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Chapter 1982 Extermination

He felt unprecedentedly satisfied.

It was very different from the previous battle.

The zombie creatures gave them a dull feeling. They had very little motivation to attack, and their movement speed was also slow. They gathered there like live targets.

That was strange.

Why did the zombie creatures become so weak all of a sudden?

The team captains of the Holy Court elite team were suspicious.

With the strength of the zombie creatures, it could take over Bright Wood City in such a short time?

Wasn't it just a little fleshy?

Did the City Lord of Bright Wood City and Reggie have nothing to do?

"Everyone, be careful! This creature has a special poison. Don't fight too long. Take it slow and deal with it slowly!"

After Chu Yan accepted the relevant mission, killing Fang Heng's summoned creature could increase his contribution points and reputation points in the Holy Court!

He looked at Bright Wood City in the distance and was excited.

There was no hurry. Take it slow.

He would slowly deal with the zombies outside!

Although he couldn't see, he knew that Fang Heng was there.

Now that the few teams in the Holy Court were under his control, the ownership was completely his. This meant that the contribution points earned by the NPCs of the Holy Court would also be calculated under his name!

Other than that, in a while, very soon, when he took down Bright Wood City, Bright Wood City would be leaderless. He could completely occupy Bright Wood City temporarily!

At that time, he could continue to cooperate with Fang Heng to complete the mission and reap even greater benefits!

Chu Yan had the urge to burst into laughter. He raised the weapon in his hand high and expressed the pleasure in his heart, "Today is the day to make contributions! Come with me! Sprint!"

At the same time, on the other side of the city gate of Bright Wood City, the mutated infected zombie clones were pushing a supply cart slowly toward the Lost Forest.

What a surprise!

Fang Heng had originally planned to run away after breaking through Bright Wood City.

However, he didn't expect the zombie clones to find a large number of supply trucks in Bright Wood City!

As long as a supply cart was sent back to the undead camp, it could be exchanged for 100 King of Gods' points!

How could he give up on this golden opportunity?

Therefore, Fang Heng could only change his tactics at the last minute. He first sent a message to Chu Yan to let him kill zombies outside Bright Wood City for a while, and then control a group of zombie clones to send out the supply vehicles.

Fang Heng wanted his zombie clones to move faster.

However, he had no choice.

The mutated infected zombie's speed had already been restricted. 𝑓𝘳𝘦𝘦𝘸𝘦𝒷𝑛𝘰𝑣𝘦𝘭.𝑐𝘰𝘮

It could only be so slow.

After another 15 minutes, the supply truck was already close to the Lost Forest area. The game notification popped up.

[Hint: Bright Wood City has been recaptured by the Holy Court faction. Your undead faction reputation has decreased by 80,000, and your undead faction contribution points have decreased by 50,000.]

Fortunately, he did not lose any honor points after failing the mission.

Fang Heng looked behind him and confirmed that Chu Yan and the others had already recaptured Bright Wood City. He secretly nodded.

With Chu Yan around, Bright Wood City shouldn't pursue the zombies that were escorting the supply vehicles.

Today, they had consecutively taken back two main cities of the Holy Court, and Chu Yan had earned quite a bit of reputation.

Next, it would depend on Chu Yan's ability.

He hoped that he could think of a way to completely control Bright Wood City.

However, Chu Yan had used all the mutated infected zombie clones he had killed in the past two days to farm faction contribution points. He still needed to find a way to farm some wild creatures from other places to replenish his troops.

After thinking about it, Fang Heng was still worried about the supply vehicle. He prepared to go back first and escort the supply vehicle back.


At night, at the front line of the Enkama Empire, Fang Heng's record of breaking through two main cities of the Holy Court today was too amazing.

As a result, the news quickly spread to the undead camp.

Tonight's pre-war mobilization was supposed to be extremely serious.

Because of Fang Heng's matter, the guild leaders of the various large guilds were a little happy.

"So it's World Lord Fang Heng who joined the battlefield. Lord Dani, why didn't you say so earlier? You even made us guess. How could we have guessed..."

"Alright! Let the Holy Court know how powerful our undead faction is!"

Previously, when the Enkama Empire was invaded by the Holy Court, they were almost beaten to the ground by the Holy Court. The undead faction ignored them, and the players had a fit because of that.

Today, the situation has suddenly reversed. The Holy Court had been turned upside down by Fang Heng in the hinterland, and it felt quite refreshing to take revenge.

"Lord Dani, will World Lord Fang Heng join us tonight?"

Everyone turned their heads and looked at Lord Dani with anticipation.

Dani shook her head and said, "World Lord Fang Heng still has other important matters to attend to. There's a high chance he won't be participating in tonight's battle."

"Alright then."

The players were a little disappointed, but they quickly perked up.

"Because of World Lord Fang Heng, a small portion of the front line troops of the Holy Court have been transferred. Should we make some adjustments accordingly?"

As they were discussing, a player walked in and whispered something into Lord Dani's ear.

Everyone quieted down and looked at Lord Dani.

"Lord Dani, did something happen?"

"Yes, there are many supply trucks outside. Everyone, come with me to take a look."

With that, Dani got up and left the camp with the others, heading to the supplies storage area at the back of the camp.

From afar, they could see rows of supply trucks transporting supplies into the supply area at the back of the camp in an orderly manner.

So many supply trucks?

Seeing this scene, the players were shocked.

Rows and rows of supply vehicles were lined amd moving forward one after another. It was impossible to see the end at a glance until it spread out of the camp!

There were at least five to six hundred carts!

Where did he get them?

The players were excited.

The supply vehicle was a special mission item that both factions needed. It was extremely important!

Both camps would deduct a considerable number of supply vehicles every day. If the number of supply vehicles was insufficient, all players participating in the battle at the front line would suffer the negative effect of insufficient supplies.

At the same time, the faction could choose to consume more supply vehicles, which could obtain some positive buffs in the following battle.


There were actually so many of them?!

The additional consumption of the supply vehicle did not provide a very strong positive buff, but every player and NPC who participated in the battlefield could enjoy it!

Without a doubt, it could significantly increase the overall strength of the undead camp!

Lord Dani stopped a player and asked him.

"Senior Li Qingran asked us to be in charge of transporting them."

Li Qingran?

As expected, it was him...

World Lord Fang Heng!

Everyone looked at each other and immediately understood.

They had already asked around. World Lord Fang Heng had come with Li Qingran this time.


Did World Lord Fang Heng rob the Holy Court when he was doing evil in the heart of the Holy Court?

At this moment, Fang Heng was wearing a devil mask and waiting beside the Quartermaster to exchange for resources.

In today's battle, they had taken down a total of nine towns and two medium-sized main cities. They had destroyed at least 30 teams from the Holy Court, and the number of soldiers from the Brighton Empire had been countless.

Through killing and conquering, he earned a total of 680,000 camp honor points. freewebnov(e)l

Roughly 6,800 King of Gods' points.

The real profit wasn't this, but the supply vehicles!

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