Global Apocalypse: All My Awakened Talents Are SSS-level

Chapter 15 -15-Skeleton King Gresel
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This ๐“ฌontent is taken from ๐’‡๐’“๐“ฎ๐“ฎ๐”€๐“ฎ๐’ƒ๐™ฃ๐’๐“ฟ๐“ฎ๐“ต.๐’„๐’๐™ข

Chapter 15: Chapter15-Skeleton King Gresel

The Diamond Rank goblin before him made Harrison's heartbeat resonate in a rhythmic clarityโ€”deep and urgent.

Such base attributes felt as if they were brushing the pinnacle of Level 20, each figure brimming with immense potential.

With that in mind, Harrison realized anew that with his own growth, Swordmaster Caesar's talents and strength would further be unlocked.

Yet, surpassing such attribute thresholds would be immensely challenging.

In many legends, only those of mythic statureโ€”like the angels with pristine white wings or the radiant holy dragonsโ€”could possibly breach this limit.

Deep within Harrison, a dormant SSS-level talent named [Restriction Release] might hold the power to help him take this step.

His gaze, unwavering and intense, fixed on Swordmaster Caesar, and his voice was imbued with determination and authority, "From this moment, your life and death are bound to my will."

In the face of such overpowering presence, Swordmaster Caesar seemed to sense a binding emanating from deep within his very bones.

Before Harrison, he felt like a speck of dust adrift upon a vast ocean, utterly powerless.

His crimson face underwent several rapid shifts of emotion, before he slowly nodded, kneeling on one knee, his eyes shimmering with respect and submission.

"Your will, my lord."

Hearing this response, elation welled up within Harrison, and he burst into exuberant laughter. It felt as if the whole world was at his fingertips.

He subtly curbed his laughter, and the next step unfurled in his mind: "Next, it's time to summon the skeleton!"

The scene contrasted starkly with the previous summoning of the Goblin.

As the summoning magic array for the skeleton appeared on the ground, it seemed as if time itself paused in Fountain Square.

The temperature dropped precipitously, ushering in a chill alien to this world.

A cold whirlwind, so frigid it seemed to seep into one's bones, seemed to spiral up from the very depths of the earth, transporting one to another dimension.

The Square's centerpiece, that magnificent fountain, shockingly began to form crystalline ice flowers.

No longer did water spray forth; instead, diamond-like ice crystals danced in the air.

This innate coldness intensified Harrison's foreboding.

He couldn't help but speculate that what he was about to face would surely be beyond his expectations.

At this moment, rising slowly from the magic array was a figure reminiscent of the grim reaper emerging from the abyss of hell.

As the magic array faded, what revealed itself to Harrison was a ruler of skeletons, clad in jet-black armor.

Atop its head, a golden crown shone like the stars.

Between the gaps of the armor shimmered a serene blue soul fire, reminiscent of the constellations in the night sky.

The crown, appearing as if it were the very crown of gods, exuded dignity and authority.

Behind it, a cloak woven from the pulsating soul fire fluttered in the wind. It seemed as if millions of souls whispered within, singing praises for the ruler.

In its hands were short swords, their blades flickering with enigmatic magical runes.

They seemed to harbor the secrets of millennia, with each rune narrating an ancient tale, testifying to its unparalleled power.

Harrison's gaze remained unflinchingly on this skeletal sovereign.

With a subtle flick of his finger, he opened its attribute panel, awaiting the cascade of information it held.

[Skeleton King Gresel]

[Race]: Wraith

[Rank]: Diamond

[Level]: 20

[Base Strength]: 400

[Base Constitution]: 400

[Base Agility]: 400

[Base Wisdom]: 400

[Talent]: Undead King, Spirit Body.

[Undead King (SSS-level)]: Any foe you vanquish shall rise as a mightier wraith to fight at your side. Upon your demise, you may choose any one of these wraiths to reincarnate in.

Introduction: Those who fall, shall rise again!

[Spirit Body (S-level)]: The more radiant your soul fire, the mightier your offense. As your soul fire dims, your defense intensifies.

[Skills]: Soul-Devouring Strike, Wraith Guard, Soul Fetters, Enforce Compliance!

[Bone Chopping Blade (SS-level)]

[Effect 1]: Upon the death of an allied wraith, restore a portion of soul energy.

[Effect Two]: Inflict an additional 500% damage to non-wraith entities.

[Introduction]: A pair of twin blades imbued with the force of malevolence, capable of channeling the world's animosity and souls to aid their master.

[Armor of the Dead Set (SS-level)]

[Effect 1]: Gain an additional 30% damage reduction.

[Effect 2]: Immune to attacks from Gold-rank entities of the same level and below. For entities above Gold-rank, damage reduction varies based on rank.

[Introduction]: Armor originating from the realm of the deceased, rumored to be a relic left behind by a sacred being.

[Coronet of Hatred (S-level)]

[Effect 1]: When using Soul Fetters, the chains' strength increases tenfold!

[Effect 2]: When employing Enforce Compliance, the control duration extends by 50%.

[Introduction]: The crown once adorned by Gresel in his living days, accompanying him for countless years, absorbing boundless hatred and resentment.

[Character Introduction]: The Skeleton King from the realm of the deceased, an entity who has reigned over the wraith dimension for tens of millions of years.

[Equipment]: Bone Chopping Blade (SS-level), Armor of the Dead Set (SS-level), Coronet of Hatred (S-level).

In the center of the square, Harrison strode with unwavering purpose towards the Skeleton King, each step seemingly infused with a commanding aura.

"Gresel, hear me now... From this moment on, I am your sovereign. Kneel and pledge your allegiance to me!"

Standing before Harrison, the Skeleton King appeared profoundly powerful, undoubtedly surpassing the prowess of the Goblin Swordmaster.

However, even against the might of Supreme Summoning, he seemed almost insignificant. fre(e)

The blue soul fire flickering within him momentarily flared into an angry red, as if expressing discontent and defiance towards Harrison.

But that lasted only an instant.

Recognizing his newfound position and bound by Harrison's summoning ORDER, even he, the Undead King, couldn't resist.

He had no power to oppose, for everything had been decreed.

Soon, the soul fire inside the Skeleton King settled, transitioning from a furious red back to a calm blue.

"As you command, my sovereign."

His voice was deep, but within it lay a note of submission.

Harrison looked upon the Skeleton King's swift acceptance and adaptation with evident satisfaction, nodding slightly, "You've done well, Gresel. Recognizing the reality so quickly speaks to your wisdom. I have great expectations of you."

He had initially anticipated that such a renowned Skeleton King would harbor resentment upon being summoned and commanded in this manner.

Yet, Harrison was pleasantly surprised to find Gresel adjusting so promptly to his new role.

With these two formidable beings at his side, Harrison felt that his future journey would be much smoother. He seemed to have assembled an invincible team.

Basking in the euphoria of this victory, Harrison rejuvenated his spirit and ventured toward the vast lands beyond the city.

While the BOSS of Yarrow City had been effortlessly defeated by him, Harrison understood that it was but a minor beginning on his path of cultivation.

With resolute eyes, he set his sights on the legendary Fire Underground Cave for a profound challenge. ๐˜ง๐“‡๐‘’๐‘’๐˜ธ๐‘’๐’ท๐˜ฏโ„ด๐˜ท๐‘’๐‘™.๐’ธโ„ด๐‘š

It was said that immense experience was stored within its depths.

If one could thoroughly explore and conquer it, not only would their EXP see a significant boost, but they might also unearth even more mysterious treasures.

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