was a possibility that someone would suddenly exert strength in the later stages and advance by leaps and bounds.

But even so, it was still shocking!

A Master God-level existence was only at the bottom here!

He suppressed the emotions in his heart.

Chu Feng continued to look up.

Chu Feng was not familiar with most of the names. Perhaps they were people from billions of years ago.

Until the twentieth place.

Chu Feng discovered another familiar name.

The Nine Sabers God Emperor!

The creator of the top supernatural power on the Golden Ranking List, the Nine Sabers!

As a simplified version of the Nine Sabers, the power of the Art of the Nine-wave Saber was also very extraordinary. Even now, Chu Feng was still cultivating. Currently, he had only comprehended the sixth stage.

Only those who had perfected the nine levels would be qualified to take a look at the Nine Sabers!

In addition, the Cleaved Edge Saber that Chu Feng had used earlier was only a standard weapon of the Nine Dragons Saber.

In fact, the current dragon soul in the Demon Slayer was also one of the nine souls of the Nine Dragons Saber…

The relationship between Chu Feng and this great existence could be said to be inextricable.

Naturally, he was very familiar with it.

And this person was only ranked 21st.

Further up, another familiar name appeared.


He was also one of the ten great Master Gods of ancient humanity.

But this person was much stronger than Yu.

He was actually ranked 13th!

In his previous life, humans had relied on this to survive and fight against the base camp of the Demon Race—the Ancient Realm of the Desolate God!

It was forged by this person!

What Chu Feng had been longing for in his life was the Desolate God Ancient Painting, which was worth ten billion points. It was only a part of the Ancient Realm of the Desolate God.

One could imagine how heaven-defying the true value of the Ancient Realm of the Desolate God was!

Seeing so many ancient experts, Chu Feng felt his blood boiling.

If even an existence like Huang could not be ranked in the top ten, how terrifying were the truly top ten?!

Even if this was just a ranking of these great existences when they were young, he could still understand a lot from this.

Unfortunately, even with Chu Feng’s strength, he was unable to look directly at them.

He could only vaguely see that among the top ten, there were the words “Sky Connecting”.

He could not tell the exact number, but it was already quite close to the front.

Chu Feng pondered.

“Could it be the legendary Heaven Ascension Demon Master?”

Legend had it that the existence that had ended the glory of ancient humans had even blown up the Twin Divine Stars in a great battle. Even Yu had also died at his hands…

If that name was really him, it was too terrifying.

This meant that the strength of the Heaven Ascension Demon Master might very well exceed his imagination.

When the Great Tribulation truly descended, these legendary existences would very likely descend into the world.

The corners of Chu Feng’s mouth turned bitter.

At that time, what kind of opponents would he have to face?!

All of them were too abnormal!

Fortunately, Chu Feng quickly composed himself.

What was there to be afraid of!

Chu Feng’s greatest advantage was that he was still young!

It had only been a few months since he started cultivating.

He had made great achievements!

Even now, Chu Feng was not even an A+ rank!

Even Chu Feng felt helpless.

At his level of cultivation, he was indeed a weirdo.

With a C-rank body, he was almost invincible among A+ ranks…

He shook his head.

He threw out the distracting thoughts.

Chu Feng tried his best to look at the names at the top of the Golden Ranking List.

Unfortunately, it was as if he was enveloped by layers of fog and could not see anything.

Chu Feng actually merely wanted to see if the Master of the Blood Sea Space, the successor of the previous top nine tests, was among them.

If he was here, what rank would he be?

Chu Feng was extremely curious.

Unfortunately, he could not see it!

Helpless, he could only give up.

The left half of the Golden Ranking List was occupied by almost all the geniuses.

Chu Feng looked to his right.

The words “Starry Sky Golden Ranking List” were written on it!

Below were lines of densely packed words.

Chu Feng felt an inexplicable sense of familiarity.

Wasn’t this the Human Race’s Golden Ranking Lists?!

Right now, Chu Feng was completely certain.

The Golden Ranking Lists of humans were probably created by Huang, Yu and the others by imitating the Starry Sky Golden Ranking Lists.

Otherwise, they wouldn’t be so similar!

With the same selling mode, after each precious treasure, there was a number of points that could be exchanged for them.

It was just that they were not divided into ten Golden Ranking Lists like humans.

Furthermore, as Chu Feng looked down, he was about to drool.

The treasures that could be exchanged here were many grades higher than the humans’ Golden Ranking Lists!

“What?! This place can even sell Star Domain Essence?! And it only costs 1 star point??”

“Soul gem? Didn’t Jiao Xiaoshou say that this is an indispensable treasure to synthesize a high-grade Master Ball? It’s available here?!”

“Gasp… Isn’t that the undead amulet that I’ve been searching for so hard? I can just exchange it here!”

“Oh my god! It’s crazy!”

Chu Feng felt the blood in his entire body boiling.

Star points!

Where are they?

I want them!

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