Global Reincarnation: Becoming A God With My Unlimited Revive

Chapter 38
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Chapter 38: Resurrected Again

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“What’s wrong, captain?”

The vice-captain asked curiously. He rushed out of the forest and looked in the direction of Willow Village. He was also stunned and looked into the distance in disbelief.

Not far away, a figure that looked like an iron tower was rampaging among the Black Wolves, fighting with the Black Wolf King crazily.

That huge body and the figure that was charging recklessly made it as dazzling as the god of war.

“It’s so big!”

Xiaoru was the last to come out of the woods. When she saw the figure, she was shocked and gaped at it.

“Is it the Frost Cat? How can it be so huge?” Xiaoru could not help but ask.

“I don’t know, but it can wreak havoc among the wolves. It’s really powerful,” the armored woman said seriously.

“It is indeed powerful, but its situation is not good. Its life force is rapidly depleting,” the vice-captain said.

“Are you sure?”

The armored woman’s expression tensed up. The depletion of its life force was not a small matter. It was related to its lifespan and life.

“I’m sure. There is not much blood left in its body. Its life force is at the point where it is at the end of its life. Even if we save it, it won’t be able to survive,” the vice-captain explained solemnly.

“It won’t be able to survive? But why isn’t it retreating? With its strength, it can completely leave...”

“Even if the master of the contract is dead, it can still return to the Summoned Beast World. Why is it still fighting?”

The few guards who came to fight the Black Wolf pack looked at the bloody figure fighting with the Black Wolf King. The guards were completely moved.

The figure was clearly covered in injuries. Even though the white healing light kept flashing, it was still unable to turn the situation around.

After all, there were too many Black Wolves. They were so densely packed that it made people’s hearts skip a beat.

The iron-tower-like cat did not defend at all. It just attacked wantonly and rampaged. This also caused the Black Wolves to suffer heavy casualties.

Of course, the cat was also covered in wounds. It was even blind in one eye. However, it did not retreat and continued to fight to the death.

Such a tragic scene and unbelievable scene shocked the armored woman and the others.

“Although most Summoned Beasts are very loyal, the stronger and the more intelligent the Summoned Beast is, the less loyal it will be. However, now...”

The cat that was healing itself was obviously very smart and powerful, but it was so brave and fearless to fight for time for the humans,

“Such a Summoned Beast is really loyal. I, Yang Xiaoru, admire it from the bottom of my heart!” Xiaoru said with admiration.

“Let’s go. Even the Summoned Beast is so loyal. As humans, we should promote this kind of morality. We can’t let it be disappointed.”

As the armored woman spoke, she held her spear and ran quickly towards the Black Wolf Pack.

The other four did not hesitate. With an indomitable aura, they charged toward the densely packed Black Wolf pack.

However, at this time...

Just as the armored woman and the others ran out not too far.

The Frost Cat that was fighting suddenly stopped moving and turned to look at them.

“What happened? Why Is it not moving? Oh no, the Black Wolf King bit the cat’s throat!” the armored woman was shocked and ran even faster.

The other four also gritted their teeth and ran, not caring about their own safety.

Lu Tian, who was being protected in Willow Village, also shouted and ran forward. However, he was stopped by the adults, not allowing him to die.

At this moment, everyone watched the cat being bitten by a large number of Black Wolves, but a?strange scene appeared.

Light slowly appeared around the cat’s body. This light was like the sun’s rays, becoming more and more dazzling.

In the next second, the iron tower-like cat suddenly self-destructed.


An earth-shattering explosion resounded through the sky. Along with this sound, a terrifying shockwave swept in all directions, sweeping across the entire Black Wolf pack.

The intense shockwave even spread to Willow Village, sending many people flying.

As for the armored woman and the others who were running, they were also unable to move forward due to the strong wind. They could only use all their strength to stabilize their bodies and not retreat.

After the terrifying shockwave weakened, and after the light from the explosion dissipated.

Everyone hurriedly looked at the area of the explosion. However, it did not matter when they looked. Everyone’s eyes widened.

They saw that the area where the cat was just now had already formed a huge pit. Scattered flames were still burning around the pit.

A large number of Black Wolf corpses fell around the pit. For a time, it was impossible to count how many had died.

Among these corpses, there were even a few Black Iron Rank Black Wolves. Even the Bronze Rank Black Wolf King had been blown dozens of meters away. Its entire body was covered in injuries.

Such a scene, such a scene, shocked everyone as if they were petrified.


The majestic howl of a wolf sounded again. The scarred Black Wolf King slowly stood up. Its head was bald, obviously burned by the high temperature of the explosion.

It angrily glanced at the pit, then gathered the remaining subordinates and fled with their injuries. It didn’t dare to stay here anymore.

It was mainly because it was scared. It was scared out of its wits by that ‘Ordinary’ Frost Cat. It was clearly just an Ordinary Summoned Beast, but it actually had such terrifying battle strength. It was truly terrifying.

If another Summoned Beast like this appeared, it would be a nightmare.

Therefore, the Black Wolf King admitted defeat and fled far away with the remaining subordinates, swearing never to come here again.

After the Black Wolf King left...

Lu Tian of Willow Village hurriedly ran out and knelt in front of the pit in a daze, looking at the empty pit.

“Thank you for saving me and Willow village. I, Lu Tian, swear that I will protect the weak forever and never give up!”

Lu Tian pointed to the sky and swore. His resolute face was solemn and full of honesty.

As he spoke, a seven-colored light fell from the sky and enveloped his body.

No one could see this light. If Li Xuan activated his God’s Perspective, he would be able to see that this light was exactly the same as Qin Yue’s.

However, the light around Qin Yue’s body was very strong, while this person’s light was very weak. The difference was huge.

In the Summoned Beast World, Li Xuan’s soul returned and fell into darkness.

At the same time, a mechanical voice sounded.

[ Ding! You have died. Random resurrection... ]

[ Ding! Due to unknown effects, you will receive a small amount of soul feedback from Lu Tian every day. You can choose whether or not to have a contract with him again. ]

The mechanical voice sounded, and as the voice sounded, light gradually appeared in the darkness before Li Xuan’s eyes.

“It smells so good. Is this the fragrance of flowers? It smells so good.”

Before Li Xuan could open his eyes completely, he had already smelled the rich fragrance of flowers. This fragrance was very good, and even smelling it made him feel very comfortable.

With curiosity, Li Xuan slowly opened his eyes. What entered his eyes were moist soil and a large number of plant roots.

“Eh? Am I in a cave under some plants?”

Li Xuan looked up and found that it was a small cave. It was very small, at most the size of a basketball.

The exit of the cave was even smaller. It was probably only the size of a mouse. Moreover, there were a lot of obstructions placed at the exit, as if it was for him to stay hidden.

“I wonder what kind of creature I became this time and what skills I gained.. I’m looking forward to it,” Li Xuan said as he opened the data panel.

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