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Chapter 1104 - 1104 Titan Divine Domain! Uriel’s Father! Overlord Sacrifice To God!
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1104 Titan Divine Domain! Uriel’s Father! Overlord Sacrifice To God!

Just as Uriel was killed by the Star Devouring Dragon God that Zhou Zhou had transformed into…

In the Endless Heavens, Titan Divine Domain.

This was the territory of the Titan race, and it was also known as the [Million Divine Worlds] in the outside world. This was because more than a million Divine Worlds gathered here, which meant that there were at least a million God Spirits in the territory of the Titan Gods!

In the center of the Titan Divine Domain, there was an incomparably large continent.

This place was called the Titan Continent.

It was a continent with a territory of trillions of light-years.

This was the birthplace of the Titans. The first Titan in the Endless Heavens was born here.

At this moment, in the largest forbidden area of the Titan Continent, a group of Titan True God-Tier were watching the battle between Uriel and Zhou Zhou.

When they saw Uriel being devoured by the Star-Devouring Dragon God, one of the elderly Titans suddenly roared with bloodshot eyes.

“Uriel!!!” 𝓯𝙧𝙚𝙚𝒘𝙚𝙗𝙣𝙤𝙫𝙚𝒍.𝓬𝙤𝙢

“My son!”

“He” directly stood up from his throne. His top-notch True God-Tier Advance Grade aura swept across the entire forbidden area. However, when “He” approached the edge of the forbidden area, “He” was silently blocked by the array here.

The other Titan True God-Tiers also glared at the scene displayed on the virtual screen.

Uriel’s lifeless appearance was like a spear that ruthlessly stabbed into their hearts.

It was so piercing that their hearts were bleeding.

“Our Master God-Tier seed… actually died!?”

“I didn’t expect this Common People’s Regal to still be hiding his strength. Even Uriel, who temporarily has a Master God-Tier Titan, couldn’t deal with ‘Him’ and was even killed by ‘Him’.”

“If we don’t take revenge, what face do we, the Titans, have to stand tall among the myriad races in the world?!”

“Revenge! We must take revenge!”

“All the resources we spent on Uriel were wasted. Common People’s Regal!!!”

The True God-Tiers of the Titan Gods were incomparably furious, causing the sky in the forbidden area to change color.

At this moment, the Titan True God-Tier named Yuzanda suddenly stood up and flew out of the forbidden area.

“Yuzanda, where are you going? !”

The Titans were shocked. They immediately erected a True God-Tier barrier in front of “Him” and stopped “Him” from asking.

“My favorite and proudest child is dead.”

“As a father, I naturally have to avenge ‘Him’.” Yuzanda said calmly.

“Yuzanda.” Upon hearing “His” words, a calm Titan said, “I know you’re very sad after losing your son, but as the Lord of all races, as long as you’re in the High Continent, you’ll have to abide by the Supreme Agreement. After you go over, once you start fighting with the Common People’s Regal, I’m afraid you’ll be killed by the Supreme Agreement before the battle ends.”

“Then wouldn’t you be throwing your life away for nothing?”

“Furthermore, as one of the leaders of the Titan Gods, once you get into a conflict with the Common People’s Regal, it’s very likely that the Supreme Agreement will think that the Titan Gods want to start a war with the Common People’s Regal.”

“At that time, it’s very likely that the Supreme Agreement will make a move against the entire Titan Gods.”

“You can’t drag the entire Titan Gods into the abyss just to avenge your child.”

Yuzanda fell silent when he heard this, and the divine aura around him became even more oppressive and violent.

“That’s right, Yuzanda.”

“You’re not only representing yourself, you’re also representing the entire Titan Gods. You can’t be emotional.”

Another True God-Tier advised earnestly.

“We definitely have to take revenge on Uriel, but Big Brother is right. Yuzanda, if you want to take revenge, you do not need to be hasty. When the Lord of All Races enter the war between the various races in the future, the upper echelons of the races behind us, the Lord of All Races, will not have too many restrictions. It won’t be too late to take revenge on that Common People’s Regal then.”

All the Titan True God-Tiers advised.

“Everyone, at this moment, Yuzanda suddenly spoke. “He” looked at his siblings with a calm expression. “I’m different from you. You have many children, but I only have one son, Uriel. I couldn’t advance to a higher level a long time ago, so when Uriel was born, I placed all my effort and time on him.”

“My child has never disappointed me either. ‘He’ can reach or even surpass the growth goals I set for ‘Him’ every single time.”

“I see ‘Him’ as an extension of my life. The race also sees ‘Him’ as the hope for the future of their race. His Excellency Overlord Sacrifice To God also admires my offspring and even took my child as “His” personal disciple.”

“You could say I live for my child.”

“I can’t accept the death of my child.”

“He” had a ferocious expression. “I must slaughter the Common People’s Regal! For this, I won’t hesitate even if I have to give up being a member of the Titan Divine Clan!”

With that, “He” took out his race token and threw it to his brothers and sisters. Then, he flew out of the Titan Divine Realm without looking back.

The Titan True God-Tier fell silent.

“Are we going to let ‘Him’ leave just like that?”

A Titan True God-Tier said.

“Let ‘Him’ go. ‘He’ won’t be willing to accept it if ‘He’ doesn’t take revenge. I can sense that ‘His’ heart is already dead. Under such circumstances, no one can change ‘His’ will.”

The Titans fell silent.

“Now that Yuzanda has already given up on being a member of our Titan race, it’s fine for Yuzanda to assassinate the Common People’s Regal. ‘He’ also has some Master God-Tier-level trump cards. It’s just as well for us to test out more of the Common People’s Regal’s methods.”

“This way, when the Common People’s Regal’s methods are used up, we can completely slaughter him.”

The leading Titan True God-Tier suddenly uttered in a deep voice.

The Titan True God-Tiers became even quieter upon hearing this. No one uttered anything to refute him.

“Now what do we do?”

After a long silence, a Titan True God-Tier spoke.

“Go meet Your Excellency Overlord Sacrifice To God.”

“Uriel is Your Excellency’s personal disciple. We should report this to Your Excellency immediately.”

The leading Titan True God-Tier said.

The Titan True God-Tiers had no objections, so they all flew towards Overlord Sacrifice To God’s Divine Kingdom.

In the High Continent, in the skies above the Blazing Sun Kingdom.

A total of five to six trillion soldiers, God Spirits, and True God-

Tiers were fighting intensely and crazily here.

In particular, the combat between True God-Tier was even more intense. Every move had the power to turn the world upside down.

However, “They” were not Zhou Zhou after all. They could not use their Master God-Tier level powers wantonly in the high continent. Therefore, each of them had opened up a world to engage in a life-and-death combat with the enemy True God-


At this moment, on the battlefield, all kinds of military formations, war machines, special treasures, and all kinds of war-type treasures were displayed on the battlefield. The scene looked not inferior to a ethnicity war or even a world-

destroying war.

If not for the fact that the King of the Blazing Sun had the protection of the Nine Worlds Divine Demon Dreamfall Array, this spot would probably have been easily destroyed by the nomological attacks that erupted on the battlefield.

In terms of battlefield advantage, because Zhou Zhou had used the Ten Thousand Spirit Saint, the Blazing Sun Kingdom was stronger than the people of foreign races in terms of ordinary soldiers, ordinary God Spirits, and even True God-Tier.

Only in terms of war machines and military formations did the people of foreign races have a partial advantage because they had True God-Tier military formations and True God-Tier war machines.

However, in terms of overall battle, the Blazing Sun Kingdom still held an absolute advantage.

Nonetheless, the people of foreign races still had hope in their hearts.

As long as their leader, Uriel, could defeat the Common People’s Regal of the Blazing Sun Kingdom and then return to lead them to counterattack the army of the Blazing Sun Kingdom.

Under Uriel’s lead, they could definitely defeat the powerful troops of the Blazing Sun Kingdom!

Without the lead of the Common People’s Regal, the Blazing Sun Kingdom’s soldiers were at most comparable to a relatively powerful Beginner Level Divine Kingdom Lord faction.

How could they defeat the people of foreign races led by Master God-Tier combatants?

Just as the people of foreign races were struggling to hold on with hope…

Roar!!! free(w)ebnovel(.)com

A golden divine dragon descended from the sky and landed in the sky above the Blazing Sun Kingdom.

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