Global Apocalypse: All My Awakened Talents Are SSS-level

Chapter 11 -11-The Powerful Bone Ring
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Chapter 11: Chapter11-The Powerful Bone Ring

Before Harrison's eyes, the Dimensional Fissure seemed to be healing at an accelerated pace.

However, he wasn't about to let this treasure trove vanish without effort.

For striking the fissure would cause shards of the Parallel Dimension to scatter.

The worth of these Parallel Dimension fragments was unquestionably vast.

The enigmatic merchants wandering the major cities were willing to trade skill books, rare equipment, and wondrous scrolls for these shards.

Rumor had it that these mysterious merchants had only emerged after the land experienced its first catastrophe.

Their currency of trade was precisely these enchanting fragments of the Parallel Dimension. free(w)

In Harrison's previous life, whenever a Dimensional Fissure appeared, players would be over the moon.

They would not hesitate to launch ferocious attacks upon it.

In a way, the Parallel Dimension fragments symbolized shards of other unknown worlds.

Venturing into the Parallel Dimension and wreaking havoc within would yield even richer fragments.

It was for this very reason that countless Parallel Dimensions had been utterly annihilated.

Drawing upon magic elements, Harrison began to chant for a fireball.

Although Scorching Beam held an incredible power, at this moment, it wasn't as practical as the fireball.




The resonating blasts stirred the soul as fireballs relentlessly bombarded the slowly healing Dimensional Fissure.

Each attack Harrison unleashed was like a hammer blow to the fissure, chipping away its radiance bit by bit.

That arm from the Parallel Dimension held strength equivalent to at least level 90!

Had it not been for the mysterious balance law that weakened the adversary's power, Harrison might have met his end today.

Determination glinted in Harrison's eyes as he painstakingly gathered every shard of the Parallel Dimension scattered on the ground.

Counting them, there were 37 in total, a haul that would undoubtedly elate any adventurer.

Among the items sold by the enigmatic merchants, an S-tier skill book required 100 shards of the Parallel Dimension.

Now, he already possessed a third of that amount.

Then, Harrison's gaze shifted to the severed skeletal palm.

What stood out the most was a bony ring adorning one of the fingers.

A gemstone was set in the middle, gleaming every time it caught the light, as if imbued with life.

He crouched down, delicately lifting the skeletal fragment, feeling the cold weightiness of the ring.

With a firm tug, he slid the ring off the finger. Immediately, texts surfaced on the ring's exterior, revealing its attributes.

Harrison peered intently, curiosity swelling within.

[Toan's Bone Ring]

[Grade]: SS-level

[Effect One]: Strength boosted by 35%!

[Effect Two]: Physical damage amplified by 100% (Stackable with talent)!

Harrison fixed his gaze on the attributes materializing before him, and the astonishment he felt was beyond words.

He knew that when an equipment's attributes were exceptionally unadulterated, its power was unspeakably formidable.

What was even more remarkable was that such attributes could seamlessly merge with the user's innate talent.

He had seen numerous pieces of equipment; their properties were undeniably potent, but often they conflicted with the wearer's inherent talent.

For instance, if a warrior's talent could amplify his physical attacks tenfold, but an equipment's attribute only magnified it fivefold, the system would default to the higher multiplier for efficacy. π˜§π“‡π‘’π‘’π˜Έπ‘’π’·π˜―β„΄π˜·π‘’π‘™.π’Έβ„΄π‘š

Such equipment would then prove to be redundant in actual combat.

For those players specialized as warriors, the ring before them was undoubtedly an invaluable treasureβ€”they could even wear it up to level 100 without the need to swap it for other equipment!

But regrettably, this wasn't an equipment Harrison could utilize.

He let out a soft sigh, then accessed the trading system, placing the "Toan's Bone Ring" on display.

In the item's detailed description, he succinctly penned, "Looking for a trade: Bring a magus skill book of equivalent level!"

Even though this piece of equipment was exceedingly rare, what Harrison truly coveted were those skill books.

Especially the SS-level skill books. He firmly believed that obtaining one would propel his strength to unprecedented heights.

No sooner had the Toan's Bone Ring been showcased than it caused an uproar worldwide.


Smith, bestowed with the SSS-level talent [Super Strength], laid eyes on the Bone Ring, a look of intense yearning in his gaze.

"General, I need that equipment. It can undoubtedly elevate my power to be the world's finest!"

Beside him, the general appeared conflicted. "But there isn't an SS-level magus skill book available, how can we trade for it?"

Smith's expression darkened in displeasure. "That's not my concern. And also, I want those twin starlets in my room by today!" He added menacingly, "Or else..."

Seeing Smith's threatening glare, the general felt a sense of resignation. Reluctantly, he nodded. "The council has spokenβ€”they'll do their utmost to fulfill your wishes."

Smith grunted in satisfaction. "That's more like it."

He then glanced at his talent.

[Super Strength (SSS-level)]: Your strength growth is augmented a hundredfold, and your physical attacks are amplified a hundredfold!

Description: You are a Superman!

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