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Chapter 16: Chapter16-The First Trade

Meanwhile, on a distant continent far from Yarrow, the coastline of Mystoria glistened under the soft touch of moonlight, casting shimmering silver reflections upon the sea's surface.

Hidden among the rocks, a soldier in camouflage lay as silent as a shadow. His name was Thomson.

Thomson's identity was a stark contrast to Harrison's.

He was but an ordinary soldier of Mystoria.

The advent of the Red Mist had altered the destinies of many.

Though Thomson was only endowed with rudimentary talents, fate seemed to grace him with a smile as he unexpectedly unlocked a legendary Diamond Chest.

Instead of gold, silver, or some rare weapon, what he found inside was a simple, worn-out skill book.

Yet, the presence of this book could very well indicate a seismic shift in his destiny.

[Ice Prison Judgement]

[Rank]: Unique

[Description]: Invoke the boundless frosty mists of the icy nether, turning the surrounding world into a frozen hell!

Thomson's fate had never intertwined with the path of a magus.

He lacked the magus bloodline and had not undergone the change class to become one.

Initially, he had considered keeping the skill book as a trump card for future leveling or trading.

Hence, apart from his closest girlfriend, no one else knew of its existence.

However, a series of sinister events that transpired recently had plunged him into dire straits.

The cold, hard truth confronted him: the love of his life had betrayed him.

For some unspeakable gains, she divulged his secret.

Tracked and hunted, the eyes of many revealed a singular desire — to possess that skill book. freew(e)bnove(l)

Thomson bit his lip hard, anger flashing in his eyes, his heart filled with immense regret.

"That greedy woman!" A whirlwind of anger and fear churned within him.

He suddenly recalled the highly sought-after SS-level equipment listed on the trading platform.

Yet, he knew that in comparison to the skill book he held, that equipment seemed trivial.

Taking a deep breath to steady himself, he realized that his only option might be to find a powerful ally.

Without hesitation, he sent a picture of the skill book to Harrison.

Meanwhile, as Harrison was embarking on his own adventure, a unique alert tone from his system grabbed his attention.

"Unique skill book screenshot detected. Respond?"

On the verge of leaving the city, Harrison felt as though spring had suddenly come early for him.

A unique Rank skill book?

Who was this generous fool?

Immediately, he opened the private chat.

The attributes of Ice Prison Judgement now laid before Harrison's eyes.

As the icon for Ice Prison Judgement came into view, Harrison's pupils abruptly narrowed, revealing profound astonishment.

"How can this be... It's the legendary skill book from the tales!" He couldn't help but marvel internally.

He distinctly remembered from his past life, a magus from Mystoria possessing this book.

Its formidable power was such that once the Ice Prison Judgement skill was activated, vast tracts of land, spanning thousands of miles, would be encased in frost and snow.

This chilling energy, during countless inter-kingdom wars, had struck fear into the hearts of rival nations, causing them immense losses.

"Who would've thought that this legendary skill book would appear before me now? I cannot miss this opportunity!" Harrison resolved in his heart.

Swiftly, he clicked on Thomson's name, initiating a private chat. "Do you intend to trade that skill book with me?"

Thomson seemed taken aback by the sudden private chat, but quickly composed himself to respond, "Yes, I have that skill book. But can you first give me that SS-level equipment?"

Harrison couldn't help but chuckle upon reading the message.

He realized that Thomson was probably unfamiliar with the game's trading system.

To ensure a smooth transaction, Harrison quickly explained, "Trading is simple. We just place our items into the trade window, and after both parties confirm, the exchange is automatically completed."

Understanding the process, Thomson replied, a tad embarrassed, "I apologize, I'm a newbie and not well-versed in these matters."

Amid their conversation, both had already opened the trading interface. Harrison placed the SS-level equipment into the trade box. Seeing this, Thomson, without hesitation, also placed the skill book inside. After both parties verified the items to ensure there were no discrepancies, they simultaneously pressed the confirm button.

Immediately following, Harrison heard the distinct sound from the system, indicating a successful trade. "Congratulations, you have acquired the unique skill book [Ice Prison Judgement]."

Attempting to contain his swelling emotions, Harrison took a deep breath and expressed his gratitude and farewells to Thomson. "I look forward to collaborating with you again," Harrison said with a sincere smile.

Thomson returned the gesture, "Indeed, I hope we can cooperate again in the future."

The trading interface was closed after their brief conversation.

Harrison's hands quivered slightly, the palpable anticipation and excitement impossible for him to disguise.

He slowly withdrew the unparalleled skill book, and after a deep breath, touched it with his mental energy.

The skill book responded, transforming into a radiant beam of white light that swiftly dived into Harrison's sea of consciousness.

The influx of knowledge was overwhelming, like being in an immense library with an endless array of books.

The vastness of this new knowledge dwarfed all the skills Harrison had previously mastered, even surpassing them by tenfold.

After immersing himself for some time, Harrison gradually absorbed the essence of the skill—Ice Prison Judgement—into his core.

To his slight astonishment, he found that the cooldown period for this skill was an extensive ten days.

Even with the special effects from his Lord of Element reducing the cooldown, it still required a full day.

"No wonder the magus from my past life only used it a few times," Harrison mused internally.

He speculated that as the skill level rose, this lengthy cooldown might decrease.

Furthermore, from his memories, the magus in the past life only upgraded Ice Prison Judgement to lv4, never reaching the pinnacle of lv5.

What kind of formidable power would Ice Prison Judgement manifest when it truly reached its limit?

All remained a mystery.


Harrison could barely contain his eagerness to test out the power of Ice Prison Judgement. And the Fire Underground Cave was the perfect place to do just that!

As Harrison was basking in the joy of his new skill, a lithe figure—a woman clad in rugged, off-road attire—approached with steady steps.

Her face was like a spring emerging from rock: luminous and profound, compelling one to take a second glance, to capture every detail, every secret etched on her visage.

Her beauty, reminiscent of the pride that endures through storms and harsh winters, was memorable.

Harrison slightly arched an eyebrow, intuitively sensing that this unexpected woman was no ordinary being.

There seemed to be a hidden secret veiled within her aura.

"What could this woman possibly want?" Harrison pondered internally.

Yet, he knew his Stone Shield was discreetly at the ready by his side, poised to fend off any external harm, so he felt no unease.

The woman gracefully extended a fair hand, her fingernails painted a delicate shade of pink that only enhanced her elegance.

"Greetings, Magus God," her voice, resonating like the notes of a harp, was both crisp and melodious, as timeless as an ancient well. "It's a pleasure to meet you. I am Emma from the Celestial Bureau."

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