Gifted Bride of the Sinned Prince

Chapter 607 - 607 Your first kiss
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607 Your first kiss

“So, the Fourth Prince wants to marry you?” Ye Xin asked Lin Jiao, who was lying on the bed. Her right leg was lying flat on the mattress while her left knee was in the air.

“Yes. Prince Mingquan told me he would like to know more about me. Since we shared—” she paused and pursed her lips together.

“Shared? What did you two share?” Ye Xin asked with inquisitiveness.

“Nothing. It was a slip of tongue,” Lin Jiao lied to her friend.

“Tell me. You cannot hide anything from your best friend,” Ye Xin complained to her.

“I am not hiding anything from you,” Lin Jiao stated.

“I will ask the Fourth Prince if you do not tell me,” Ye Xin threatened her.

“What will you ask the Fourth Prince when nothing happened,” Lin Jiao muttered.

“Don’t tell me you two did it,” Ye Xin said and widened her eyes.


Lin Jiao stopped blinking and turned her head to look at her. “How could you have such dirty thoughts?” She scolded her friend.

Ye Xin laughed and asked, “Then, did you two kiss each other?”

“No!” Lin Jiao immediately refused and it made Ye Xin chuckle. She was now confident that Lin Jiao kissed Mingquan and started teasing her for this.

“I didn’t kiss him,” Lin Jiao annoyingly said and sat up on the bed.

“Then did Prince Mingquan kiss you?” Ye Xin inquired. “How romantic!” She joined her both hands and brought them to her chest.

“Stop thinking weird things, Ye Xin,” Lin Jiao told her.

“Ayee, Lin Jiao. You should not be shy about this. Prince Mingquan is head over heels for you. You should not be stubborn. Tell me did your heart pump rapidly when he get close to you? Did butterfly start dancing in your stomach when he kissed you?” Ye Xin asked her a few questions from her friend.

“No such thing happened. Why are you saying that we k-kissed?” Lin Jiao complained and tried to deny this as much as she could.

“It is written all over your face that you keep thinking about your kiss with the Fourth Prince,” Ye Xin asserted.

Lin Jiao quickly placed her hands on her cheek and shook her head. “This cannot happen. I am good at hiding–” She paused to see the smirk on Ye Xin’s lips and realized that her lie was caught.

“I knew it,” Ye Xin jumped in happiness as she confirmed her friend kissed Mingquan. “So, how did it feel? Did your heart thunder against your chest?” She asked Lin Jiao again.

“I didn’t notice. Does such a thing happen?” Lin Jiao inquired with an innocent tone.

“Of course, it happens. How can you share your first kiss without feeling all such things?” Ye Xin furrowed her brows together and found Lin Jiao was so naive.

“Ye Xin, it was an accident. Not a kiss,” Lin Jiao finally told her.

“What?” Ye Xin exclaimed and asked her to explain everything.

“Yes. It was an accident. I went to trouble the Fourth Prince and in turn, he punished me. He asked me to clean the shelves at his workplace. There a shelf fell over us and he saved me. While doing so, our lips...” She tightly shut her eyes, “touched. It was just for a second. That’s why I said no kiss happened between us.”

“It is a kiss even if it was an accident,” Ye Xin pronounced with a wide smile. “It is the reason why Prince Mingquan told you he wanted to know more about you. He will soon marry you, Lin Jiao,” She said with excitement.

“No!” “This cannot happen. I don’t want to marry him. Marriage is such a big responsibility. I want to have fun,” Lin Jiao stated and held her head.

“Do you think Prince Mingquan has fallen for me?” Lin Jiao questioned her friend.

“I think so, else why would he have agreed to know more about a troublemaker?” Ye Xin inquired her.

“I am not a troublemaker,” Lin Jiao knitted her brows together.

“You are! Look at your knee. You ended up getting into big trouble yesterday. What if Prince Mingquan wasn’t there? He reduced you in such an amazing way,” Ye Xin affirmed and again smiled.

“He did rescue me, but he doesn’t like me. I know this. He wants to trouble me as well since I created a nuisance for him,” Lin Jiao mumbled.

Ye Xin shook her head. “Why are you so stubborn? After a certain age, you have to marry, Lin Jiao. Be it today, tomorrow, or some other day. You should not turn away from such a good proposal. I bet if you look at Prince Mingquan’s qualities, you’ll fall in love with him,” Ye Xin confidently said.

“You dream too much. I won’t fall in love,” Li Jiao said and scoffed at her.

“Okay. Then, next time you should do this,” Ye Xin said and leaned forward on the chair.

“What do you mean? What do I need to do?” Lin Jiao asked her.

“Look into Prince Mingquan’s eyes for ten seconds,” Ye Xin stated.

“Why?” Lin Jiao frowned.

“To know what your heart feels. If you blinked before the count of ten, you definitely like him,” Ye Xin pronounced.

“Aish! What kind of novel did you read? Where does such a thing happen?” Lin Jiao shook her head and told her friend she would not do such a thing.

“You should do it to find what is love,” Ye Xin stated. “Find out if Prince Mingquan has fallen for you. If he blinks first, then it will be confirmed that he likes you,” She affirmed.

Lin Jiao put a thought to it. “I know he will blink first. I will then tell him not to marry me,” She said with a smile.

Ye Xin caught her head. “No. You will then start to know him as well. It is tough to find a man, who falls in love with you first,” she proclaimed and smiled.

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