Getting a Sugar Mommy in Cultivation World!!

Chapter 51: The Protagonist?!
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51 Chapter 51: The Protagonist?!

"Rank 1 spirit Beast!" Xin Yan exclaimed out loud seeing the beast rushing in their direction. Her eyes shined as she took her sword out and said. "Let me take care of this one." Without waiting for a response she charged the beast and did not use her cultivation at all. All she was relying on was her body cultivation.

The Boar saw that the food it was eying was rushing at him and it charged with more vigor and tried to slam into her but at the last moment Xin Yan evaded the attack and slashed the boars neck killing it in one swoop.

"That was easy~" Noah rolled his eyes at her hearing those words. Just like him she had also cultivated her body to the peak of the second realm of Body Cultivation. Of course she could handle a late stage Rank 1 Beast with ease.

Taking the core out of the beast Noah stored the beast in the space ring which caused the two of his companions to look at him with puzzled expression. "Why are you doing this?"

"To get money in exchange for this crystal." To Xin Yan's question Noah answered without qi. "I can give you the money, if you want?" Elysia asked this time while tilting her head in confusion, suddenly something clicked inside her head as she exclaimed out loud. "Do you mind it because I said I would be your Sugar Mommy? You don't want me to be your Sugar mommy?" It seemed like her words hit the nail when Noah looked away from her.

Although she was asking with her icy plain voice, Noah could somehow feel she was acting like he left her after knocking her up. Xin Yan raised her eyebrows seeing their interaction. 'It seems you want to be my son's Mommy? Huh? When will you tell me what you want?' She was getting puzzled by their talks and when she saw that he did not tell her even after she asked so many times she stopped asking and ignored their talks.

"Sigh! Let's go, we have a Rank 2 beast to kill and loot." Noah tried to change the topic and ignored the devastated look in Elysia's eyes. They continued their journey and very soon they reached their direction. Along the way Noah encountered many Rank 1 beasts which he killed along with Xin Yan even though Noah could kill them alone, he did not wanna tire himself out. He had to save his stamina to fight against the final boss of their destination.

Arriving in front of a wide area Noah could faintly hear sounds of water moving, his ear perked up as started analyzing every tiny detail around him. He could see some traces of the beast around in the vicinity. Xin Yan also looked around vigilantly. They were going to fight a beast above their Rank right now. She noticed that Noah had a calm and steady look on his face despite the vigilance he was showing. It seemed like he was a veteran in hunting beasts. Which was actually true. During his early years as a mage Noah had to hunt the beasts Alone in the forests. He did not form teams with anyone because he did not want to split his resources with others.

"It seems like the beast is protecting something." Noah's words brought her out of her thoughts.

"How did you know?" Xin Yan asked with a puzzled look on her face. They did not even see the beast and he could tell that it was protecting something. She saw him waving his hand and a picture appeared in thin air. It displayed the beast coiling around something and sleeping.

The beast was a viper which has two fangs like long blades coming out of his mouth. It had white shiny scales covering its entire body and reflecting the ice that was spreading around with the viper as its center.

"A freezing fang viper!" Xin Yan exclaimed in horror. Noah also nodded with a serious look on his face. The beast was generally stronger than usual Rank 2 beasts because it has a layer of white scale covering his body. These scales were growing outwards from its body and can almost deflect any attacks of the same level. But that was not the most dangerous thing about this beast. It was the two blade-like fangs coming out of its mouth that were the deadliest thing about it. Even if those fangs graze past anyone's skin and create a cut that person would die instantly. The reason is the venom in the fangs can freeze the victim's heart in an instant without giving them the time to take an antidote. "Let's see what the beast is guarding?" With a swift move of his fingers the view changed and they could see the scene inside the cave from the top point of view.

When they saw what the beast was guarding, Noah's eyes widened in surprise and he took a deep breath. "Is this what I think it is?" he asked in a heavy voice while looking at Elysia. Xin Yan looked at the herb but did not recognize it. She never had any interest in Alchemy so she did not know about any special herbs. All she knows about are basic and top herbs that are known to the public.

Elysia looked at Noah and nodded to confirm his guess. "Why is this thing here? How is this thing here?" Hearing the Questions from Noah, Elysia opened her mouth to explain everything.

Little far away on the other side of the Forest. A young man pulled his sword out of a dead beast. The boy had sharp sword-like eyebrows, even though his skin was not that fair his facial features were quite sharp. He excluded a look of maturity around him. If Noah was here he would have definitely recognized the boy. He was none other than Yuan Ming. Pulling out the same rusty sword from the Mid level Rank 1 beast he looked at the beast. "Phew I had to unseal the cultivation to deal with this beast but it was worth it. I can use this beast core to gain merit points." The boy mumbled taking out a dull looking stone from the head of the beast.

If Long Tian was here he would have said. "I knew It! He is the protagonist!!".Yuan Ming's cultivation was enough to shock anyone at the ceremony. He was already in the Third realm of Qi gathering.

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