Global Apocalypse: All My Awakened Talents Are SSS-level

Chapter 30 -30-The Emergence of the Lucky Necklace and Level Up
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Chapter 30: Chapter30-The Emergence of the Lucky Necklace and Level Up

What they all failed to grasp was that Harrison had once spent over two decades in another world, deeply engrossed in fierce battles.

Those wars and strategies had become second nature to him, as instinctive as breathing.

In that bygone era, he trudged through both blazing fires and chilling frosts, dancing an endless dance with life and death.

At times, he'd amusingly ponder that if there were some firewood by this icy lake, he'd love to set up a makeshift stove to roast and taste these frozen Mythical Koi.

As time rolled on, the number of Mythical Koi on this icy plain diminished, most becoming Harrison's trophies of war.

A rough count revealed that out of the 98 Mythical Koi on this lake, all had been subdued by him.

This battle had granted him a wealth of experience, propelling his Exp to a staggering 249% at level 30.

These high-level Mythical Koi were worth as much experience as countless silver snow elves combined.

This bore testament to the terrifying power that resided between ice and fire.

As Harrison gathered the spoils of battle, he still held onto a glimmer of hope: if he could find a fire-element skill book, when combined with his mastered Ice Prison Judgement, he believed no adversary, however formidable, could escape death.

As for the Mythical Koi that had made it to the shore, their fate held little significance to him.

At this point, Harrison mentally closed the chapter on Leo's class change quest, no longer planning to delve deeper into the subsequent level.

He had always believed that the ace up one's sleeve should be played only at pivotal moments; revealing it too soon would only invite unnecessary trouble.

"After all, with the Ink Jade token in hand, why seek other opportunities for combat?" he mused to himself, his eyes revealing a yearning for the future.

The Skeleton King was his trump card.

Red Mist couldn't view the properties of others' summoned beings.

They simply perceived the Skeleton King as a higher-tier skeletal being summoned using an advanced skill.

Just as Harrison was soaking in the momentary peace, his gaze fell upon the last unattended, frozen Mythical Koi on the lake.

Almost instinctively, he unleashed the Scorching Beam upon it.

In that split second, a dazzling white light emanated from within the Mythical Koi's body, shimmering like a diamond under sunlight.

"An item drop?!"

Harrison's eyes lit up.

For a level 30 golden creature, any drop was a treasure.

Swiftly, he approached and reached into the blinding light to retrieve the item.

When he grasped a gleaming necklace, he knew he'd found something precious.

[Necklace of Koi (D-level)]

[Effect]: Luck+4


The moment Harrison glimpsed the attributes of the necklace, he felt as if spring had sprung for him.

Just how crucial is the attribute of luck?

One need only ask those of level 40 or 50 still donning F-level equipment.

In the world of his memories, due to the exceedingly low drop rate from monsters, the trait of luck was nearly revered as divine, a coveted goal for all players.

Any equipment with the luck attribute was considered a rare treasure in the marketplace, quickly snapped up by eager players.

This was during the early stages of the game when players still bartered items directly. f(r)eewebnovel

One could only imagine the sensation these items would cause once a currency system was introduced.

And now, in Harrison's hands was the Necklace of Koi, bestowing a Luck+4 attribute.

This was virtually equivalent to an increase of a 2% drop rate.

He pondered, had he worn this necklace before confronting those Mythical Koi, perhaps he would have obtained even just one more rare item, or even a coveted skill book.

When he donned the necklace, Harrison's attribute panel immediately flashed the Luck+4 symbol.

For a split second, he felt as if his path in battle had been made smoother by this single accessory.

He then approached Icethorn, looking steadfastly into his eyes, "My task is done. When shall we return?"

Icethorn nodded, approval shining in his eyes, "Very well, we can depart now." He turned to Leo and inquired, "Have you completed your task?"

Leo promptly replied, "Everything is taken care of."

Icethorn, without further words, drew the Ink Jade token from within his robes.

Under its power, a familiar portal slowly materialized.

Without hesitation, the group stepped into the portal, and as the scenery swiftly shifted around them, they soon found themselves back at the starting point of the 67th underground layer.

No sooner had he emerged than Harrison heard the system's voice in his ear.

"Congratulations, your level has been raised to 30, the third talent [God of Evolution] unlocked."

"Experience from your summon, Swordmaster Caesar's monster slayings has been allocated."

"You are now eligible to undertake the class change quest."

Harrison cast his eyes on the God of Evolution.

For reasons unknown, God of Evolution hadn't unlocked in the Enchanted Realm.

Perhaps it was due to the class change quest, for Icethorn and the others hadn't mentioned their talents being unlocked either.

Nevertheless, unlocking it now wasn't too late.

This third SSS-level talent was bound to elevate his survivability to an unimaginable extent.

Each SSS-level talent held boundless potential, enough for Harrison to dedicate a lifetime to exploring.

Shortly thereafter, a quest panel appeared before Harrison, showcasing three class change quests:

[Curse of the Beasts (F-level)]

[Description]: Since the cataclysmic shift in the world, animals have gradually evolved intelligence. Slay a normal Rank mutated creature of your level.

[Quest Reward]: Beastmaster class change scroll.

[Mutated Plants (E-level)]

[Description]: The power of plants is gradually rejuvenating in the world. Destroy ten normal Rank mutated poplar trees of your level.

[Quest Reward]: Nature Magus class change scroll.

[Nightmare of Skeleton (D-level)]

[Description]: An aura of wraith has mysteriously emerged in the world. Locate its source and eliminate it.

[Quest Reward]: Wraith Magus class change scroll.

At the bottom of the quest panel, there was also a refresh button, displaying a remaining count of 10.

Harrison was well-aware.

You could only choose one class change quest, and there were only ten refresh opportunities.

His task was to sift through these 30 rewards to find the class that best suited his talents.

The classes that would fit Harrison like a glove were naturally the Element Magus and Summoning Magus.

Yet, with the God of Evolution on his side, even opting for a combat magus wasn't out of the question.

But what Harrison truly desired was to become a Summoning Magus, enticed by the prospect of obtaining a summoning skill without much effort.

Deep down, Harrison knew that fishing out the perfect class wouldn't be straightforward...

It was almost within reach. But now wasn't the moment for such deliberations.

After all, upon his return, he hadn't yet claimed his rewards from the Celestial Bureau.

At that moment, Icethorn and the rest seemed to regain their composure.

Having also ascended to level 30, they apparently encountered the same situation as Harrison.

As for Leo, his body suddenly shimmered with a golden radiance - a sure sign of leveling up.

In quick succession, this glimmer sparkled over a dozen times.

Leo's face was a picture of pure elation.

"I've reached level 45 now!"

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