Global Apocalypse: All My Awakened Talents Are SSS-level

Chapter 12 -12-Reactions of Masters from Different Nations
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This ๐“ฌontent is taken from ๐’‡๐’“๐“ฎ๐“ฎ๐”€๐“ฎ๐’ƒ๐™ฃ๐’๐“ฟ๐“ฎ๐“ต.๐’„๐’๐™ข

Chapter 12: Chapter12-Reactions of Masters from Different Nations


Within the temple dedicated to the worship of Shiva.

A man, his head draped with long hair and a body chiseled with explosive muscular contours, was engrossed in the destructive dance of Shiva.

From beneath his flowing locks, blue eyes gazed at the Toan's Bone Ring, filled with surprise.

"An SS-level equipment, this world truly never ceases to amaze me."

"No more lonely days ahead."

And he was the possessor of the SSS-level talent [Infinity Doom].

[Infinity Doom (SSS-level)]: All your attacks are imbued with the power of destruction. This destructive force bypasses defenses and carries a chance to instantaneously vanquish foes!

Description: Decimate, obliterate everything!


Veils as white as mist gently enshrouded a figure.

It was a woman, with a figure as elegant as a willow, lounging gracefully on an intricate chair, her folding fan fluttering delicately in hand.

Her slender and alluring thighs, barely visible beneath the gauzy material, exuded a seductive allure that seemed to solidify the very air.

The luminous neon glow of an SS-level equipment on the screen before her reflected in her eyes, making her otherwise tranquil face display a hint of curiosity.

"A magus wanting to exchange an SS-level warrior class equipment for a magus skill book?" she murmured softly, the corner of her lips curling into a subtle smile.

Could it be him?

Lost in thoughts, she lightly tapped her phone screen, which displayed an image of Harrison casting a fireball in the People's Square.

Ravenspire and Zephyrheim, two ancient kingdoms, were age-old adversaries.

In certain aspects, Ravenspire's knowledge of Zephyrheim even surpassed that of Zephyrheim's inhabitants.

And she was one of Ravenspire's representatives, named Ichiori Senxue.

Ichiori Senxue was endowed with the SS-level talent known as the "Guardian Crane Bloodline".

Her fan, the "Xun Wind Fan", was a legendary artifact, significantly enhancing her unique abilities.

Combined with the special skills embedded in her fan, her power was on par with those possessing SSS-level talents.

Although the SS-level physical equipment before her held little attractionโ€”given she was inherently a magusโ€”she knew well that acquiring a skill book that matched it would be of extraordinary value.

As players explored and understood this virtual world, the significance of skill books gradually became evident.

Their value and rarity had already surpassed many players' imaginations.


In a serene sanctuary, a woman garbed in a robe interwoven with hues of blue and white, sat delicately on a meditation cushion, exuding an aura of mystical allure. Her fingers danced gracefully, summoning shimmering golden glyphs that pirouetted before her.

These glyphs seemed to converse with the universe, each twirl, each float, reminiscent of age-old chants.

On a screen not far from her, an SS-level equipment, gleaming with golden radiance, caught her eye. A hint of astonishment flickered within her deep, pond-like gaze.

Such equipment, rumored to only manifest in the later stages of the game, had made its appearance quite prematurely.

Her name was LiRuixue, a Daoist inheritor deeply rooted in family traditions. Her lineage originated in Zephyrheim, but due to ancient turmoils, her ancestors chose to migrate, laying their family's foundation in Haeloria.

The present-day Li family held an unshakable status in Haeloria. And the arrival of the Red Mist game bestowed upon her an unbelievable fortuneโ€”an SSS-level talent, "Benevolence Flow."

[Benevolence Flow (SSS-level)]: All your Daoist spells can be converted into skills, amplifying their power a hundredfold!

Description: Water benefits all things without contention; it's the contention of the non-contentious!

Nurtured by generations of Daoist teachings and now blessed with such a divine talent, LiRuixue was akin to a tiger sprouting wings, a reflection captured perfectly within water.

She had no concerns over acquiring skills, for her family's ancient scriptures were brimming with innumerable traditional Daoist spells, an inexhaustible resource.

Yet, the SS-level equipment before her invoked a sense of urgency, or perhaps, it was a challenge to her spiritual cultivation.



A man, armored in gleaming silver and wielding a greatsword, had eyes that sparkled upon witnessing the SS-level equipment.

His name was Andrew.

A descendant of King Arthur.

Endowed with the SS-level talent, "Edge of the Holy Sword."

[Edge of the Holy Sword (SS-level)]: When attacking with sword-type weapons, bypass 90% of the target's defense and multiply physical attack power tenfold!

Coupled with the unique equipment, the Sword from the Lake, which he had acquired from the Diamond Chest, he was poised to rival those with SSS-level talents.

Acquiring this Bone Ring would undoubtedly propel him to the forefront of the world.

With this thought,

Andrew summoned his butler.

"Uncle John, from now on, go all out to acquire SS-level skill books. Whatever he desires in exchange, grant it!"

Seeing the fervor in his young master's eyes,

John, the butler, nodded.


Meanwhile, warriors with talents from other nations also began to stir.

This equipment,

If obtained, would be tantamount to gaining an additional SS-level talent for oneself!

By now, it's universally known,

Just how crucial this piece of equipment is.

And of course, Harrison caught wind of the online buzz surrounding it. ๐‘“๐“‡๐˜ฆ๐˜ฆ๐“Œ๐˜ฆ๐‘๐˜ฏ๐˜ฐ๐‘ฃ๐˜ฆ๐˜ญ.๐‘๐˜ฐ๐‘š

"Darn, you're kidding, right? My best equipment is only F-level. Which god-tier player brought this SS-level equipment into existence?"

"To the naive one above, let me enlighten you. Such equipment shouldn't appear at this stage! Only from a Diamond Chest could it possibly emerge!"

"Diamond Chest? What's that?"

"The chests have already been reclaimed by the Red Mist game. But no harm in sharingโ€”above the Dark Gold Chest exists the Diamond Chest. Whatever emerges from it remains the most treasured in the game, never becoming obsolete, even in its endgame."

"Heavens! How did you come by such information? Have you opened a Diamond Chest yourself?"

"Heh, my cousin did. He's currently serving at the Celestial Bureau."

"Wow, the Celestial Bureau? I've heard it's a newly established national department, specifically recruiting players who've obtained high-level talents."

"Alas, we commoners can only dream. Before the cosmic shift, we were average. After the descent of the Red Mist game, all we got were bottom-tier talents."

"Don't be so quick to judge. I've heard of a fellow whose first nine talents were all F-level, but his last talent? SSS-level! Now that's the pinnacle of irony!"

"Yes, I've heard that too. Seems like he's under national protection now, probably to be leveraged in the future."

"This isn't the time to discuss that. Who do you think will end up with the equipment?"

"It's the SS-level skill book they're demanding in exchange. Who gets the equipment isn't the crux. The real question is: does anyone even possess an SS-level skill book right now?"

"Ha! True that. For small fries like us, this is about as much as we can speculate."

Witnessing the fiery online discourse,

Harrison felt a surge of elation.

The more heated the discussions, the more advantageous it was for him.

Surveying his surroundings, the once teeming wilderness was now barren.

It was time to return to the city.

Harrison was already at level 19.

Ordinary creatures of the wild no longer provided him with significant experience points.

His experience gauge barely twitched. freewe(b)novel

Within the city, where crowds thrived, BOSS-level monsters were more prevalent.

Only a BOSS could cause that stubborn experience bar to budge!

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