Global Reincarnation: Becoming A God With My Unlimited Revive

Chapter 20
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Chapter 20: Qin Yue’s Inheritance

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Qin Yue, who had recovered, immediately looked at the little kitten on her shoulder. Then, she stretched out her small hand and quickly hugged the little kitten in her arms.

“Thank you, kitty. You saved me again.”

Qin Yue said gratefully. Her beautiful big eyes looked at the little kitten in her arms. She hugged the kitten tightly with her small hands as if she was afraid that someone would snatch it away.


Li Xuan blinked his cat eyes. He felt his brain swelling up as sleepiness swept through his nerves.

Gradually, Li Xuan closed his eyes and fell into sleep.

“What’s wrong with the kitten?”

Song Xiaomei saw this scene and asked worriedly. She was very afraid that something had happened to the kitten.

“It’s okay. It’s sleepy. Let’s go back.”

Qin Yue was very clear about the kitten’s situation. She planned to find a hidden place to tell Song Xiaomei after they went back.


Song Xiaomei also saw something and immediately nodded, announcing her return.

After experiencing this battle, Song Xiaomei paid more and more attention to the little kitten. She would rather not do the mission than take care of the little kitten.

Therefore, the first thing everyone did was to rush to Black Rock City. Even the Fat-Headed Mice’s corpse was brought back by other teams.

However, they were very bothered by this attack. They could not figure out why the Red Wolf pack attacked them and what happened to the black crow.

When they returned this time, they were prepared to report this matter to the Bounty Hunter Association.

In addition, Hei Niu noticed that something was wrong with the Red Wolf corpses.

There were no Beast Cores in these Red Wolf corpses. Most of the blood in their bodies had dried up, making them look like walking corpses.

“Captain Xiaomei, the porcupine was in the same situation last time. There was very little blood in its body and its eyes lacked intelligence,

“I’m sure there’s a connection. If we want to find any clues, we need to find that black crow,” Hei Niu said seriously.

“I understand. I’ll report it to the association.”

Song Xiaomei nodded her head solemnly. She was ready to investigate this matter to the end and find out who the real culprit was.

With this thought in mind, Song Xiaomei led the members of the Dawn Team back to the city as soon as possible and reported this matter to the guild.

After doing all this, they parted ways and prepared to go home.

“Qin Yue, stay at my place tonight. It’s still a little unsafe there. What if there’s another attack?” Song Xiaomei said.

“This... I...”

Qin Yue wanted to refuse, but seeing the little kitten sleeping in her arms, she was very worried, so she nodded. “Okay, thank you.”

“Don’t stand on ceremony with me. Let’s go home.”

Song Xiaomei took Qin Yue’s hand and rushed straight to the wealthy district. Soon, they arrived at the entrance of a luxurious villa.

After a series of security checks, they successfully returned home.

In Song Xiaomei’s bedroom...

Two beautiful girls were sitting by the bed, quietly observing the little kitten and whispering something.

“Are you saying that you have obtained an unknown inheritance? Now you have mastered dozens of weapons’ combat skills? And you have a lot of combat experience?”

Song Xiaomei opened her mouth in surprise, her big black eyes filled with disbelief.

“Yes, and that’s not all. When the inheritance was still there, I immediately copied a copy of my gains and gave it to the kitty. It also obtained the same gains...”

“In addition, the kitty and I also obtained a new ability. It’s very practical.”

Qin Yue said softly. Her voice was very soft and cute.

“I can’t believe it’s like this. I’m so envious of you. These are dozens of combat skills. They’re too strong, and they even have new abilities.”

While Song Xiaomei was envious, she was also happy for her good friend.

“There are too many skills. I have the inheritance, so I can absorb them quickly. However, for the cat, it will take two to three days...”

“We won’t be able to go out for missions for the next two to three days. We have to stay by the cat’s side,” Qin Yue said seriously.

“It doesn’t matter. Let’s rest for a few days. Besides, the black crow matter hasn’t been investigated yet...”

“We have to wait for the truth to come out before we can take action again. Otherwise, it will be very dangerous.”

After Song Xiaomei finished speaking, she suddenly thought of the new ability that Qin Yue and the cat had obtained. She could not help but ask.

“What ability did you guys obtain?”

“It’s the ability to communicate. We can communicate with each other mentally,” Qin Yue said happily.

“It’s actually the ability to communicate with each other mentally? This is a very practical ability.”

Song Xiaomei looked at Qin Yue in surprise. She felt that her best friend’s luck was too good.

First, she obtained the mysterious little kitten Summoned Beast. Then, she received the inheritance, gained a lot of battle experience, and gained new abilities.

Of course, being attacked by Mutated Beasts consecutively also surprised Song Xiaomei.

She felt that ever since the day of the summoning ceremony, Qin Yue’s life had undergone a great reversal. Good things and bad things had come.

It was as if Qin Yue had become the center of the incidents.

However, compared to the crisis, the harvest was still very good. Therefore, Song Xiaomei was very envious.

“Qin Yue, can you guide me in my knife skills? My short knife is very uncomfortable to use. It feels strange,” Song Xiaomei asked for guidance.

“Of course. There are many things about the use of knives in my inheritance. There are all kinds of cold weapons. Even my knife skills have been greatly improved,” Qin Yue explained confidently.

That inheritance was no small matter. It was like a grandmaster who had cultivated for many years. After he had raised his fighting skills to the peak, he had copied them and kept them.

Moreover, these skills included many aspects. Knife skills, sword skills, bow skills, spear skills, and so on and so forth. In short, there were a lot of them.

With so many fighting skills and battle experience, Qin Yue had become a true weapon master. Her strength had been greatly improved.

Swish, swish, swish!

The short knife began to swing, and rays of light were reflected in the spacious bedroom.

Song Xiaomei’s figure flashed rapidly as she waved her knife, displaying her knife skills in the best way.

“Strange. Although your knife techniques are the basic ones, you’re very skilled in using them. There’s no big problem, but why does it look so strange?”

Qin Yue’s pretty eyebrows furrowed. In the past, she could not see these things.

However, after receiving the inheritance, her horizons became tricky, and she was able to see through the problem at a glance.

These problems were all minor problems, and should not have affected her so much. However, when Song Xiaomei used her knife technique, it was very strange.

The main point was that even though it seemed strange, Qin Yue was unable to see through the reason, which made her very depressed.

She felt that she was stupid and that she was unable to see through the reason even after receiving the inheritance. She was truly depressed.

“It’s not because of her knife skills. It’s because of Song Xiaomei herself. It’s more appropriate for her to use a scythe!”

A man’s voice suddenly rang out. It had a pleasant tone to it, making people feel very comfortable listening to it.

This voice gave Qin Yue a fright. She hurriedly turned her head to look at the door and said seriously, “Who’s speaking?”

“Eh? Is there someone speaking?”

Song Xiaomei was using her knife skills.. When she heard Qin Yue’s words, she immediately stopped and listened, but she could not hear anyone else’s voice.

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