Genius Daddy in the City

Chapter 561: Scram Within Three Breaths, Or Ill Kill Without Mercy!
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Chapter 561: Scram Within Three Breaths, Or I’ll Kill Without Mercy!

“Lin Tai, it’s been three days. Have you prepared a billion yuan for us?”

The sudden scene shocked all the guests in the underground casino. Everyone could not help but follow the direction of the voice. Even Wang Yao, who was about to cripple Zhao Xiaotian’s hand, was no exception.

Who was that?!

How arrogant!

Did he not know that this was the largest underground casino in Lin City?

They were two men and a woman, and they looked like they were in their mid-twenties. They wore all sorts of branded clothes and wore expensive watches on their wrists.

The leader was a young man with a buzz cut. He had an arrogant look on his face, and his lips curled into a smirk. His gait gave off an invisible pressure.

“What are you guys looking at?”

The man behind the buzz-cut young man seemed to sense the anger in the crowd’s eyes. He grinned, “A bunch of ants. I’ll give you guys ten seconds to leave the money and scram. Otherwise, you guys will be stuck here with us!”

Everyone in the casino was furious hearing what he said. Anyone who could gamble in this casino was either rich or noble. They had never met such an arrogant person.

Wang Yao, who was already in a bad mood, could not help but curse, “F*ck, where did these three bastards come from? Get out...”

Before he could finish his sentence, his voice stopped abruptly!

He felt a sharp pain on his neck before he lost consciousness, and his head rolled to the ground!

Blood splattered all over the faces on the people watching aside!

Dead silence, the place was filled with dead silence!

Everyone’s eyes widened in disbelief.

Obviously, they did not expect someone to suddenly die!

Zhao Xiaotian, who was standing next to Wang Yao, was the most terrified. His face was covered in blood, and his eyes were filled with fear as he watched Wang Yao’s headless body fall onto his body. He did not dare to move.

When had a fifteen-year-old like him ever seen anything like this?


Someone let out a cry of surprise, which was followed by a wave of terrified screams. At the moment, everyone did not even bother to take the chips on the table. They rushed to the exit of the casino, afraid of falling behind.

Within a blink of an eye, almost everyone in the casino had left!

Only Zhao Xiaotian leaned against the gambling table. He held Wang Yao’s headless body in his arms and did not dare to move. He was obviously scared to his very core!

The young man who had spoken earlier flexed his fingers as if he was disdainful, “A bunch of ants. How can they not be scared? I only killed one person and they ran away.”

“Huang Yan, there’s one more brat here!” The woman in the jade-green dress giggled when she noticed Zhao Xiaotian.

“Lin Tai, I guess you’re being a coward for hiding instead of showing yourself?”

The young man with a buzz-cut looked around the casino and said with a plastic smile on his face, “Do you think hiding will help? If you don’t come out, I, Duan Hong, will kill your people first and then destroy your casino.”


Right at this moment, a furious voice came.

Subsequently, Lin Tai and Yang Tian leaped out of the room one after another. Their eyes were burning with fury!

“You two pieces of trash have finally shown yourselves!”

Duan Hong smiled coldly, “I thought you guys were going to hide forever. Have you prepared that one billion yuan for us?”

“Yes, hurry up and take it out. This is your only chance of survival!” The young man behind him, Huang Yan, laughed as well. His eyes were playful like a cat targeting a mouse.

They thought Lin Tai and Yang Tian would definitely show fear. However, they did not expect the two of them to suddenly laugh.

“How dare you guys laugh?”

The woman’s face turned cold, and killing intent filled her eyes, “Did the lesson Huang Yan teach you two not enough?”

“Kexin is right!”

Huang Yan’s expression was extremely grim, “The two of you might be considered experts in the mortal world, but to us, you’re no different than ants. At most, you guys are ants that are slightly more powerful!”

“You three idiots!”

Yang Tian laughed instead of getting angry, “We’re laughing because you don’t even know that you’re about to die, and you still dare to ask us for money!”

Duan Hong and the other two were enraged!

In the next second, Lin Tai took a deep breath in, turned around, and knelt down on one knee facing the private room on the third floor, “Welcome, my lord!”

Duan Hong could not help but look toward the third floor as he said with a face full of disdain, “I was wondering where you two pieces of trash got your confidence from. So it turns out that you’ve gotten help. I want to see what kind of helper gave you such confidence!”

“You’re courting death. You two pieces of trash, don’t speak too soon. You’ll suffer later!” Huang Yan grinned coldly.

“Brother, don’t do anything when the helper of these two pieces of trash get here. Let me do it. I want these two pieces of trash to witness our strength!” The woman licked her lips, and her face was filled with cruelty.

“Oh, really?”

A faint voice came from the third floor.

In the next second, the door of one of the rooms on the third floor shattered, and the pieces scattered.

Subsequently, a powerful force tore through the air.

A thin figure flew in the air. With his hands behind his back, he walked in the air like there were invisible stone steps beneath his feet.

Lin Tai and Yang Tian’s eyes burned with passion watching that graceful and outstanding figure!

To them, Ye Chen was an invincible existence, an undefeated legend!

“Not bad, no wonder they’re so confident!”

Duan Hong’s eyes squinted slightly where there were gleams flashing through rapidly. Huang Yan and the woman in the jade-green dress behind him were no exception. A grave expression flashed across their faces.

Clearly, Ye Chen’s appearance gave them some pressure!

After Ye Chen landed on the ground, Duan Hong said in a deep voice, “Are you the helper these two pieces of trash hired? I’ll make things clear first. If you don’t want to die, get lost!”

“You three pieces of trash are the ones who extorted a billion yuan from Lin Tai?”

Ye Chen stood with his hands behind his back with an indifferent expression, “Who gave you the courage? I’ll give you guys a chance too. Scram within three breaths, or I’ll kill you all!”

“Impudent!” Duan Hong and the other two were enraged!

“Young Master Duan, why are you wasting your time on him? Kill him first!”

Huang Yan sneered and clenched his fists. Cracking sounds rang out from his bones. He was filled with extreme power.

He stomped on the ground as soon as he was done speaking, causing the ground to shake violently. Subsequently, he suddenly appeared before Ye Chen like a specter. His right hand expanded with the wind, and his fist was filled with a sharp wind that seemed like it could topple mountains and overturn seas.

Lin Tai and Yang Tian turned pale from the pressure.

The reason being they had been defeated by Huang Yan in one hit!

They did not even have the ability to fight back!

Duan Hong and the green-dressed woman could not help but sneer when they saw this!

Huang Yan had executed the Huang Clan’s martial technique, the Tongbeiquan!

Using it to deal with ordinary martial artists in the mortal world was like using a butcher’s knife to kill chickens!

On the other hand, Ye Chen’s expression remained the same from the beginning to the end. He did not move at all despite Huang Yan’s fierce punch. Subsequently, he threw a punch too.

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