Global Apocalypse: All My Awakened Talents Are SSS-level

Chapter 34 -34-Class Change Succeeded!
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Chapter 34: Chapter34-Class Change Succeeded!

Petals, like shooting stars, surged towards Harrison and Emma, congregating in the sky to form several massive clusters.

Without hesitation, Harrison summoned a fireball, its reddish-orange glow reflecting his resolute expression.

Simultaneously, he cast Stone Shield, enveloping both Emma and himself protectively.

With a thunderous boom, the fireball launched, colliding with the dense flurry of petals.

The impact was like a bolt of lightning, resulting in a ferocious explosion.

Sparks blossomed like fireworks, igniting the sky, setting the entire expanse of petals ablaze in an instant.

The once beguiling Flora was now encircled by flames, its proud canopy wavering in the fiery light.

Its entire form trembled, as if lamenting its fate.

The fire magic that Harrison wielded was practically Flora's nemesis, rendering it utterly powerless.

Although the flames raged fiercely, some flowers in the sky remained untouched by the fire.

These flowers, imbued with a mysterious power, descended like drifting snowflakes.

When they touched the ground, instead of wilting, they took root rapidly. In mere moments, the entire clearing was filled with vibrant buds.

Witnessing this scene, Harrison's eyes narrowed sharply, sensing this was no good omen.

Sure enough, these buds suddenly radiated a blinding light, from which emerged wave after wave of tiny winged beings.

These beings, with slender bodies and fluttering wings, looked almost angelic.

Their numbers were vast, amounting to hundreds.

They swirled around Harrison like bees around a flower. freew(e)bnovel

Quickly, Harrison accessed his system, aiming to inspect the attributes and skills of these tiny beings, hoping to find a way to defeat them.

[Blossom Sprite]

[Level]: 10

[Rank]: Common

[Base Strength]: 6

[Base Constitution]: 14

[Base Agility]: 30

[Base Wisdom]: 1

[Talent]: Flight

[Skill]: Self-Destruct


Faced with the hundreds of hovering Blossom Sprites, a slight movement rippled across Harrison's eyes.

He instantly saw the concealed danger within their skills.

"Could it be..."

These Blossom Sprites were like thunderbolts ready to explode at any given moment, merely waiting for Harrison to show a hint of vulnerability.

But Harrison wasn't about to give them that chance.

Taking a deep breath, he took the initiative.

Suddenly, he conjured five Hearts of Ice in his hand, each emitting a deep blue luminescence, looking as pristine and transparent as ice sculptures.

When he unhesitatingly cast these five Hearts of Ice towards the center of the clearing, the surrounding temperature plummeted dramatically.

A chilling atmosphere pervaded all around, as if time and space had been frozen in place.

Those Blossom Sprites still fluttering in the air suffered the brunt of this icy onslaught.

Like butterflies touched by frost, they began to tumble from the sky, their once delicate wings now covered in ice crystals, rendered motionless.

Without granting them a moment's reprieve, Harrison then channeled his scorching magic energy, concentrating all his power, and unleashed a colossal Scorching Beam.

This beam, resembling a fiery dragon, swept across the entire area, making everything else seem trivial in its wake.

The first to endure this searing agony was the previously flame-stricken Flora Spirit.

As the dragon-like beam hit it, a loud "boom" echoed, with flames erupting from within it, brilliant yet ephemeral.

Accompanying this flare was a faint, almost inaudible cry of despair.

Subsequently, the once majestic Flora Spirit turned into drifting ashes, dispersing like dust in the wind.

Subtly, a satisfied smile emerged on Harrison's face, and the mission prompt already displayed his triumphant completion of the challenge.

"Congratulations, you've obtained the Windshaper Magus class change scroll."

"Congratulations, you've acquired the Summon Storm Sprite skill book."

"Rewards have been deposited in your inventory."

Without hesitation, Harrison pulled out the scroll.

"Do you wish to use the Windshaper Magus scroll?"


"Congratulations, you've successfully changed class to Windshaper Magus. Wisdom growth +2, Agility growth +1."

"Congratulations, you've leveled up!"

"Congratulations, you've leveled up!"

Two streaks of golden light flashed, and relying on his accumulated experience, Harrison advanced directly to level 32.

At this moment, his experience bar was nearly depleted, showing only 0.78% remaining.

After his class change, Harrison pulled out the Summon Storm Sprite skill book.

[Summon Storm Sprite (D-level)]: Summon an undying Storm Sprite to fight for you, continuously restoring your wisdom.

Holding the skill book, a fervent gleam of desire lit up Harrison's eyes.

He eagerly flipped open the pages, imprinting the summoning incantation deep within his soul.

As this arcane knowledge flooded his consciousness like a tidal wave, Harrison felt as though he was amidst the chaos of a storm, rocked by the shock of thunder and lightning.

This particular Storm Sprite, representing the finest from the storm dimension, naturally possessed extraordinary storm and lightning manipulation abilities.

Taking a deep breath, a profound urge to summon welled up within Harrison.

He knew that each summoning was not just an encounter with a mystical being but also an exploration into the unknown.

However, his gaze now settled on Emma, asleep on his shoulder.

Her raven-black hair, reminiscent of polished obsidian, draped gently over his arm, rendering her seemingly fragile.

He sighed softly, deciding that before embarking on a new adventure, he needed to ensure Emma's safety first.

Gently adjusting her position to ensure her comfort, he headed towards the edge of the dense woods, intending to find a suitable spot for her to rest.

The Skeleton King followed closely behind.

As Harrison emerged from the woods, the scenery that greeted him contrasted starkly with the forest's depths.

Ahead lay a straight highway, and to one side, Emma's silver off-road vehicle glistened under the midday sun, dazzlingly radiant.

Approaching the vehicle, he gently opened the rear door.

A waft of cool air mixed with a familiar fragrance emanated from within - the scent of Emma's regular perfume.

Carefully, he laid her on the spacious back seat, ample for the 1.7-meter-tall Emma to comfortably lie down.

Her hair cascaded over the leather seats, the sun casting a picturesque glow.

Once assured of her safety, Harrison closed the car door and looked around.

On either side of the desolate highway stretched vast rolling meadows, with occasional small animals casually roaming.

The sky was dotted with a few fluffy white clouds, exuding tranquility, a stark contrast to the perils within the woods.

Hoping that this serene environment would offer an undisturbed setting for his summoning of the Storm Sprite, he gestured to the Skeleton King to stay by the car and protect Emma.

He then ventured towards the vast wilderness.

With each step, feelings of anticipation and tension spread within him.

What surprises or challenges would this summoning bring him?

With these thoughts, he strode forward.

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