Global Lord: 100\% Drop Rate

Chapter 855 - 855 Desperation And Doubt
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855 Desperation And Doubt

“This First Bloodline actually has such a disadvantage…”

Zhou Zhou’s expression was ugly.

The last time was the remnant soul of a True God-Tier Black Dragon Emperor.

This time, it was the Master God-Tier Deep Abyss again.

It was related to high-level items like bloodlines and souls, but the risk of using it was actually so great!

These thoughts were born and destroyed in Zhou Zhou’s mind in an instant.

The next second,

The Eye of Deep Abyss in the sky suddenly released a pressure ten times stronger than before.

At this moment, the Chaos Will that Zhou Zhou was so proud of could not even withstand a second before he felt a soul-tearing pain.

The next second…


His soul turned into chaos.

At this moment, even though Zhou Zhou’s physical body and soul were still intact, he was already dead.

It was a death of consciousness and it could also be said that he was ‘shocked’.

When the Eye of Deep Abyss saw this scene, a faint smile appeared in its dark purple eyes.

It muttered to itself.

However, any True God-Tier, or even most Master God-Tiers, would not be able to understand what Deep Abyss was saying.

After muttering to himself…

“He” approached Zhou Zhou and “He” stopped immediately.

The pair of dark purple eyes looked at Zhou Zhou solemnly.

To be precise, it was a crown that suddenly appeared above Zhou Zhou’s head.

This crown was completely grayish-white, and there were three small mountain-like bumps in front of it. It looked ancient and mysterious.

It was the Crown of The Final!

It floated above the head of Zhou Zhou, whose consciousness had already disappeared. Wisps of grayish-white airflow emerged from the crown and slowly wrapped around his consciousness, preventing outsiders from seeing what was inside.

Soon, the grayish-white airflow dissipated. After Zhou Zhou appeared, he immediately opened his eyes.

Then, he saw Deep Abyss speaking to the Crown of The Final in a language he didn’t understand.

“You…” 𝑓𝑟ℯℯ𝓌ℯ𝒷𝑛ℴ𝑣ℯ𝘭.𝘤ℴ𝘮

Before Zhou Zhou could say anything, the Deep Abyss glanced at him again, and Zhou Zhou fell into unconsciousness again.

Then, Deep Abyss watched helplessly as the Crown of The Final emitted wisps of grayish-white airflow again, enveloping Zhou Zhou and allowing him to regain consciousness.

Zhou Zhou, who had been resurrected for the second time, calmed down.

In this one second of survival, he had already figured out what had happened.

He had been killed by the Deep Abyss with some kind of method, and then revived at the consciousness level by the Crown of The Final that suddenly appeared.

He looked at the number of resurrections of the Crown of The Final.

32 times!

Actually, he had only up to 24 times previously.

However, after he obtained the Advanced Kingdom Token of the New Wind Demon Kingdom, the Crown of The Final admitted that he had destroyed an Advance Kingdom. It directly rewarded him with 1,000 points of Final Nirvana power, allowing him to revive 10 times, bringing the total number of revivals to an astonishing 34.

Now that he had used it twice, it had become 32 times.

He didn’t have time to think about it before

Zhou Zhou was killed by Deep Abyss’s gaze again, and his consciousness disappeared again.

After the third resurrection.

Zhou Zhou wanted to forcefully get rid of the bloodline stimulation in front of him.

Even if he didn’t want this Demon Hunter profession, he didn’t want to waste his resurrection chances like this.

And yet…

He realized that he seemed to be trapped in this class-change world by the Deep Abyss’ eye. He could not leave this world.

Zhou Zhou suddenly remembered.

This was how it was like to change one’s class to Demon Hunter.

Creatures who wanted to change their class to Demon Hunter had to defeat the remaining demonic will in their demon bloodline in their inner world during the class change process. Only then could they control the power of the demon bloodline and become a true Demon Hunter.


I’m a f*cking Legendary-Tier. Are you sure you’re not joking with an Advance Grade Master God?

Even the protagonist in the story who could fight above his level was not so powerful!

In the next moment, Zhou Zhou was killed by the Deep Abyss again and his consciousness was obliterated!

After the fourth resurrection.

Zhou Zhou’s heart turned cold.

He looked into Deep Abyss’s eyes and saw the obvious mockery in “His” eyes.

“He” seemed to be saying something else.

So what if you can revive?

“The number of times you can revive is limited. As long as you are constantly killed by me, when the number of times you can revive is exhausted, your final outcome will still be death.

“And you…”

So what?

Zhou Zhou realized.

He had encountered the most dangerous crisis since he descended to the High Continent!

What should I do?

Zhou Zhou thought calmly.

He still had 32 resurrection moments to resolve the crisis in front of him.

After the fifth resurrection, Zhou Zhou said without hesitation, “Please show yourself, Divine Ancestor!”

A terrifying phantom of a dragon appeared in this world.

It was the legendary dragon that Zhou Zhou had summoned with his Extreme Dragon Race bloodline secret technique—the Extreme World Honored Dragon.

Even if ordinary Extreme Dragon Race beings used such a bloodline secret technique, it was absolutely impossible for them to summon such an existence.

However, Zhou Zhou had the Legendary Dragon bloodline of the Light Sacred Dragon. He also had the current Light Sacred Dragon—Ingesol—under his command. This allowed him to have a deep relationship with the Legendary Dragon. That was why he could summon the Extreme World Honored Dragon at this stage.

However, the price was also huge.

He could feel that the Extreme Dragon Race bloodline in his body had already fallen to an extremely thin level.

He would probably not be able to summon the Extreme World Honored Dragon through this method in the future.

The only good news was that although his Extreme Dragon Race bloodline had been weakened, he could still slowly recover by eating some God-Tier bloodline supplements in the future.

He would not lose the power of the Extreme Dragon Race.

However, he could no longer summon the Extreme World Honored Dragon.

However, before the Extreme World Honored Dragon’s body could completely condense in this profession change space,

The Deep Abyss Eye looked coldly at the Extreme World Honored Dragon’s body.

Under Zhou Zhou’s incredulous gaze, there was a boom, followed by a grunt.

The dragon body that the Extreme World Honored Dragon had yet to condense was actually shattered by Deep Abyss’s gaze.

Zhou Zhou was flabbergasted, his heart palpitating in fear.

The Extreme World Honored Dragon was also a Master God-Tier existence. Furthermore, it was a Master God-Tier existence that was still alive.

How could it be shattered by the Deep Abyss with only one eye??

This simply overturned Zhou Zhou’s worldview.

None of the top bloodline inheritances in Zhou Zhou’s mind could explain such a thing.

Deep Abyss…

He was definitely not an ordinary Master God-Tier!

Then he died.

In the subsequent resurrections, Zhou Zhou used the various Lord Talent techniques, bloodline talent techniques, True God-Tier Divine Artifacts, Law Skills…

However, Zhou Zhou’s methods were useless against Deep Abyss, who could shatter the Extreme World Honored Dragon’s body with a single glance.

Soon, out of his 32 resurrections, he only had four left.

The more desperate Zhou Zhou was, the calmer he became.

He suddenly realized a problem.

The resurrection power of the Final Nirvana would allow his strength to break through to a certain level after he underwent nirvana.

But now, he could feel that his current strength and realm had still stopped at the Legendary-Tier Advance Grade and was advancing to the God Spirit Realm.

Even his soul had only become 100 times more solid because he had been resurrected many times, but there had been no multiple breakthroughs.

Then, where did he undergo nirvana?

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