Genius Daddy in the City

Chapter 782 - The Dimension Within the Forbidden Ancient Desolate Realm Tablet!
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Chapter 782: The Dimension Within the Forbidden Ancient Desolate Realm Tablet!

Ye Chen caressed the surface of the Forbidden Ancient Desolate Realm Tablet with his palm. His vast Divine Consciousness slowly seeped in. This time, he finally discovered something.

It was because as soon as his Divine Consciousness touched the surface of the tablet, he felt a great suction force. His eyes became dizzy, as if he was falling from the sky.

When his vision returned, he saw a narrow space surrounded by several sealed walls.

Ye Chen’s eyes focused, “Is this the dimension inside the Forbidden Ancient Desolate Realm Tablet?”

As he entered, the four walls started to become blurry, as if there were ripples. A moment later, the walls began to shine brightly, and tiny light dots gradually appeared on them.

The specks of light grew larger and larger, eventually transforming into countless strange characters, powerful and beautiful, dense and organized. The atmosphere was heavy.

“Is this the bronzeware script from the Pre-Qin period?”

Ye Chen was shocked when he saw that.

The so-called Pre-Qin period generally referred to Xia, Shang, Zhou, and the Spring and Autumn period. Among them, the Xia Dynasty used the Xia seal script, the Shang Dynasty used the oracle bone script, and the Zhou Dynasty’s Western Zhou used the bronzeware script, also known as the golden seal script, while the Eastern Zhou was the big seal script.

After the Qin Dynasty unified the six kingdoms, everything was unified, including the measurement terms and the characters. The characters were all in small seal scripts.

Among them, bronzeware script was written on a bronze weapon, but what surprised him was that Western Zhou’s bronzeware script actually existed within the Forbidden Ancient Desolate Realm Tablet.

Ye Chen secretly frowned as his eyes flickered, “Could it be that the person who built this Forbidden Ancient Desolate Realm Tablet was from the Western Zhou Dynasty? Could there really be energy refinery cultivators from the Qin Dynasty on Earth?”

Speaking of energy refinery cultivators of the Pre-Qin Dynasty, one had to think of Daoism.

According to the records, the Daoist religion was first formed by the ancient Yellow Emperor. It was officially established by the Celestial Master Zhang Ling at the end of the Eastern Han Dynasty. He established the Way of the Five Pecks of Rice and established the foundation of the Daoist religion with Emperor Huang as the founder, Laozi as the daoist patriarch and Zhang Ling as the guru.

However, before the Qin Dynasty, it was said that the people who cultivated Daoism were not called Daoists, but energy refinery warriors. At that time, the Hundred Schools of Thought rose, and all kinds of philosophies, such as Confucianism, Legalism, and Mohism, were created.

At that time, someone suggested qi refinement. They also proposed cultivation theories such as beating a bull through the air, controlling objects with their mind, immortality, and ascension in the day. The most typical ones were Laozi and Zhuang Zhou during the Spring and Autumn period. Tao Te Ching and the Enjoyment in Untroubled Ease that the both wrote had been passed down until now.

After the unification of the Qin Dynasty, these energy refinery cultivators were then called fangshi. Later on, Qin Shi Huang even believed the fangshi’s words and sent a famous fangshi, Xu Fu, overseas to search for the three immortal mountains in search of the art of immortality.

In later generations, someone had once commented on Qin Shi Huang. Although Qin Shi Huang had only unified the six kingdoms after six generations of hard work, he was, after all, the monarch who unified the six kingdoms, whose achievements surpassed the three emperors and five sovereigns. If qi refinement and immortality were truly groundless, how could he easily believe it?

Everyone knew that the well-known ‘Romance of Ascending to Godhood’ came from before the Pre-Qin Dynasty, the Western Zhou Dynasty. Whether it was Nezha who roamed the seas or the Battle of Muye, they were all full of myths and legends.

Ye Chen stared at the magical light screen on the stone wall with a focused expression. Upon closer inspection, he realized that there were a total of 232 words on it. The writing was powerful, and they looked like they were alive.

However, there were some words that he did not recognize.

After all, he rarely came into contact with bronzeware script. Furthermore, bronzeware script came from Western Zhou, so there was a gap in his culture. Not only that, after the Qin Dynasty’s scholars were killed, many things were lost.

Even if the experts who specialized in ancient texts were placed here, they would probably be frustrated.

When Ye Chen tried his best to identify the 200 bronzeware script words, he realized that he only recognized about 80 words.

These 80 words were not even linked together. As for the rest, he could not figure it out no matter how hard he tried.

When he finally managed to connect the 80 words together, he was slightly shocked, “I can’t believe that there are energy refinery cultivators from the Qin Dynasty...”

By analyzing the 80 words, he vaguely learned that this Forbidden Ancient Desolate Realm Tablet was forged by an energy refinery cultivator from the Pre-Qin Dynasty.

To be precise, this energy refinery cultivator had lived until the end of the Qin Dynasty. Otherwise, he would not have carved the words ‘Long live the Qin Empire’ on the Forbidden Ancient Desolate Realm Tablet.

The energy refinery cultivator from the Pre-Qin Dynasty called Earth the Celestial Burial Planet. Later on, he came to the Ancient Desolate Realm due to some great change.

What excited Ye Chen the most was that the energy refinery cultivator’s method was actually the so-called ‘dimension replacement’ theory.

To put it bluntly, it was the Teleportation Formation in the cultivation world!

The so-called Teleportation Formation was a formation that connected space and teleport people and objects from a distance. Such a formation was not rare in the cultivation world. Who would have thought that the energy refinery cultivator of the Pre-Qin Dynasty would be able to figure it out himself?

In reality, Ye Chen had thought about using the Teleportation Formation. However, it was too difficult. In fact, it was impossible!

It was because if he wanted to return to Earth through the Teleportation Formation, then the prerequisite was that there had to be a Teleportation Formation on Earth, which was equivalent to a fixed point.

Otherwise, even if Ye Chen teleported into the space through the Teleportation Formation, he would run around like a headless fly in the spatial turbulence. He might even be teleported to other places like Mars or the Moon.

“This energy refinery cultivator from the Pre-Qin Dynasty was able to teleport from Earth to the Ancient Desolate Realm. This means that he must have a formation on Earth.”

On second thought, Ye Chen could not help but feel excited, “In other words, if I find the Teleportation Formation that the Pre-Qin Dynasty energy refinery cultivator left in the Ancient Desolate Realm, I might be teleported back to Earth!”

Of course, it was only his good guess. There were also many bad guesses. For instance, this energy refinery cultivator from the Pre-Qin Dynasty had come to the Ancient Desolate Realm by chance.

Moreover, even if he had really teleported here, and Earth had a Teleportation Formation that he had left behind, thousands of years had passed, and the world had changed. That Teleportation Formation had probably been destroyed long ago.

Ye Chen got rid of the distracting thoughts in his mind, “Even if there’s only a glimmer of hope, I’ll give it a try!”

He had already obtained the Earth Immortal Fruit. If he had to stay in the Ancient Desolate Realm for another decade or even decades, he could not afford to wait. Neither could his family on Earth.

Ye Chen started studying the bronzeware script on the light screen on the stone wall again as he thought to this point. He tried his best to deduce it despite the depletion of his Divine Consciousness.

That night, he walked out of the room and called the father and daughter to ask, “Is there a place with the word ‘ruin’ in it around the Tianfeng sea area?”

King Mu and Mu Caiwei looked at each other, “A place with the word ‘ruin’ in it?”

Ye Chen nodded solemnly, “That’s right. This place is very important to me. Please think about it carefully.”

After countless deliberations and research on the Forbidden Ancient Desolate Realm Tablet, he finally figured out something from the remaining hundred something unknown bronzeware script. The general meaning was that the energy refinery cultivator from the Pre-Qin Dynasty walked out of some ruin and came to the Ancient Desolate Realm.

In other words, as long as he found a place with the word ‘ruin’ in it, he would have the hope of returning to Earth!

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