Global Apocalypse: All My Awakened Talents Are SSS-level

Chapter 33 -33-Flora’s Illusory Toxin Assault
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Chapter 33: Chapter33-Flora's Illusory Toxin Assault

As Emma's words faded, Harrison gave a silent approval to her decision, nodding gently.

To erase the remnants of the inferno from earlier, Harrison once again summoned the Heart of Ice, releasing it upon the scorched remnants of the treants.

A chilling aura swiftly spread, seeming to solidify the air instantaneously into tiny droplets.

A soft mist then enveloped the area, and when it cleared, all that remained were the ashes of the treants and scorched earth.

"The path ahead still beckons me," Harrison spoke, his gaze distant, a resolve evident between his brows. "If you wish, you can wait inside the vehicle."

Yet Emma shook her head, her face adorned with a confident smile. "After that battle, I've successfully class-changed. I believe I can assist you."

Harrison met her gaze, and with another subtle nod, succinctly replied, "As you wish."

The two exchanged a warm smile, and then Harrison took the lead, delving deeper into the wilderness.

Emma chuckled softly, following closely with graceful steps.

They journeyed through the dense forest for approximately twenty minutes before finally reaching a vast clearing.

The expanse stretched seemingly endlessly, spanning tens of thousands of square meters.

At its center stood a Flora, its vibrant blossoms swaying gracefully in the wind, each flower appearing to tell its own story.

However, what drew the eye even more were the forms dangling beneath its canopy.

Upon closer inspection, they were revealed to be desiccated corpses, long devoid of life.

Their bodily fluids had been completely drained, each face frozen in its last moment of terror.

The sight was bone-chilling, and even Harrison's system prompt was unusually silent at this moment.

Clearly, this peculiar Flora was the anomaly's origin within the forest.

Steadying his mind, Harrison began to examine the properties of the Flora.

[Flora Spirit]

[Level]: 30

[Rank]: Gold

[Base Strength]: 248

[Base Constitution]: 600

[Base Agility]: 0 freewe(b)novel

[Base Wisdom]: 200

[Talent]: Ethereal Form.

[Skills]: Flowering Mist, Petal Rain, Spirit of Flora.


Upon seeing the staggering 600 points for constitution, a hint of surprise flickered in Harrison's eyes.

This was the pinnacle at level 30, and it was almost beyond belief.

He couldn't help but wonder: if given more time to mature, to what extent would this Flora's power evolve?

However, all speculations ended at this moment.

For it had encountered him, Harrison.

He could not, and would not, allow this perilous Flora to grow further, especially after it revealed such unexpected capabilities.

He turned his gaze towards Emma and calmly instructed, "Emma, move to a safe distance." Emma, seemingly anticipating his decision, nodded slightly and gracefully stepped back.

In no time, Harrison had amassed a powerful surge of magic energy.

With a swift motion of his palm, a Scorching Beam burst forth.

This ray, akin to the scalding heat of the sun, struck unyieldingly upon Flora's trunk.

Those desiccated corpses hanging beneath the canopy of the Flora were instantly reduced to ashes upon contact with the beam.

Yet, it was evident that Flora was not an adversary to be easily defeated.

A bizarre and eerie scream emanated from the tree, a sound that seemed like a protest of life itself, woven from threads of sorrow and rage.

Concurrently, the flowers atop the Flora's crown appeared to come to life.

They ascended from the treetop, fluttering in the air like swarms of drones.

What followed was a downpour of pollen, which gently settled, forming a mist of blossoms, painting the entire space in a dreamlike hue of pink.

Within this floral haze, a sound suddenly echoed in Harrison's ears.

"You have been afflicted with a low-level hallucinogenic toxin attack."

"[God of Evolution] Talent activated, immune to hallucinogenic toxins. Acquired passive skill [Low-Level Hallucinogenic Resistance]."

When the familiar system prompt echoed beside Harrison's ear, a profound sense of astonishment engulfed him.

He didn't hide his admiration for the [God of Evolution] talent.

Without a doubt, it stood as one of the most formidable talents to exist on this continent.

However, while he was immersed in his sense of accomplishment, the situation with Emma caused his heart to race violently.

Emma's skin began to redden, as if a tumultuous emotion was surging within her.

Those previously clear and luminous eyes now bore a strange glint as they fixated on Harrison.

It seemed her rationality had been stripped away within the flower mist, leaving behind only a pure body, driven by some inexplicable force.

"Harrison..." Her voice, soft and tender, held a profound longing, "Hold me."

Before she could finish, her body surged towards him like a shooting star, clinging tightly to him. f reewe bnovel

The shock in Harrison's eyes was fleeting, and he quickly realized that Emma's current state was highly abnormal.

She seemed to have fallen into a strange illusion, having lost herself completely.

He held her close, attempting to awaken the Emma trapped deep within her psyche.

With all his might, Harrison channeled his Water Healing magic into Emma, but it seemed to have no effect on her.

He felt an overwhelming sense of desperation, as if he were trapped in a nightmare.

In his helplessness, Harrison gently positioned Emma onto his left shoulder, inhaling her faint, sweet scent intermingled with a hint of freshness.

Every now and then, it wafted through his nostrils, lingering in his heart.

Emma, with her slender frame, wasn't much of a burden for a robust man like Harrison.

Yet, at this moment, she resembled a restless bird, her legs flailing as if trying to break free.

"Harrison, give me..." Her words were muffled, and her tone held a boundless plea.

"Give you what?" Harrison furrowed his brows, lightly patting Emma on her backside, "Calm down first."

Perhaps it was Harrison's soothing touch, or maybe he had hit a particular spot, but Emma gradually began to relax.

Her body became soft, leaning entirely into Harrison's embrace.

Still, soft whispers escaped her lips, hinting at unspeakable secrets.

Meanwhile, the eerie Flora initiated a new wave of assault, releasing a skill named "Petal Mist."

As time elapsed, the smoky flower haze began to solidify into snowflake-like petals.

They gracefully danced in the air, as if performing a mesmerizing ballet.

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