Global Job Change: Starting With The Hidden Job, Lord Of The Death

Chapter 460 - 460 Unexpected Outcome
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460 Unexpected Outcome


This was a move Lu Yan did not expect.

These three huge mechanical beasts looked to have consumed a lot of materials. They should be very precious.

Moreover, these mechanical beasts were not summoned by Johnde. They should have been forged with time and effort.

Under such circumstances, according to the thinking of ordinary people, even if they lost the competition, they would not let these three huge mechanical beasts self-destruct because that loss was really too huge.

However, no one expected Johnde to really let the three huge mechanical beasts self-destruct!

Lu Yan could clearly sense how huge the energy of these three huge mechanical beasts was after they self-destructed.

If this power erupted, even if he used the defense of the Black Dragon Set and the defense of the Undead Netherworld Armor, it was impossible for him to block this explosive power.

The surrounding audience also exclaimed. Some people even directly stood up and looked at the three huge mechanical beasts glowing and emitting a violent aura in the arena, their eyes filled with disbelief.

“Damn! What’s going on? This Johnde actually wants his three huge mechanical beasts to self-destruct?”

“Is he crazy? I heard that Johnde took so long to accumulate enough materials to forge these five huge mechanical beasts. Now, he actually wants to self-destruct three of them?”

“That’s right. It’s only a national new student exchange competition. There’s no need to work so hard, right? This way, even if he wins, what will he do next? There will only be two huge mechanical beasts left.”

“I wonder what he’s thinking. It’s indeed a little exaggerated. Indeed, people who go through mechanical modification are somewhat abnormal.”

The audience didn’t quite understand Johnde’s actions. After all, it was only right for him to preserve his strength, right?

It was not like he was risking his life. There was no need to use up all his assets, right?

The King of the Eagle Country also frowned slightly and slowly said, “I don’t know what these mechanical guys are thinking… I can’t believe they can even do such a thing.”

The King of the Eagle Country did not like these mechanical people very much, even though the person who proposed mechanical ascension previously was from the Eagle Country’s Royal Academy.

This was because after being mechanized, people’s thoughts would be affected by machines. They were different from ordinary people and were not easy to control. They might even disobey orders. Although they were powerful, they were a greater potential threat to the King of Eagle Country.

Of course, the most important reason was still strength.

Although the strength of the current mechanized personnel was not bad, there were no top experts like Wang Yangye.

At that time, when the person who proposed mechanical ascension was still around, the King of the Eagle Country’s attitude towards mechanization was still relatively gentle.

However, after that person died, no one had ever reached his level. Therefore, the Eagle Country’s king’s attitude towards mechanization was no longer that good.

The Pope also slowly said, “Mechanization is indeed a possible path. However, one would only advance very quickly in the early stages. It will be very difficult to advance in the later stages. Moreover, the upper limit is relatively low. It’s very difficult to break through the limit. It’s impossible for people without powerful intelligence to reach the peak.”

Elise nodded. This was the current state of mechanization. If one wanted to achieve anything, they needed to be a genius. After all, mechanization was not so easy.

However, the key was that geniuses had other paths to take. These other paths were easier and their achievements would also be higher. Why did they have to go through mechanization?

Only geniuses who were very interested in mechanization would choose this path.

However, although everyone didn’t quite understand Johnde’s decision, when their gazes landed on Lu Yan, they felt that this battle was already over.

Even some teachers probably could not withstand the self-destruction of three huge mechanical beasts, let alone a first-year student.

Therefore, everyone expected that the self-destruction of the three huge mechanical beasts would definitely make Lu Yan lose the competition.

The referee in the arena also thought so. As he increased the strength of the energy defense barrier in this arena, he began to focus and prepare to save Lu Yan.

Such self-destruction power was probably enough to kill that little guy.

Of course, he would only save the other party if he admitted defeat.

However, in this situation, the other party would definitely admit defeat.

Even Lei Shuo, who was not far below the stage, frowned when he saw this scene. He opened his mouth and wanted to get Lu Yan to admit defeat, but in the end, he chose not to say anything.

The people below the stage could not affect the decisions made by the people on the stage. This was the rule of the competition.

Moreover, Lei Shuo did not think that Lu Yan would take the attack head-on.

This guy was not as stubborn as his previous two senior brothers. This kid was ruthless and would definitely not allow himself to fall into such a situation.

If he really could not take it, Lu Yan would definitely admit defeat.

In the arena, Lu Yan’s thoughts raced as he thought of a way to deal with this situation.

Other than resisting head-on, the only other way was to dodge.

Corpse Stealth could hide one’s figure, but it did not mean that one had entered another space. He would still be in the same space.

The damage he suffered would decrease a little, but it would not decrease much. It was basically not very effective.

After thinking for a moment, Lu Yan’s attention landed on the Soul Space Necklace.

The Soul Space Necklace could mark the coordinates before teleporting him there.

Lu Yan’s gaze landed on Johnde’s iron shell in front of him. If he could teleport inside, he would definitely be able to dodge the aftershock.

He could not teleport in there with the Monarch Netherworld Escape because the iron shell had a special power that could avoid ordinary mobility.

However, the Soul Space Necklace was different. It was a direct coordinate teleportation. It should be possible.

Without hesitation, Lu Yan directly made a move.

The surrounding undead instantly pounced towards Lu Yan, including the two bone dragons. However, Ao Yun and the little Netherworld Dragon were put away by Lu Yan.

If the Soul Space Necklace did not succeed, he would get the surrounding undead to help him block the first wave of damage. Then, with the defense of the Black Dragon Set and the Undead Netherworld Armor, he should be able to block the power of this self-destruction.

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