Global Game: AFK In The Zombie Apocalypse Game

Chapter 837 - Entering
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Chapter 837: Entering

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Fang Heng was a little excited.

He had done some tactical planning when he was resting.

This time, he planned to go to District 6 of the world of the vampires.

After all, he still had an insider there: Atina, the owner of the blood gaze of the right eye, the holy weapon of the vampires.

Fang Heng could still find Atina in the list of people in the super-large shelter.

This meant that Atina had not rebelled.

Loyalty was not high, with only 67 points.

Loyalty had already dropped to more than 40 points. Not long ago, the successful construction of the laboratory on Radiation Experimental Island had attracted a wave of loyalty, and just as the space tearing device had been upgraded, another wave had been attracted.

Therefore, Fang Heng was prepared to use Atina as a starting point for this operation in District 6.

In addition, Angetas of District 6 was still sleeping in the man-made catacombs under the prison.

It was said that the current situation of the vampires in District 6 was very bad.

“How is it, Fang Heng? Let’s go to District 6 now.”

Mo Jiawei was quite excited. He had come here as soon as he heard the news that the teleportation passage had been upgraded.

“I’ve gathered quite a lot of information before. Ever since the last time we stole Angetas, the vampires in District 6 have gone crazy. Without Angetas, the vampires need to absorb a large amount of blood to maintain their strength and control the curse in their bodies.”

Fang Heng raised his eyebrows when he heard this. He looked at Mo Jiawei and asked, “Oh? This is also related to the curse?”

“Who knows? It’s all gossip. I heard that Angetas has always had the effect of suppressing the curse of the vampires,” Mo Jiawei said, spreading his hands, “From what I know, in the week that Angetas was stolen by us, the death rate of the players in District 6 increased by a thousand times. They are all trying to find a way to change their server.”

“However, the news of Angetas’ disappearance is very secretive. Few people outside know about it, and most of the players don’t know what happened. The Federation also announced that they were attacked by the anti-Federation forces.”


In any case, if anything went wrong, the anti-federal organization would take the blame.

Fang Heng was speechless and pursed his lips. “So now we’re the anti-federation forces, right?”

“Ah?” Mo Jiawei blinked. “Fang Heng, in all conscience, the things we’ve done… doesn’t count?”

“Ahem, we’re the first-class law-abiding citizens of the Federation.”

Fang Heng coughed lightly, emphasizing the political correctness of the prison.

“Right, District 6 is different from District 9. That region has a World Lord, and the World Lord might be related to Night Owl, so we need to be extra careful.”

Mo Jiawei replied, “Yes, don’t worry, I understand. I’ve also checked the information on the World Lord of District 6. A person named Li Cheng is now the arbitration elder of District 6’s Elders Council. There’s very little information about him in the outside world. It’s all old information.”

Mo Jiawei was very interested in the world of vampires.

Demon hunter bloodlines could only be advanced after entering the Vampire Apocalypse.

He wasn’t marked by the Prince of the vampires, but without Fang Heng’s help, the operations in District 9 were temporarily in trouble.

After all, he was used to clinging to others.

Mo Jiawei felt that they could wait for Fang Heng to take care of District 6 before killing their way back to District 9.

“My research team analyzed that Li Cheng was secretly funded by the twelve corporations and was a very obedient puppet without any real power. The main storyline mission of the Vampire Apocalypse that he completed was relatively low-level, so they concluded that he wasn’t strong either…”

Mo Jiawei asked, “What do you think? When should we go there?”

Fang Heng thought for a moment and said, “I think tonight is good. What do you think?”

“Boss Fang, I think that your timing is correct!” Mo Jiawei looked at the time and said, “There are three hours left. I’ll go prepare.”

Fang Heng watched Mo Jiawei jog away and couldn’t help but feel a little excited.

He had to prepare as well.

After all, after the trip to the Wasteland Apocalypse, apart from obtaining various resources from the research institute and the zombie clones, his combat strength had also improved significantly.

The fusion Tyrant forms could finally appear!

[Hint: Player has entered Vampire Apocalypse District 6, the current region already belongs to the World Lord.]

[Hint: Player can choose within 1 minute whether to spend 10 King of Gods’ points to use the anonymous invasion state.]

[Hint: Enter the anonymous state, the World Lord player will not receive any news of the player’s invasion.]

[Hint: Player’s special actions will break the anonymous state.]

[Hint: You can spend 10 King of Gods’ points to re-establish the teleportation zone.]

[Hint: The current teleportation time is 24 hours.]

At a city street corner, a red light flashed. Two figures appeared out of thin air.

Fang Heng quickly glanced at the game hint.

After spending 10 King of Gods’ points, the two of them immediately entered an anonymous state.

Every time they entered the world, they would have to use up a bit of the King of Gods’ points. At this rate, there would not be enough King of Gods’ points left.

They had to quickly withdraw the funds from the fallen corridor…

Fang Heng felt heartache.

Speaking of which, a part of the operation would break the anonymous invasion… What did this part of the operation refer to?

The lack of relevant information was really troublesome.

Fang Heng shook his head and decided not to think about so many troublesome things. He quickly looked at his surroundings.

The random birth point was a relatively old city district.

At night, there were very few pedestrians in the city.

Before entering the Vampire Apocalypse, Mo Jiawei had already done sufficient preparatory work. He looked at his surroundings and compared them with the database in his brain.

“This should be Colbert City. Fang Heng, you’ve been trapped in the fallen corridor recently. Ever since we messed around with District 6, many of the worlds of the vampires that have settled down have triggered new storyline missions.”

“We’ve asked our family to help investigate. It’s related to a special realm mission. I feel that my uncle has some plans for this mission. They seem to be hiding it from me. It feels weird.”

“In short, the world of vampires has been stirring up recently. Many players in the game have also sensed it and are trying to escape from the world of the vampires.”

As they spoke, Mo Jiawei followed Fang Heng along the street.

“The world of the vampires in District 6 was originally divided into ten national regions. Now, only three of the national regions are guarded by Marquis-level vampires. The rest of the high-tier and above vampires are staying in the Elders Council’s courtyard.”

“I don’t know what they are doing. I suspect that it might be related to that special realm mission.”

“In addition, the news of the disappearance of Angetas in District 6 is still under wraps. Most people don’t know about it.”

Fang Heng thought for a moment and asked, “Is there any news about Atina?”

“Yes, I’ve asked people to inquire about it. They have also issued relevant missions in the black market. At the moment, there is only one piece of unconfirmed news. It says that Atina is still imprisoned in the Elders Council of the vampires. The credibility is relatively high.”

Mo Jiawei shrugged as he spoke. He looked at Fang Heng and asked, “So, we’re going to the Elders Council now?”

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