Global Apocalypse: All My Awakened Talents Are SSS-level

Chapter 1 -1-Reborn Twenty Years Before the Apocalypse
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Chapter 1: Chapter1-Reborn Twenty Years Before the Apocalypse

"Handsome, why have you stopped moving?"

Gazing at the twin-tailed beauty beneath him, her upper body exposed, Harrison was taken aback, nearly losing his composure entirely.

He stared at the girl, his eyes filled with surprise.

Tilting her head, the girl wrapped her arms around Harrison's neck and asked with a playful smile: "What's wrong, handsome? Just a moment ago you were so passionate... Could it be that after just a few minutes, you can't continue? Is it because I'm too tight for you? If you really can't hold on, just let go. I won't laugh at you, but you have to make sure it's outside."

Harrison felt a tight, slick, and moist embrace around his lower region.

Casting a glance downward, he noticed...

Their lower bodies were intimately "linked," engaged in the act shared between a man and a woman.

It seemed... he hadn't used protection.

The girl had an exquisite figure – full breasts, a slim waist, and fair skin.

She was dressed in a short skirt paired with over-the-knee white stockings, her style reminiscent of anime characters, precisely to Harrison's taste.

However, at this moment, Harrison was far from the mood for such intimacy.

Because, just a blink ago, he was struggling in the apocalypse. How did he suddenly end up on a grand bed?

Hold on, this girl looked somewhat familiar.

A memory began to form in Harrison's mind.

This girl seemed to be the one he had approached at the ACG convention twenty years ago.

He vaguely remembered that he had just broken up with his ex-girlfriend at that time.

To distract himself, he visited the ACG convention and met this stunning girl.

With his decent looks and witty conversation, he had managed to bring her back to the hotel that very afternoon.

But, weren't all those events from twenty years ago?

With this realization, Harrison quickly withdrew.

The girl looked at his still "aroused" state, expressing slight displeasure, "What's wrong? Am I not to your liking?"

Harrison didn't answer her, but instead, with a grave expression, countered: "What's today's date? Which year, month, and day?"

The girl looked stunned, her eyes widening, "Are you out of your mind? Why are you asking me this? Did you lose your wits during the act?"

Harrison pressed forward, his voice stern, "I'll ask one more time: what's today's date? Which year, month, and day?!"

The girl was taken aback and replied, "October 16th, 2023..."

"I've truly returned to twenty years ago?! And it's still the day of October 16th!"

Hearing the girl's words, Harrison was profoundly shaken.

Twenty years ago, the world operated normally.

The eerie Red Mist had yet to descend; the apocalypse had not yet dawned.

But on the evening of October 16th, everything would change.

The existing social order would shatter. Countless individuals from society's lower rungs would have a chance to rise.

Tonight, the ominous Red Mist would envelop the world.

When the Red Mist appears, every human would receive an opportunity: "10 rolls of talent."

Each roll grants one talent.

And these talents are graded as F, E, D, C, B, A, S, SS, and SSS.

The highest rank, the SSS-level talents, are unique.

Each SSS-level talent possesses immense power, and when fully matured, it can rival a deity!

Harrison remembered that the chances for a human to draw an SSS-level talent were incredibly slim, one in a billion to be exact.

Which means, out of the global population of 7 billion and with 70 billion talent rolls, theoretically, 70 individuals would acquire an SSS-level talent.

But that's just theory. As far as Harrison was aware, in his past life, only around 30 individuals possessed an SSS-level talent.

And each of these individuals, without exception, stood at the apex of humanity's hierarchy.

Of course, Harrison surmised that some of the unfortunate souls with SSS-level talents probably perished before they could fully mature.

Lost in these reflections, Harrison was oblivious to the growing impatience of the girl on the bed.

Crossing her arms, she said, "Hey, did you bring me to this hotel just to watch you daydream? Are we going to continue or not? I ditched my boyfriend to be with you!"

Snapped back to reality, Harrison realized he had been neglecting the woman before him.

"You have a boyfriend?" Harrison asked with a puzzled look, "Then why did you agree to come to the hotel with me?"

The girl huffed dismissively, "What's the big deal? My boyfriend is boring and nowhere near as handsome as you. He's just a sycophant really. I only gave him a chance because he'd been pursuing me for years... If you're not up for it, I might as well go find my boyfriend."

As she spoke, she began to dress.

Being a cosplayer, she was clad in a maid outfit that accentuated her figure.

As she dressed, she voiced her displeasure, "Had I known you were so impotent and premature, I wouldn't have wasted my time coming to this hotel with you."

Harrison's patience wore thin.

How could a man let a woman label him as impotent and premature?

After all, the Red Mist wasn't due to descend until midnight.

There was still time.

So, he chuckled coldly and lunged at her directly.

He casually tore open the maid outfit, opened the young girl's white stocking-clad beautiful legs, and directly went in!

"Calling me impotent and premature? I won't stop until you beg for mercy today; otherwise, my name isn't Blackwell. "

"Ah… Don't …"

The girl's pleas for mercy gradually turned into moans.

The two of them fucked heartily for nearly two hours, and the girl climaxed at least four times.

Finally, amidst the girl's incessant pleas, Harrison poured all his semen inside her, then get himself out with satisfaction. freew(e)bnove(l)

Before leaving the hotel, Harrison took a moment to shower, emerging refreshed.

As for the girl...

She was sprawled weakly on the bed, her eyes vacant, entirely drained.

Next to her, the phone buzzed continuously with a caller ID labeled "Boyfriend". It took her a considerable amount of time before she gathered enough strength to pick it up.

"Damn, I forgot he didn't wear a condom!"

She looked at her disheveled state, sinking into deep regret, particularly as today was her most vulnerable day.

However, she quickly devised a plan. When she answered her boyfriend's call, her first words were:

"Darling, I was just taking a shower. The ACG convention was so crowded today... Yeah, I was soaked in sweat, so I took a bit longer..."

"I'll see you tonight. As a treat... you can finish inside."


After leaving the hotel, Harrison hailed a cab, taking him straight back to the house he lived in twenty years ago.

He was an orphan, with both parents passing away while he was in college.

All they left behind for him were a house, a car, and a modest sum of money.

Just as he graduated, searching for the right job, the apocalypse struck.

In his previous life, Harrison's awakened talent was called [Healing Enhancement].

As the name suggests, it could amplify healing effects by 150%.

Due to this ability, he chose the class of a priest in the last life.

Being a healer, once Harrison allied with a major faction, he lived a rather comfortable life.

Moreover, allying with such a powerful group provided him with some vital intelligence.

Within this faction, there were a few uniquely special individuals, rumored to be the "Beta Testers" of the game, Red Mist.

These individuals, having prior knowledge about the descent of Red Mist, leveraged this intelligence to become formidable forces in the apocalypse!

In this lifetime, armed with the knowledge of living once again, Harrison was confident that he could surpass these so-called "Beta Testers".

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