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164 Search

“Yuniang returned to the Su family. Other than San Lang, did anyone else see her?”

The person who spoke was Madam Qian.

Mdm Qian had never interfered in the village’s matters. This was the first time she had stood up.

However, after thinking about it, it was not strange. After all, her daughter-in-law’s child was delivered by Fatty Su, so she naturally sided with her.

Everyone looked at Auntie Liu.

Auntie Liu sighed. “I really didn’t see it. I went to cook.”

“What about Meizi’s mother? Isn’t she working for the Su family?” a villager asked.

The Sun family’s wife said, “She just said that she went to the river to wash her things! She wasn’t around at that time!”

“Sanlang, is what you said true?” the village head asked.

Su Can was unhappy. “What do you mean, Village Head? Are you suspecting that we deliberately got Sanlang to lie? How old is he? Ten years old! Can we teach him like this?!”

The village head explained, “That’s not what I meant…”

Su Can snorted coldly and said, “Little Su’s family has become rich recently. I know you’re close to Little Su’s family, but you can’t favor Little Su’s family. Don’t forget that if it weren’t for our Su family back then, the entire village would have starved to death!”

As soon as these words were spoken, those who wanted to speak up for the Su family fell silent.

Although the village head was being rebuked, he still had to ask what he needed to ask. “Sanlang, after you saw your eldest sister enter the back door of the Su family, did you follow her?”

Su Sanlang shook his head. “I went back to the house.”

The village head continued, “In other words, you can’t be sure of your sister’s whereabouts after that?”

He froze.

Madam Qian snorted. “That’s right. Perhaps Yuniang left on her own! She has her own hands and feet! Who can tie her up? They said that the Su family hid Yuniang. Where can they hide her? This place is only so big! The family went to town to do business! When Yuniang disappeared, they were not home! How could they hide her?”

The villagers finally experienced Aunt Qian’s combat strength. She usually did not fight with others. It was not that she did not know how to fight, but that she looked down on them!

Look at this logic. There was nothing wrong with it!

Su Yuniang disappeared when Madam Wu went to the river to wash the salted eggs. At that time, there were others by the river to prove that Madam Wu had been washing them and had never left.

When Madam Wu returned to the Su family, Yuniang was already gone.

Su Xiaoxiao and Su Ergou came back around noon. Liu Ping was even later.

Which member of the Su family had the time to commit a crime?

Not to mention Father Su and Wei Ting, the two of them were learning how to farm in the Li family’s vegetable field. Half of the villagers could testify.

Su Cheng raised his eyebrows arrogantly. “How is it? You have nothing to say, right? Do you want to go into the house and search? If you can find er, I, Su Cheng, will chop off my head and let you kick it like a ball!”

“I looked, and there is no one!”

It was actually Niudan.

He entered Little Su’s house from the back door, searched around, and came out of the front door.

Madam He wished she could beat this silly son to death!

Was he speaking up for the Su Family? The more he lived, the worse he became!

Su Can stammered, “Maybe Yuniang went to town to look for you!”

Su Xiaoxiao sneered. “Have you forgotten that you asked Su Erlang to ask the village head and Uncle Li just now? You said yourself that Yuniang didn’t leave the village.”

Su Can’s face turned red, and Su Erlang could not say anything.

Su Xiaoxiao couldn’t be bothered with the Su family anymore. She turned around and entered the house.

Su Erlang stopped her. “Fatty Su, where are you going?! You haven’t explained yourself clearly!”

Su Xiaoxiao glared at him coldly. “Finding Yuniang is more important than slandering the Su family!”

Su Erlang choked and his face turned red.

Compared to outsiders, no one in Su Yuniang’s family cared about Su Yuniang’s whereabouts.

The villagers looked at the Su father and son with skeptical expressions.

Su Erlang muttered without much confidence, “Don’t be hypocritical. You can’t find her…”

Su Xiaoxiao had already entered the house.

Su Cheng: “Ergou! Close the door!”

“Aye!” Su Ergou immediately closed the door of their house.

“Everyone, go search too,” the village head said earnestly.

A few brave men stood up and said that they would go home to get an oil lamp before searching for Su Yuniang.

The Su family looked at each other.

Su Can said, “Let’s hurry up and find them too.”

Su Jinniang looked toward the lit oil lamp in the Su family’s house. Two figures were reflected on the window paper in the east room by the candlelight. They were hugging the child intimately.

She was so jealous that she dug her nails into her palms.


Xiao Hu suddenly said that he had a toothache. Wei Ting held him on his lap, and Su Xiaoxiao bent down to examine him.

“No problem.” Su Xiaoxiao said.

Xiaohu rolled his eyes. “My teeth hurt.”


Su Xiaoxiao smiled. “You just want me to watch over you, right?”

Children had their own way of protecting adults. It seemed that as long as she stayed in the room, she would not be bullied.

It was such a childish and touching thought.

Su Xiaoxiao touched his head. “Don’t worry, I’ll be fine. No one can bully me.”

Liu Ping’s voice suddenly came from outside the house. “Uncle Su, Daya! The Su family has gone to the Li family to snatch the child!”

Su Xiaoxiao had heard it clearly in the Su family. They would not raise this child. Even if they snatched it, they would send it to the Zheng family.

The current Zheng family would not treat this child well.

Moreover, didn’t they agree to look for Su Yuniang?

Why did they turn around and snatch the child?

“The Su family’s reaction isn’t right.” Su Xiaoxiao frowned.

Wei Ting hummed faintly.


Father Su said, “That’s right! Damn it! He doesn’t take his daughter’s life seriously! He only knows how to fight with us!”

In Father Su’s opinion, the Su family was trying to snatch the child because she had been living with their family.

Su Xiaoxiao didn’t think so.

“Father, go over. We can’t let them snatch the child away. I’ll go to the Su family again and ask Sanlang.”

Father Su carried his machete to the Li family.

The men of the Su Family were all mobilized. Even Old Master Su was not around. They must have gone to snatch the child or to look for Su Yuniang with the villagers.

There were only Old Madam Su, Mdm Fang, Su Jinniang, and the ten-year-old Su Sanlang.

“What are you doing here?” Su Jinniang looked at her in surprise. “You came to me this time!”

In other words, she was implying that Su Xiaoxiao couldn’t hit her since Su Xiaoxiao was the one who came to her house.

Su Xiaoxiao raised her hand.

Su Jinniang dodged to the side!

Su Xiaoxiao looked at her strangely. She was just pushing the door.

Su Sanlang and Mdm Fang were there, so she asked Mdm Fang too.

Mdm Fang said, “I don’t know. I was cooking in the kitchen. Later, I was called over by my mother to find something for her. When I came out, Yuniang had already left.”

Su Xiaoxiao said, “Do you know why Yuniang quarreled with the family?”

Madam Fang shook her head.

Su Xiaoxiao continued, “Do you really not know, or do you not dare to say?”

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