Global Apocalypse: All My Awakened Talents Are SSS-level

Chapter 3 -3-10 Rolls of Talents, 10 SSS-level Talents!
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Chapter 3: Chapter3-10 Rolls of Talents, 10 SSS-level Talents!

As the Red Mist descended, Harrison felt a series of subtle transformations coursing through him.

He knew this was the Red Mist's way of evolving the human body. (f)reeweb(n)

Opening the car door, he stepped out. At the same time, beside his vehicle, a brilliant luminance emerged from the ground.

It was the precursor glow of the Diamond Chest!

"The post didn't lie; it truly is here!"

Watching the faintly visible Diamond Chest amidst the radiance, Harrison allowed himself a small smile.

He had faith in the post, for the one who shared it on the forum had already secured the chest by then, having no reason to deceive.

However, the chest hadn't fully materialized yet, so Harrison had to wait a bit longer.

He didn't waste this brief interlude.

Skillfully, he accessed his attribute panel and saw that he still had ten talent roll opportunities.

The system was one he had operated for twenty years, its familiarity enveloping him like an old blanket.

Now, the attribute panel before him was straightforward:

[Talent Roll Interface]

[Remaining Rolls: 10]

Beneath the panel, two options were presented:

[Roll Once]

[Roll Ten Times]

With a mere thought, Harrison unhesitatingly chose the [Roll Ten Times] option.

From his experience, consecutively rolling ten times was likely to yield a high-level talent.

And it was precisely these elite talents that were key to surviving the apocalypse.

As Harrison made his choice, the sky transformed.

Clouds converged in an eerie dance.

Ten beams of multi-colored brilliance shot from the zenith, directly enveloping him in their ethereal glow.

Upon witnessing this spectacle, Harrison was momentarily stunned, which quickly gave way to exhilaration!

He knew that the multi-colored brilliance was a sign of unlocking an SSS-level talent.

At that moment, a system notification resonated in Harrison's ears:

"You have utilized 10 rolls of talents..."

"Congratulations! You've acquired ten talents!"

"First Talent: Lord of Element! (Unlocks at Level 10)"

[Lord of Element (SSS-tier)]: Mastery over all elements, enabling the learning of all element skills. Consumption of element skills reduced by 90%, cooldown of element skills decreased by 90%, and elemental damage received is reduced by 90%. Damage of all element skills increased 100-fold, special effects of all element skills amplified 100-fold, and proficiency acquisition speed for element skills boosted by 100 times!

Description: Harness the elemental force that brings about the end of all things! You wield the power to obliterate all in your path!

"Second Talent: Supreme Summoning! (Unlocks at Level 20)"

[Supreme Summoning (SSS-tier)]: Every creature you summon will be the mightiest of its kind! π’‡π“»π™šπ™šπ™¬π™šπ’ƒπ™£π’π“Ώπ™šπ“΅.π’„π’π’Ž

Description: An unmatched power of summoning, where under your pact, every being becomes your servant! Only the kings among them are worthy of being summoned by you!

"Third Talent: God of Evolution! (Unlocks at Level 30)"

[God of Evolution (SSS-tier)]: Rapidly adapt to any environment or damage in the shortest time, and enhance corresponding attributes and resistances.

Description: The power of evolution blesses you, granting unmatched adaptive capabilities, allowing you to thrive and grow stronger in any setting!

"Fourth Talent: Restriction Release! (Unlocks at Level 40)"

[Restriction Release (SSS-tier)]: Accelerated attribute acquisition, limitless attribute enhancement, and skill cap liberation!

Description: You are unbounded by any rules... Continue honing your skills, for it's the sole path to supremacy!

"Fifth Talent: God of Infinity Spell! (Unlocks at Level 50)"

[God of Infinity Spell (SSS-tier)]: Cooldown of all skills reduced by 100%, consumption decreased by 100%, and forbidden spell costs reduced by 99%!

Description: It's as if a deity has descended. No words needed, just unleash your spells!

"Sixth Talent: Miraculous Fortune! (Unlocks at Level 60)"

[Miraculous Fortune (SSS-tier)]: All uncertain events you encounter will ultimately unfold in your favor!

Description: Fate? I am Fate!

"Seventh Talent: Infinite Range! (Unlocks at Level 70)"

[Infinite Range (SSS-tier)]: All long-range attacks have no distance limit, and their potency remains unyielding and undiminished!

Description: Within the cosmos, there is no escape.

"Eighth Talent: Supreme Chest! (Unlocks at Level 80)"

[Supreme Chest (SSS-tier)]: Possessor will discern the location of all treasures and can freely access them through the gates of these treasures, enjoying invincibility within them.

Description: With ample resources, even a pig could ascend to divinity.

"Ninth Talent: Reality Shift! (Unlocks at Level 90)"

[Reality Shift (SSS-tier)]: Any story you recount, if believed by enough people, will ultimately manifest into reality!

Description: That which is false, shall eventually come true!

"Tenth Talent: Godslayer Plunder! (Unlocks at Level 100)"

[Godslayer Plunder (SSS-tier)]: For every life taken, you randomly obtain one of their talents.

Description: Talent? Hand it over!


[Name]: Harrison

[Level]: 1

[Base Strength]: 3

[Base Constitution]: 2.4

[Base Speed]: 1.8

[Base Wisdom]: 3.8

[Talents]: Lord of Element (Locked), Supreme Summoning (Locked), God of Evolution (Locked), Restriction Release (Locked), God of Infinity Spell (Locked), Miraculous Fortune (Locked), Infinite Range (Locked), Supreme Chest (Locked), Reality Shift (Locked), Godslayer Plunder (Locked)!

[Skills]: None.


"Thump... Thump... Thump..."

Harrison's entire being was overwhelmed with elation; he could distinctly hear the beating of his heart resonating within!

"Ten... Ten of them are all SSS-level talents!"

Disbelief clouded Harrison's face.

If he weren't so sure that the attribute panel was infallible, he might have thought he was dreaming.

"Ha ha ha!"

Harrison laughed uproariously, head tilted back. Never before had he felt such exhilaration and liberation.

In his past life, the most distinguished human masters, armed with just a single SSS-level talent, would invariably ascend to the pinnacle of level 100, commanding immense power.

Now, in this life, he had drawn ten SSS-level talents!

Remaining stunned for quite a while, Harrison eventually snapped back from the overwhelming shock.

His fist clenched tightly, he resolved that with these ten SSS-level talents, this lifetime would see him reigning supreme.

Taking several deep breaths, Harrison realized that now wasn't the moment for unrestrained celebration.

No matter how potent the talent, the first SSS-level one wouldn't be unlocked until he reached level 10.

If any mishap were to occur before that, all these prime talents would be for naught.

Thus, the utmost priority now was to swiftly enhance his strength!

With that thought, Harrison's gaze settled back onto the spot where the dazzling light had previously shimmered.

There, the Diamond Chest had fully manifested.

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