Global Reincarnation: Becoming A God With My Unlimited Revive

Chapter 39
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Chapter 39: 39. Explosive Grass

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation


Name: Li Xuan

Type: Self-Healing Lizard [Ordinary Summoned Beast]

Soul: Black Iron Rank

Master: Qin Yue

Ability: Self-Destruct, Intermediate Healing Spell, Intermediate Fireball, Advanced God’s Perspective, Wind Wings, Transformation, Intermediate Dragon’s Might, Intermediate Size Amplification, Frost Freeze, Self-Healing.


“Self-Healing Lizard? I actually obtained a Passive Skill. Not bad, not bad.”

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Li Xuan’s heart was filled with joy. Passive Skills did not need to be controlled and activated. As long as one had Soul Power, it would automatically take effect.

Since he had the Self-Healing Skill, he could slowly heal himself if he was injured in the future. Although it consumed Soul Power, Li Xuan’s Soul Power was quite strong.

This made Li Xuan smile. He had the intention to go back and continue fighting with the Black Wolf King.

“If I have the Self-Healing Skill, my combat strength would definitely increase again. I wouldn’t need to divert my attention to cast a Healing Spell at all...”

“Even if I cast a Healing Spell, I would have to use both abilities at the same time to quickly heal my injuries. This is a pretty good Passive Skill.”

Li Xuan muttered to himself. He felt that the Self-Healing Skill was pretty good. He even felt that if he could raise the Self-Healing Skill to an Intermediate Level, it would be even more extraordinary.

“Let me take a look at the memories of this body first. Let me see what materials are needed to raise the Self-Healing Skill.”

Li Xuan began to examine the memories of this body. It was like watching a cartoon, observing the memories of this body.

This body also had a lot of memories. The content was very rich. It was an old Summoned Beast that had lived for many years.

“What an unfamiliar environment. This is definitely not the area where I used to live.”

Through his memories, Li Xuan discovered that the surrounding environment had completely changed. There were no longer any familiar areas, and everything had become very unfamiliar.

In the past, the area was similar to a plain. Occasionally, there would be some small valleys, but at the moment, it was completely different.

The current area belonged to a mountainous area. The vast majority of the area was mountainous, and the plants were very lush. Perhaps there was a Summoned Beast hidden somewhere.

“Eh? A plant that can improve Self-Healing is called a Natural Flower? I seem to have heard of it or seen it somewhere before.”

Li Xuan was immersed in his memories. He had a slight impression of the Natural Flower, but unfortunately, he could not recall it at the moment.

“Wait, I remember now. Back then in the Regional Chat Channel, that Illusion Lark that claimed to be a girl asked if this flower was worth anything.”

“Back then, no one knew what this flower was used for, so everyone said that was useless. Now, it seemed that things from the Summoned Beast World might be very useful”

Li Xuan recalled the information about the Natural Flower and even thought of the Green Needle Flower that could upgrade the Wing Wings.

The Green Needle Flower could upgrade the Wind Wings. He had learned about it from reading books, but he did not have the time to look for the Green Needle Flower.

This was a good time to ask around in the chat channel to see who had seen it. Thus, he called up the Regional Chat Channel and prepared to talk.

However, he soon found out the number of people in the lower left corner of the chat channel had decreased again. At the moment, it was 90 people, which meant that someone else had died recently.

There were people talking about the survivors.

“Big shots, there are fewer and fewer survivors now. If you have experience, you must teach us some...”

“After all, we are all reincarnated humans. It’s okay to help occasionally,” said the Horse Monkey.

“Yeah, I haven’t contracted a Summoner even after so long. It’s too difficult to find one.” Violent Rabbit sighed.

“That’s right. According to my guess, there are only a few people who have contracted a Summoner now...”

“For example, Black-Furred Dog, Flame Hound, Transformation Beast Boss, and Gale Rat. I don’t know anyone else.”


The crowd kept talking, anxious about not being able to contract a Summoner.

“I can tell you about it. As long as you all listen to me and flatter me a little.”

Black-Furred Fog opened his mouth to speak and began to strut around in the chat channel. He had contracted a prince, so he was becoming more and more arrogant.

“Tsk, what can you help them with? Other than bragging, what else can you do?” Gale Rat said disdainfully.

“How can I not be useful? At the very least, I’m stronger than you. I’m almost on par with the Flame Hound and the Transformation Beast,” Black-Furred Dog retorted.

“That’s because you’re lucky, but how can you help them with these? Can you teach me knowledge like the Transformation Beast Boss?” Mighty Tiger could not help but retort.

“That’s right! Back then, I gave the Gentian Grass to the Transformation Beast Boss, and he told me the information to upgrade my skills. That’s how I got what I have now. Can you provide this information?”

Gale Rat said disdainfully, obviously looking down on Black-Furred Dog.

“Hmph, so what? That’s because Transformation Beast happened to know some information, and that’s why it told you. Why didn’t it teach others?” Black-Furred Dog said angrily.

“That’s because others didn’t provide any treasures. If someone provided Soul Crystals, Transformation Beast Boss would definitely give them some information.” Gale Rat continued to fight back.

“You... Hmph, I don’t believe it anyway. We were all reincarnated together. How could he know so much?

“Even if he knows more, it’s just a little bit more than us. Just a little bit.” Black-Furred Dog continued to refute, his attitude infuriating.

This attitude made Gale Mouse very angry, but it could not say anything to refute, so it could only gnash its teeth.

“Please don’t quarrel. I found a strange plant called the Explosive Grass. Is this plant useful? Does anyone need it?”

Violent Rabbit opened its mouth and asked in the chat channel.

After he asked this question, Li Xuan, who was watching the chat channel, suddenly narrowed his eyes.

He had never thought that he would hear the name of the Explosive Grass. After all, this plant was a good thing that could increase the level of his Self-Destruct.

As long as he ate a certain amount of Explosive Grass, his Self-Destruct Skill would increase to the Intermediate Level.

After all, then he was in the Size Amplification State, the power of his Self-Destruct would increase greatly.

The power of his?Self-Destruct was significantly increased compared to the normal state. This was also the conclusion after his battle with Black Wolves.

If he raised the power of his?Self-Destruct to the Intermediate Level, Li Xuan was not sure what would happen.

Therefore, he began to talk in the chat channel.

At this moment, the chat channel was in a state of silence. When Violent Rabbit asked about the Explosive Grass, everyone was silent.

The main reason was that no one knew about this. After all, they were all reincarnated here. How could they know so much?

However, at this moment...

Just when Violent Rabbit could not get an answer, a?message appeared in the chat channel.

“Violent Rabbit, how much explosive grass do you have? If you have enough, I can tell you how to raise your skill to Intermediate Level...”

“I can even tell you which area has enough Summoning Contract Arrays,” Li Xuan said calmly.


Violent Rabbit saw the boss talking and asked in surprise.

“Of course, as long as you have enough explosive grass. If there are only one or two, then forget it,” Li Xuan said again.

“Many, many, there are a total of 30. Boss, do you think it’s okay?” Violent Rabbit said the number nervously.

“It’s enough. Put them in the Auction House.. Choose information as the exchange method,” Li Xuan replied and quickly opened the Auction House.

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