Gin no Juujika to Draculea

Volume 05, Afterword
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Volume 05, Afterword

Finally, it's the last volume.

First confronted with the danger of almost losing his humanity, then a miraculous survival and apparently frequent crises with his virginity at stake and of course, getting his blood sucked every volume. This protagonist really has life rough.

I think that a vampire's act of blood drinking is a hidden metaphor for many things. In this story, I've thought over it quite a bit and I hope readers can imagine for themselves the unmentionable side of blood drinking.

I've been familiar with vampire stories since I was a child but I never thought I'd write one myself.

Mainly it's because there are so many famous works in this genre so it's almost impossible to find a place to start.

After all, orthodox settings like "getting bitten by a vampire turns you into a vampire" or "superior entities known as True Ancestors exist" are totally unavoidable. Adding my own understanding and blending things thoroughly, in the end, I wrote this series.

Also, the story also selected many well-known monsters as the sub-theme.

Hmm, speaking of orthodox routes, by having the Rushella the useless vampire and the child conception-obsessed Mei, I think I already broke this story.

By the way, here's my personal ranking. Among the monsters, I like Mei the most, followed by Kirika with her amazing feminine charms and girl power, Eruru whom I'd like to bring home as a younger sister, Reina whom I'd like as a friend and finally Touko whom I'd like to encounter in a paranormal adventure.

As for Rushella, well, what should I say? She's like an idol whom I can view from a distance but not defile with touch.

The selling point(?) of this work is ultimately based on the heroine. On this point, I am truly grateful for illustrator Yasaka-san's assistance, whose drawing skills exceed the quality of my writing. freeweb(n)

I should also thank the editor in charge who managed to elevate my ideas to this level.

Anyway, I blame myself for writing too slow and causing a lot of trouble for various people. At the same time, I really learned a lot through my experience in writing this series.

I dedicate my sincere gratitude to everyone who contributed to this series and all the readers who are holding this book in their hands. Thank you, everyone.

May we meet again soon in my next work.

Totsuka Yuu

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