Global Reincarnation: Becoming A God With My Unlimited Revive

Chapter 13
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Chapter 13: The Appearance of the Mutated Porcupine

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“Should be?”

The fat leader frowned again. He had spent a large amount of money on this mission in order to collect enough Wolfhound Fangs.

Since there were people dawdling around, he was naturally unwilling to accept it.

“Leader, don’t worry. I will help Qin Yue. The money you give me will be at the price of an Ordinary Summoned Beast.”

Song Xiaomei hurried out to assure him. She was very worried that the fat leader would reject Qin Yue’s participation.

“Since you have said so, it would be too unreasonable of me to refuse again. Alright, I agree.”

The fat leader finally nodded and looked at Qin Yue. “Little girl, you have a very good friend.”

“Yes, Xiaomei has always taken care of me. I am also very grateful to Xiaomei,” Qin Yue said from the bottom of her heart. Her small hand held Song Xiaomei’s hand tightly.

Song Xiaomei also held Qin Yue’s hand, her small face carrying a sincere smile.

Ever since that life-saving grace, the two of them had a very good relationship. Song Xiaomei had helped Qin Yue many times, and the two of them became very good friends.

Even last night, many people contacted Song Xiaomei, wanting to team up with her to hunt Mutant Beasts, but Song Xiaomei refused.

This was because if she were to team up with someone else, there would be no one to take care of Qin Yue. This was something that Song Xiaomei could not tolerate.

Therefore, she would rather participate in such a large-scale event with a low price to team up with Qin Yue.

Firstly, it was to repay her kindness. Secondly, she treated Qin Yue as a sister and was willing to take care of this little sister.

In fact, Qin Yue also hoped that she could become stronger quickly. As long as she became stronger, she would be able to help Song Xiaomei in turn. Therefore, she had high hopes for the little kitten.

“Alright, we have a total of 25 people. We will be divided into five groups and head to the Black Forest in the form of a group formation.”

The fat leader clapped his hands, gathered everyone, and began to divide them into groups.

Song Xiaomei was divided into a group, which was the vanguard group. The reason was that Song Xiaomei’s Earth Burrowing Black Bear was very strong and was very suitable to be the vanguard.

As for Qin Yue, she was divided into the five groups in the center. The main reason was that the little kitten looked too weak, so the leader was really worried.

Therefore, the fat leader asked Qin Yue to be in the same group as him. They were in the center of the group, which was also the safest area.

This decision made the other Bounty Hunters frown. Some of them felt a little unhappy. If it weren’t for Song Xiaomei, they would definitely object.

Song Xiaomei’s Earth Burrowing Black Bear was a Black Iron Rank. Although everyone had their opinions, they could not say anything. They could only express their feelings with indifference.

“Young lady, I’ll leave the investigation task to you. You must warn me when you see any danger.” The fat leader looked at a dark-skinned woman beside him.

“Don’t worry, leader. My Investigation Eagle not only has a sharp vision, but it can also share its view with me. Its investigation ability is definitely one of the best.” Hei Niu raised her head confidently.

She indeed had the ability to be confident. Although ordinary investigation Summoned Beasts could also investigate, they could not share their vision. However, Hei Niu’s eagle could.

This also increased her status and became more popular, second only to Song Xiaomei.

“Okay, let’s go!”

With the leader’s order, the team quickly set off toward the Black Forest.

Along the way, Song Xiaomei and Qin Yue had opened their eyes and saw the desolate scene outside the city.

Tender, green weeds were everywhere. There were all kinds of trees, all kinds of dead branches and leaves, as well as small mutated creatures.

In short, this mission was a rare experience for Song Xiaomei and Qin Yue. The two of them became a little nervous.

As if seeing Qin Yue’s nervousness, the fat leader smiled and said.

“Don’t be nervous, everyone. The Black Forest is a Low Tier Mutated Beast Area. Most of the Mutated Beasts can’t even defeat ordinary people. The strongest one is the Wolfhound.”

“This kind of Wolfhound was mutated from a normal dog. Its combat strength is only a little stronger than a normal dog, so you don’t have to worry too much.”

Only slightly stronger than a normal dog?

When Qin Yue heard the leader’s words, she let out a slight sigh of relief. As a newcomer who had left the city for the first time, she was still feeling very uneasy.

For this reason, she had specially put on a protective suit under her clothes and a sharp short knife at her waist. She was fully prepared for battle.

Since she had the leader’s comfort, Qin Yue finally felt a little more relaxed. Even the atmosphere of the entire team became a lot more relaxed.

Everyone could vaguely feel the change in the atmosphere, and their pace of advancement also became a little faster.

After a few thrilling battles, they finally arrived at the Black Forest.

“This is the Black Forest. Sure enough, the trees are all black, even inside the bark.”

Song Xiaomei was very curious about these trees. She even specially ordered the big black bear to dig open the big tree to take a look and study it.

“Everyone, pay attention. After entering the Black Forest, my detection ability will be hindered by the trees, so everyone should be careful.”

Hei Niu reminded everyone loudly to prevent any accidents from happening.

“Eh? Is that a Wolfhound? It feels like a dog with bulging muscles!” Someone suddenly pointed at the southeast corner of the Black Forest.

Everyone turned their heads to look and indeed saw a canine creature that looked very similar to a dog.

This Wolfhound was very muscular, and its muscles were bulging. It looked very strong.

“Two-Headed Snake, go and take care of it!”

Someone in the team shouted. In an instant, a Two-Headed Snake slithered out and charged at the Wolfhound.


With a bark, the Two-Headed Snake and the Wolfhound started to fight. Both sides advanced and retreated. Soon, they started to fight.

The Summoners around also began to give orders. They began to search for Wolfhounds in the Black Forest and began to fight.

Among them, Song Xiaomei’s big black bear was the most eye-catching. The big black bear had a strong physique, and it easily beat up the Wolfhound in a one-on-five fight.

That bear paw killed a Wolfhound with a single slap. Its fighting strength was very strong.

“She’s really amazing! Kitty, it would be great if you could be as strong as the big black bear in the future,” Qin Yue said enviously.

After Qin Yue said this, she suddenly realized that the little kitten was looking in the Southeast direction, looking a little serious.

“What’s wrong, kitty?” Qin Yue asked in a low voice.


Li Xuan pointed at Qin Yue’s pocket and gestured for her to take out the things inside.

“Well, here you are.”

Qin Yue took out paper and ink from her pocket. This was prepared in advance so that she could communicate with the little kitten.

She was now very curious about what had happened to her little kitten and why it had become so serious.

When Qin Yue saw what the little kitten had written, she also became serious.

On the paper, it wrote that there was a Mutated Porcupine behind the big tree in the Southeast direction.

The Mutated Porcupine was actually very dangerous. It could release sharp spikes to attack others from a distance. It was very dangerous for ordinary Summoners to face a porcupine.

If they were not careful, they might be hit in the heart by the flying spikes, resulting in death.

Therefore, Qin Yue realized the danger and immediately shouted, “Everyone, be careful! There’s a Mutated Porcupine behind the big tree in the Southeast direction.”

“Mutated Porcupine?”

When everyone heard this, their expressions changed and they immediately began to retreat.

Hei Niu, who was in charge of the investigation, said in puzzlement, “It can’t be. There has never been a Mutated Porcupine in the Black Forest. Did you see wrongly?”

“I’m not seeing things. My cat found it, right behind that big tree.” Qin Yue promised anxiously, her little face turning red from anxiety.

“Is that so? Hasn’t your cat been in your arms the whole time? It didn’t go scouting, right?” Hei Niu was still suspicious.

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