Global Apocalypse: All My Awakened Talents Are SSS-level

Chapter 19 -19-Underground Cave BOSS - Fire Abyssal Cerberus
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Chapter 19: Chapter19-Underground Cave BOSS - Fire Abyssal Cerberus

Harrison promptly approached the four orbs of white light.

Gathering them up, A system notification whispered in his ear, "Congratulations, you've acquired the equipment [Blazing Fireball (E-level)]."

"Congratulations, you've obtained the scroll [Fireproof Potion Recipe]."

"Congratulations, you've secured the elixir [Fire Spirit Elixir]."

"Congratulations, you've unlocked the skill [Flame Resistance Ring (E-level)]."

A skill drop?

Harrison's eyes sparkled with anticipation.

He swiftly inspected the attributes of the [Flame Resistance Ring]. fre(e)webnov(l).com

[Flame Resistance Ring (E-level)]: Unleashes a blaze, emitting a fire shockwave around the bearer, repelling enemies. Harrison was filled with immense satisfaction.

This was a lifeline, a divine technique.

Enhanced by the Lord of Element, its unleashed force would undoubtedly be staggering.

Harrison then delved into the details of the other items he had acquired.

[Fireproof Potion Recipe]: A blueprint for crafting a fireproof potion, which can enhance fire resistance by 5%-10%.

[Fire Spirit Elixir]: When consumed, boosts fire damage by 20% for a span of 10 seconds.

[Blazing Fireball (E-level)]

[Effect 1]: Enhances wisdom by 6 points.

[Effect 2]: An elemental fire attack that automatically targets approaching enemies.

This E-level equipment, the Blazing Fireball, was perfectly tailored for him.

A magical orb.

It would float effortlessly around him, unlike the cumbersome wand.

Furthermore, the bonus of 6 wisdom points was incredibly advantageous.

Subsequently, Harrison deftly equipped the orb around his wrist, while the softly glowing Spark Wand was carefully tucked into the depths of his backpack.

At this moment,

The chilling aura of the Fire Underground Cave seemed to hint at something, as the presence of the guarding BOSS grew increasingly potent.

With every step he took forward,

Both the swordmaster and the skeleton king seemed to grow stronger, as if evolving in tandem with him.

For the looming guardian BOSS, Harrison firmly believed that the combined strength of swordmaster and skeleton king would suffice.

He envisioned a day when he'd possess numerous summoning skill books, and a surge of anticipation swelled within him, as if all he had to do was sit back and watch the Exp flood in like a waterfall.

Stepping into the icy abyss of the Fire Underground Cave,

An ancient portal gradually unveiled itself.

Undoubtedly, it was the gateway to the BOSS chamber.

As for the BOSS of the Fire Underground Cave, it didn't have a fixed appearance or race; it was a random entity.

But they all shared a commonality: they were fiery creatures, wielding the power of flames.

As a brilliant light flashed,

Harrison, along with swordmaster and skeleton king, stepped through the portal, plunging into an unknown battlefield.


In stark contrast to the icy realm crafted by Harrison,

The Underground Cave housing this BOSS was vast and seemingly boundless, heated as if under the blazing midday sun.

The ground here was replaced by scorching lava.

After a brief observation,

Harrison deduced that the air temperature might have reached a staggering 700 degrees.

Although Harrison's constitution surpassed that of an ordinary person by 23 times, and he benefitted from the damage mitigation of the Lord of Element, the oppressive heat still seared his skin.

Only by consuming a specially formulated fire-resistant potion, combined with the innate robust constitution of a warrior, could one move freely without reservations.

This encapsulated the immense challenges brought about by the nightmare difficulty.

The monsters' power had been amplified, and the terrain became more treacherous, no longer friendly to players.


A deafening roar emanated from the deepest reaches of the Underground Cave.

This familiar roar sent a slight shiver down Harrison's spine.

It was the legendary Fire Abyssal Cerberus.

He recognized its distinctive cry all too well.

In his past life, the entrance to the stronghold of his faction had been guarded by this very Fire Abyssal Cerberus.

Without hesitation, Harrison swiftly cast the Water Healing skill.

Instantly, a refreshing coolness enveloped him.

He then turned to the swordmaster, his voice firm.

"This monster is yours to handle."

The Goblin Swordmaster nodded slightly.

"As you command, master."

At that moment, the Fire Abyssal Cerberus, enveloped in surging flames, charged towards them.

Its three heads, snarling with bared fangs, spewed forth relentless torrents of blazing fire.

Its immense size made it nearly five meters tall, with a length of around six to seven meters.

In the face of this colossal Fire Abyssal Cerberus, Harrison and his companions seemed as fragile birds before a mighty raptor.

Harrison's gaze swept over, swiftly scanning the attributes of the Fire Abyssal Cerberus.

[Fire Abyssal Cerberus]

[Level]: 23

[Rank]: Dark Gold

[Base Strength]: 356

[Base Constitution]: 440

[Base Agility]: 330

[Base Wisdom]: 380

[Talent]: Triple Fire in One.

[Skill]: Flame Scorched Earth, Fortress of Ember, Meteor Shower, Shield of Flames.

The attributes of this Fire Abyssal Cerberus were undoubtedly impressive.

Yet, when juxtaposed against the Goblin Swordmaster's power, it seemed slightly lacking.

The swordmaster tightly gripped the Dark Dragon Blade, its somber aura swirling around him, enveloping him like an ancient storm.

The weighty yet razor-sharp Dark Dragon Blade pointed menacingly at the Fire Abyssal Cerberus, oozing threat.

"Rage Charge!"

With the swordmaster's earth-shattering roar, led by the Dark Dragon Blade, he surged towards the Fire Abyssal Cerberus like a tempest.

The Fire Abyssal Cerberus, too, erupted in fiery fury.

Suddenly, it raised its blazing forepaw, striking vehemently towards the onrushing swordmaster.

The blade of the Dark Dragon met the massive paw of the Fire Abyssal Cerberus in mid-air.


An astounding force erupted at the point of contact, as if energies of two realms collided at that very moment.

The swordmaster's physique held strong, matching the power displayed by the Fire Abyssal Cerberus.

His left hand parried the incoming paw, while the Dark Dragon Blade in his right hand sharply thrust towards the central head of the Fire Abyssal Cerberus!

Clearly sensing the lethal threat of the Dark Dragon Blade, the Fire Abyssal Cerberus quickly opened its central mouth, unleashing a surge of incredibly intense flames!

Yet, before the Dark Dragon Blade, the flames seemed to have no effect.

The blade moved swiftly, finally finding its mark on the nose of the Fire Abyssal Cerberus.


With the piercing sharpness of the blade, accompanied by that bloody sound, the central head's nose of the Fire Abyssal Cerberus was split open by the Dark Dragon Blade.


In agonizing pain, the Fire Abyssal Cerberus, enraged, launched a frenzied attack towards the swordmaster.

With a cool demeanor, the swordmaster caught the Dark Dragon Blade mid-air, positioning it defensively in front of him.

Subsequent metallic clashes echoed to the heavens.

Every onslaught by the Fire Abyssal Cerberus was skillfully parried by the swordmaster.

Realizing its attacks on the swordmaster were futile,

the three heads of the Fire Abyssal Cerberus seethed with anger, letting out a resounding howl to the skies.

In an instant, a vast circular magic array appeared in the sky above, its intricate patterns gradually emerging, resembling a wellspring of magic.

Terrifying elemental flames steadily concentrated, becoming increasingly intense.

This was the Fire Abyssal Cerberus's ultimate moveβ€”

Trible Fire in One!

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