Genius Military Doctor: Good Morning, Major General!

Chapter 32
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Chapter 32: The School Belle Ranking

A noble lady!

Hearing the word ‘noble’, Qin Yajuan’s heart yearned for it. With her mother’s affirmative tone, she felt that she would definitely be a noble lady in the future. Even if she married Cheng Gang, she would only be a business lady. There were too many rich people like him, and there was nothing to brag about.

“Mother said that it is too difficult to become a noble lady. Where can we get to know a noble?” Qin Yajuan instantly forgot about Cheng Gang and started thinking about how to become a noble lady.

Seeing that she understood immediately, a smile appeared on Mary’s face. “You don’t have to worry about this. There will be an outdoor tea party held by the daughter of the Earl soon. Qin Pan has never been there before. This time, you will go on behalf of the Qin family. What happens then will depend on your performance.”

“Really?” Qin Yajuan was full of confidence. “As long as I go, I will naturally have a way.”

“Yes, dress up well. The guests there will all be aristocrats, and you naturally can’t be inferior to them. Find a time to tailor a presentable outfit,” Mary reminded.

Qin Yajuan nodded and said excitedly, “Alright, I’ll go another day.”

When they were in school, Qin Pan realized that Qin Yajuan had been strangely excited and happy recently. She had no idea why, but she didn’t ask about it.

Instead, she went to school as usual. If Qin Yajuan caused any trouble, she would just deal with it.

“Thank you, Qin Pan. I have thought about this question for a long time.” The class monitor thanked Qin Pan with a red face. “Can I look for you next time?”

Qin Pan nodded. “Of course. You can look for me when you want to ask questions.”

The class monitor wanted to say something but Qin Pan was already pulled away by her roommates. When she saw them talking and laughing, the monitor’s face turned even redder.

“Qin Pan, look, what did I bring you?” Li Shihan pulled Qin Pan and said.

Her other roommate smiled and teased her, “Are you really promoting your precious specialty product every time you see someone?”

Qin Pan looked at the specialties her roommate gave her and smiled sincerely. “Thank you.”

Ever since the incident with Yang Yuele, her roommate’s attitude towards her had changed a lot. Through their interactions, they were now very good friends.

Her classmates also stopped judging her.

“Qin Pan, there’s another piece of good news. It’s about you.” Li Shihan pulled Qin Pan excitedly. “Did you know? You’re on the school belle’s list now.”

She looked so excited, as if she was the school belle.

After dropping their prejudice, everyone naturally realized how good Qin Pan was. Not only was she beautiful, she had a noble aura and was very kind. She always smiled gently at people and naturally attracted many people’s attention.

“School belle?” Qin Pan didn’t expect her to become the school belle. “It can’t be true, right?”

“Of course it’s true. Not only are you on the school belle rankings, but you’re also firmly at the top.”

Haha, Qin Pan laughed awkwardly. She found it rather meaningless and didn’t take it seriously.

During lunch, Qin Pan felt someone looking at her. When she looked up, she didn’t see anyone.

“She is Qin Pan?” Zhao Ya looked at Qin Pan who was not far away. Her eyes were filled with anger. “She doesn’t look that good. Tsk.”

“That’s right. She’s so ugly. I wonder who sent her to the school belle rankings. She must have used some underhanded means.” The lackey immediately flattered.

“I heard that this Qin Pan is not a good person. He keeps bullying Qin Yajuan at home. Look at how wronged Qin Yajuan is usually. It’s all her fault.”

“That’s all her? How dare she bully my friend? Hmph, let’s teach her a lesson.”


Accompanied by the woman’s scream, Qin Pan reacted quickly and pulled the girl to prevent her from falling. She used her other hand to shift the table to prevent the food from hitting her.

“How do you walk? Do you not have eyes?” Zhao Ya looked condescendingly at the people who were in a sorry state. Her eyes were filled with dissatisfaction.

She was lucky that he had not managed to trip this b*tch. Hmph!

Qin Pan helped the girl beside her up and asked with concern, “Are you alright?”

“I’m fine.” The girl nodded. “Thank you.”

When Qin Pan heard that the girl was fine, she turned to look at the culprit and sneered, “I agree. Some people just don’t have eyes.”

“You, damn woman, apologize to me.” Zhao Ya pointed at Qin Pan and said angrily, “You hit someone and still have such an attitude. Do you think that just because you are the Qin family’s daughter, you can look down on others? Do you think you can bully others as you wish?”

“Who did I bully? Miss, do I know you?”

“You know who you’ve bullied. Hmph.”

This woman looked a little familiar. Wasn’t she Qin Yajuan’s friend? Was she standing up for Qin Yajuan? Did she know?

She overestimated herself. Since she was Qin Yajuan’s woman, she would not let her off easily..

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