Getting $10 Trillion Out Of Nowhere

Chapter 39 - 39: Stunning Beauty
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Chapter 39: Stunning Beauty

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Brandon and Mandy looked baffled when they saw the two girls go away because they simply did not figure out what was going on.

They could not understand why an incel like Connor had suddenly become a VIP of New Century Restaurant.

“Mr. Sullivan…” Brandon stepped forward and wanted to ask what was going on. But, Andrew snubbed him and walked away.

Brandon should have been grateful for not being kicked out of the restaurant. If it was not for Brandon fanning the flames, Andrew would not have offended Connor.

It was the most ridiculous joke Andrew had ever heard in his life when Brandon said that the chairman of the New Century Restaurant was an incel and a food delivery guy.

“What’s going on with Connor, Honey? How could he have the money to dine in a place like this?” Mandy asked Brandon with a frown.

“Connor must have used some tricks to deceive the restaurant manager. Even if he had won a lottery, he would have spent most of the money at Brasserie Le Bernardin last time, so he couldn’t have afforded to dine in this place,” Brandon whispered, as he gritted his teeth.

“Should we tell the restaurant manager, then?” Mandy asked. She was frustrated because Connor was not chased out of the restaurant.

“I think Connor is colluding with the restaurant manager. It’s useless for us to talk to the restaurant manager now,” Brandon said. He remembered the restaurant manager’s attitude toward him just now. Plus, he was not a member of the New Century Restaurant, so it was pointless to talk to him again.

“Alas!” Mandy sighed when he heard Brandon say that.

“Don’t worry, an incel will always be an incel. Sooner or later, he will be exposed. It’s still not too late to fix him by then,” Brandon said sinisterly as he turned to look at Mandy.

“So, what should we do now?” Mandy asked, nodding thoughtfully.

“My friend should have arrived by now. Let’s go.” Brandon said as he looked at the time. π’»π‘Ÿβ„―β„―π‘€β„―π˜£π˜―π˜°π‘£β„―π˜­.π‘π˜°π“‚

Meanwhile, the pretty girl and the girl in a business suit were back in the Private Dining Room One.

They were stunned, and their faces looked surprised as soon as they stepped into the room when they saw Connor sitting inside.

Connor also saw the two girls coming in at once. He stood up with a hint of helplessness on his face and said, “What do you really want, beautiful? 1 have apologized to you for bumping into you yesterday. Throwing water on your face was also an unintentional act. Why are you still harassing me?” Connor was thinking about meeting his fiancee, so he thought the pretty girl was here looking for trouble.

“Why are you in this room?” The pretty girl looked at Connor and asked.

“I reserved this room. Where do you think I should be?” Connor said after he was startled for a second.

“That’s not what I am asking. I mean, why did you reserve this private dining room?” The pretty girl asked, looking shocked.

“To have lunch, of course,” Connor answered. He did not want them to know that he was here to meet his fiancee. Otherwise, the girl would create trouble with him again.

“Are you waiting for someone?” the girl in a business suit, who had been silent all this while, suddenly asked.

The question startled Connor for a second. He felt puzzled and said, “Yeah, 1 have an appointment.”

“Is the person you are meeting called Freya Phillips?” the girl in a business suit stepped forward and asked.

“Howβ€”How did you know that?” Connor looked in astonishment, and his mouth agape.

The two girls looked at each other helplessly as they knew that Connor was the fiance who the girl in a business suit was going to meet today.

“Iβ€”I can’t believe that your fiance turns out to be this satyr.” The pretty girl stuttered as she said it to Freya, who was rooted to the spot with a stiffened smile on her face. She was not a gold digger. But after hearing how Maya described Connor earlier, she already had a terrible impression of him, and naturally, she resented the fact that Connor was her fiance.

“What are you two talking about?” Connor heard their conversation and asked in puzzlement.

But, Freya and Maya were rooted to the spot, not knowing how to answer Connor’s question.

“Say something. How did you two know that I was going to meet Freya?” Connor stepped forward and continued to ask.

Freya looked at Connor and hesitated for a moment. Then, she bit her red lip and whispered, “Because I am the one you are supposed to meet.”

It was the shock of a lifetime, and Connor’s mind went blank instantly. Before meeting Freya, Connor had always thought that his fiancee was ugly and had an unpleasant personality. But, he could not have been more wrong. His fiancee was such a stunning beauty. Not to mention that she had a hot body and an extraordinary personality. He had first inherited a $io-trillion inheritance, and now, he was to marry a stunning beauty. He felt that he was the happiest man in the world.

Freya looked at Connor in front of her as incredulity and surprise filled her eyes. She never expected that her fiance was someone like Connor.

Maya was standing next to Freya, looking as shocked and dumbfounded as Freya was.

Freya could not accept it for a long time after she knew that she had a fiance. First, she did not even know who the person was. So, why should she marry him?

What kind of woman would not want to marry someone she really loved? Besides, it was the 21st century. Arranged marriages were so yesteryear. She had once threatened to kill herself just because she did not want to meet this so-called fiance. But then, after her father told her something, she had no choice but to accept it.

It turned out that Phillips Corporation was in financial difficulty and needed a large sum of funds to turn it around. He had sought out financing from many domestic banks and business partners, but none of them were willing to help. If this continued, Phillips Corporation was likely to face bankruptcy, and her father would probably have to go to jail for it.

Just when her father was in despair, a foreign company found her father and expressed its willingness to inject capital into Phillips Corporation on the condition that the Phillips family was to sell 51% of their shares to them and for Freya to marry Connor.

And so, that was how Freya became Connor’s fiancee..

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