Genius Daddy in the City

Chapter 583: The Black Cat in His Way, The Arrival of Hidemoto!
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Chapter 583: The Black Cat in His Way, The Arrival of Hidemoto!

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Although winter was approaching, there was no sign of late autumn in Miyama of Japan. The streets were filled with all sorts of beautiful flowers, giving off a refreshing atmosphere.

Ye Chen followed his memory and headed to Omakiyama with Chiba Yoshiko. Along the way, he saw many famous historical sites.

For instance, the Clearwater Temple, Meyama Historical Site Forest Park, Takada Nishiyama Park, Funagoya Hot Spring, the Ruins of Tajiri City, Eurabuki Port and so on. This also allowed him to gain a deeper understanding of Japan.

Along the way, Chiba Yoshiko seemed a little distracted, “Master, are we really going to Omakiyama?”

“What? Do you not believe in my ability?” Ye Chen smiled lightly when he saw that she seemed to be hesitating to say something. How could he not know what she was thinking?


Chiba Yoshiko hurriedly shook her head and explained, “Master is no different from a god in this humble one’s heart, b-but we’re going to the Hidemoto clan’s base. Not to mention that we’re outnumbered, just the head of the Hidemoto clan and that god...”

The four Yin Yang Master Clans had been dominating the Japanese for a long time. Even though she was from the Chiba family, she had grown up listening to the power of the Hidemoto clan.

Now, Ye Chen and her were going to charge into the Hidemoto clan’s base on their own. How could she not be scared?

Ye Chen shook his head lightly and said, “Go back if you’re scared. We’re not far from Omakiyama anyway.”

Night Demon was still missing!

The Hidemoto clan was the only way of getting Night Demon back!

Even if the Hidemoto clan was truly powerful, it could not stop his determination to find his old partner. Moreover, how could he, the Heavenly Emperor who once conquered the Immortal World, fear a small force in the mortal world?

“N-No need!” Chiba Yoshiko lightly gritted her teeth and refused.

She knew that from the moment Hidemoto Jiro died, she and Ye Chen were on the same boat. Whether she went or not, she would be the enemy of the Hidemoto clan. Ye Chen’s victory and defeat would determine her death.

Just when she was about to say something, Ye Chen suddenly pulled her behind him. Subsequently, he lifted his head and looked into the forest next to him, “Come out. Why are you hiding?”

“T-There’s someone here?” Chiba Yoshiko’s breath caught in her throat.

In the next moment, a black shadow suddenly leaped out of the forest. It was extremely fast and charged at Ye Chen like lightning.

“You overestimated yourself!”

Ye Chen scoffed coldly and stretched his hand out to grab the black shadow. Chiba Yoshiko heard a cat’s meow. The meow was extremely shrill, giving her goosebumps.

When she took a closer look, she realized that Ye Chen was holding a gigantic black cat.

The cat’s fur was completely black. However, all of its hair stood up at that moment and bared its teeth at Ye Chen while roaring. Red gleams flickered in its pupils.

“T-This is the cat from the Hidemoto clan!”

At that instant, Chiba Yoshiko seemed to have thought of something as a deep shock flashed across her pretty face.

It was rumored that there was a black cat in the Hidemoto clan that was raised by the mysterious master of the clan, Hidemoto Chiho. The black cat did not eat cat food and only ate people’s hearts and flesh. What was even more shocking was that if an ordinary person looked into its eyes, they would lose their soul.


Right at that moment, a strange redness flashed across the black cat’s eyes. It broke its tail and fell to the ground, turning into a black shadow that escaped into the forest.

“Master, don’t let it escape. It’s Hidemoto Chiho’s pet!” Chiba Yoshiko hurriedly reminded.

“Evil creature, where do you think you’re going?!”

At that moment, Ye Chen grabbed the black cat that had leaped more than ten meters away with his palm as a claw. An invisible force spread from his hand and turned into a giant hand to grab the black cat.

The black cat could not resist at all and was grabbed by him. Chiba Yoshiko was delighted. Just as she was about to say something, the black cat exploded with a bang and turned into countless black energies that dissipated.

At the same time, a golden chrysanthemum fell to the ground.

Chiba Yoshiko walked over by instinct, “What is this?”

“Don’t touch it!” Ye Chen shouted immediately.

Before he could finish, Chiba Yoshiko had already picked up the golden chrysanthemum on the ground.

She was stunned at first. Subsequently, she turned around and revealed a sinister smile at Ye Chen, “A Chinese man who came from afar. I can’t believe you could subdue Qiqi. It’s a pity that I’m better than you!”

If one took a closer look, they would discover that Chiba Yoshiko’s eyes were currently bloodshot.

At the same time, in the shrine several dozen kilometers away, more than ten mirrors stood in various corners of the room. More than ten rays of light shone from the mirrors, and all the light converged in the middle. At the intersection, a thin young man with rather ordinary facial features appeared.

A woman in a black dress had a golden chrysanthemum in her mouth as she looked at the figure before her with a strange expression.

The trap had been set since the moment the black cat appeared. The black cat was both a probing tool and a trap. Her goal was Ye Chen, but she did not expect Chiba Yoshiko to touch the chrysanthemum.

Sensing the change in Chiba Yoshiko, Ye Chen frowned slightly and said, “If I’m not mistaken, you’re the master of the Hidemoto clan, Hidemoto Chiho, right?”

“You killed my disciple first, and you destroyed the Chiba family!”

Chiba Yoshiko stared straight at Ye Chen and chucked, “I was going to look for you. I didn’t expect you to come to me personally. I’m going to dig out your heart and feed it to my Qiqi. Qiqi loves the flesh of Chinese the most!”

“You dare to kill a Chinese and feed to your demonic pet?”

Sensing what she was implying, Ye Chen’s expression turned cold, “I can’t let you live then. Let’s settle old and new grudges together!”

“Kill me?”

Chiba Yoshiko licked her lips. Her tongue was bright red, “I’m attached to this girl now. What a beautiful body, and she’s a virgin. Can you bear to destroy her?”

“I’ll destroy your sub-soul within seven steps. Subsequently, I’ll attack your Hidemoto clan and destroy your real body!” Ye Chen’s eyes turned cold as he charged at her at lightning speed.

“Perfect timing!”

Chiba Yoshiko grinned coldly and took the initiative to face Ye Chen. At the same time, she stretched two hands that were emitting black energy and stabbed at Ye Chen’s heart. Her nails grew in the wind as if she wanted to pierce Ye Chen’s chest.

However, Ye Chen was not in a hurry. He pointed between her brows and shouted, “Get out!”

The middle of one’s brows was also called the glabella!

In Daoist terms, the glabella was also called the Life Palace. It was the place where one’s energy and primordial spirit gathered. It was also the place where one’s souls and spirits gathered.

The reason why Hidemoto Chiho was able to possess Chiba Yoshiko’s body was because she had forcefully entered her body through her glabella and suppressed Chiba Yoshiko’s soul.

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