Global Apocalypse: All My Awakened Talents Are SSS-level

Chapter 13 -13-Slaying the Grey Dog, EXP Skyrockets
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Chapter 13: Chapter13-Slaying the Grey Dog, EXP Skyrockets

Harrison entered the city, only to be met with a landscape strewn with bodies.

There were those of the Grey Dog, and those of humans. In the beginning, the Grey Dog merely wandered the streets.

But in time, as they discovered the humans hiding within the houses and word spread among the monsters, they began a rampant slaughter of the still-growing human population.

Now, Horde after horde of Grey Dogs stared at Harrison with a malicious hunger.

Through relentless killing, the Grey Dogs had evolved.

[Grey Dog]



[base strength]:56

[base constitution]:44

[base agility]:52

[base wisdom]:2

[talent]:Hunting Instinct.

[skill]:Rock Skin.

Not only had they reached Level 17, but their rank had also ascended to that of an elite.

This was exactly what Harrison had hoped for. The monsters in the wild, those untouched by evolution, maintained their ranks as they were when they first descended.

Most of them lingered between Levels 10 and 13. Now, for Harrison to level up, he needed these evolved Grey Dogs.

From the precise, synchronized movements of the Grey Dogs, Harrison keenly sensed that among them must lie a commanding Grey Dog King.

Such unified actions were beyond the capabilities of an ordinary Grey Dog.

He imagined wiping out this vast army of Grey Dogs along with their reigning monarch.

Such an act would cause his experience points, or Exp, to surge tremendously, potentially propelling him to the heights of Level 20.

Reaching that level would allow him to unlock his second talent: Supreme Summoning.

Thoughts flickered like sparks in the wind, causing waves of excitement to surge through Harrison's heart.

Ascending to Level 20 would not only revolutionize his power but, more importantly, grant him access to the legendary Underground Cave, where he could delve into even deeper mysteries!

Yet, at this very moment, he found himself under the relentless gaze of countless menacing eyes.

The Grey Dogs, like wolves hungering in the night, slowly formed a complete and impenetrable encirclement around him - cold, dense, and seemingly endless.

Flanking Harrison were goblin scouts and skeleton warriors.

While they might not match the stature of the Grey Dogs, their determined eyes and tightly gripped weapons conveyed a singular message: to guard their master until their very last breath.

Even if it meant merely buying Harrison the briefest of seconds, they were prepared to lay down their lives without hesitation.

Feeling the unwavering protection and resolve of his allies, a semblance of calm settled in Harrison's heart.

He summoned his prized Stone Shield. Elevated to Level 5, its sturdiness now surpassed even the hardest diamond, shimmering with a steel-like luster.

Its special effect, "SHOCK," had also been unlocked.

[SHOCK]: Enemies who attack the Stone Shield will be repelled and suffer damage in return.

Originally, the Stone Shield's retaliatory damage was minimal.

However, amplified a hundredfold by the Lord of Element, it was now potent enough to fully counterstrike.

Even if a Skeleton General were to attack with all its might, it couldn't possibly inflict any harm upon his Stone Shield.

Instead, the very creature might meet its demise, repelled by the force of the Stone Shield's defense.

Following that, Harrison cast Water Healing upon himself. Immediately, his mind sharpened and his eyes brightened with unparalleled clarity.

He had now also elevated this Water Healing to Level 5, unlocking its unique effect termed "Bright Eye."

[Bright Eye]: The recipient of Water Healing, for the next 30 seconds, experiences an enhanced ocular prowess. This enhancement improves dynamic vision, increasing the accuracy of one's strikes.

Amplified a hundredfold by the Lord of Element, even if it didn't guarantee a 100% accuracy rate, it would surely come close. freewebnovel. com

With a forward thrust of his hands, Harrison unleashed fire balls.

Each of these orbs, massive as water casks, resembled meteors of raging flames, plummeting with blistering momentum towards the hordes of Grey Dogs.

Light and heat scorched the earth.

Though the Grey Dogs were inherently ferocious, they too sensed the burning threat and lethal intent of these fireballs.

Yet, driven by an unyielding command deep within their marrow, they continued their relentless charge towards Harrison without hesitation.




The flames roared and surged like a tidal wave, engulfing the Grey Dogs. The fire consumed them; their fur and flesh, in that instant, appeared as fragile as paper.

The Grey Dogs writhed in agonizing pain, frantically swiping their claws in desperate attempts to douse the flames. However, every endeavor seemed futile.

With Harrison's growing prowess, the destructive power of his fireballs had likewise intensified.

The few Grey Dogs that led the charge, upon reaching just a few strides away from Harrison, barely grazed the Stone Shield with their razor-sharp claws before they were dazed by their own momentum.

In a short while, hundreds of Grey Dogs in the vicinity had been reduced to smoldering carcasses.

That experience bar, which had long remained static, suddenly surged by a staggering 10%.

Upon witnessing this, a wave of elation welled up inside Harrison, words failing to capture its intensity.

Regaining his composure, he turned his gaze to the city's core. There, the concentration of Grey Dogs was at its densest, resembling a vast gray sea.

From a corner in the heart of the city, seemingly sensing the devastation of its ranks, there arose a heart-rending howl β€”


This sound, reminiscent of the wind of night, swept through every nook and cranny.

Those humans who had taken refuge in their homes, having momentarily evaded this catastrophe, trembled upon hearing this eerie wail, drawing themselves tighter into themselves, consumed by sheer terror.

That very cry.

Every time it echoed, countless Grey Dogs would commence a methodical search for humans from house to house.

Hearing that commanding howl, Harrison didn't hesitate.

He bolted directly towards its source.

With his agility now at 19, his speed was unparalleled.

At that moment, atop the statue in the city's central Fountain Square, a Grey Dog with silvery-white skin stood imperiously, fixing its gaze on the approaching Harrison.

Surrounding it, a group of Grey Dogs with teal fur stood guard, forming a protective circle around this particular Grey Dog.

Harrison's eyes lit up slightly upon seeing it.


It had evolved into a BOSS!

[Grey Dog King]

[Level]: 20

[Rank]: Silver

[Base Strength]: 156

[Base Constitution]: 80

[Base Agility]: 130

[Base Wisdom]: 20

[Talent]: Hunting Instinct, Dog King Mighty.

[Dog King Mighty]: Reduces the attack power and speed of adversaries of a lower level.

[Skill]: Iron Skin, Rage.

[Iron Skin]: Transforms the wearer's skin to that of iron, significantly reducing physical damage and slightly mitigating spell damage.

[Rage]: When HP drops below 50%, physical attack power increases by 50%!

Harrison hadn't anticipated the Grey Dog King to be so formidable.

This Silver-ranked BOSS, the Grey Dog King, seemed virtually invincible at the current stage.

Had it not encountered him and continued its evolution, it might indeed have dominated the landscape.

"Bark, bark, bark!"

Under the command of the Grey Dog King, the Bronze-ranked Grey Dogs charged toward Harrison at a rapid pace.

From Harrison's staff, a Scorching Beam, two meters in width, fired forth.

By vanquishing these Grey Dogs, He could undoubtedly ascend to Level 20!

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