Fury Towards The Burning Heaven

Chapter 1419 - A Couple on Fire
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Chapter 1419: A Couple on Fire

It was dead silence!

The tables turned way too quickly; it was so quick that they hardly had time to react. As the Heaven Emanations’ corpse dropped downwards, nobody paid any attention to it. This time, Jiang Yi did not make the yellow sand worms eat the corpse until only the bones were left. He only made the yellow sand worms eat the corpse until it could no longer be recognized. He made the corpse look so disgusting that people would not dare to stare at it for too long.

Near the Fire Abyss earlier, he made the yellow sand worms kill one of the Heaven Emanations from the Qin Clan. Although the yellow sand worms consumed the corpse until even the bones were left in pieces, he could not do the same to this Heaven Emanations. If he did, people might start linking these murders.

He had no other choice but to activate those yellow sand worms anyway.

The Heavenly Yang Fury Flames were too aggressive. He refined several balls of those flames on the way and caused them to become more powerful. If he released all the flames at once, Qin Yuewen would be burned alive for sure. He had no plans to create any trouble between himself and the Qin Clan. If he killed Qin Yuewen, he was afraid that even Mo Lingqiu would not be able to protect him.

He only wanted to cause more chaos to attract the attention of the Qin Clan’s formidable martial artists and allow the Poison Spirit to survive. At that moment, he had already achieved his goal. Once Qin Yuewen was captured, the formidable martial artists of the Qin Clan would be on high alert.

True enough—

The remaining Heaven Emanations arrived quickly. He retrieved the jade token for communications and shouted in a low voice, “Jiang Yi, don’t be rash. We can talk things out. Don’t kill my clan’s young mistress, or even the Assistant Pavilion Lord would not be able to help you.”


Jiang Yi spotted tens of people sending voice transmissions secretly, and his face broke into a grin. He did not say anything more to Qin Yuewen. Instead, he turned to the Earth Emanations on his left and said, “Get a Divine Boat out!”


The Earth Emanations hesitated for a few seconds and then summoned a Divine Boat. In a cold tone, Jiang Yi shouted, “Get into the Divine Boat and go to the front cabin!”

The Heaven Emanations standing opposite them nodded. The Earth Emanations opened the gates of the Divine Boat and flew in. Jiang Yi kept a firm grip on Qin Yuewen, who looked like she was about to pass out. Then, he followed closely behind the Earth Emanations. The countless yellow sand worms followed them in as well.

Jiang Yi instructed the little beast hiding in his sleeve to control the thousands of yellow sand worms so that half of them blocked off the front cabin and the other half blocked off the back cabin. Once the insect-walls were formed, he shouted, “Activate the Divine Boat’s shield, and go to North River City. If you dare to make any sneaky moves, your young mistress will perish for sure.”

Would the Earth Emanations have dared to do anything stupid? All the people present dared not make any rash moves. All they could do was wait for the Qin Clan’s elder to arrive. The Earth Emanations sealed up the Divine Boat’s restrictions and steered it towards the North River City at top speed.


Jiang Yi waved his hand, and the little beast yelped. The yellow sand worms crawling all over Qin Yuewen’s body immediately flew in all different directions. However, they did not fly too far away from her. Instead, they remained about three meters from Jiang Yi and Qin Yuewen and formed a pentagon-shaped structure around them. Jiang Yi and Qin Yuewen were trapped inside a house made of insects.

“Don’t worry, these worms are very obedient. They would not do anything rash; neither would they eat up your beautiful face!”

Jiang Yi felt Qin Yuewen’s entire body tremble uncontrollably. It was obvious that she was extremely scared. Jiang Yi whispered in her ear and kept a firm grip on her body as he led her to one of the seats along the side. He sat down and made her sit on his lap in one single movement. Seeing that she wanted to jump up immediately, he teased her. “They are all very obedient, but if you are not obedient, they might just eat you alive. I’ll advise you not to move...”


Qin Yuewen’s body shivered, and her expression was filled with anger and shame. Yet, she did not dare to make another move.

Her eyes were closed; she did not dare to look at the ugly worms. Nevertheless, she could not stop her divine senses from scanning her surroundings. She found that there was a dense wall of insects in every direction. The hairs on the back of her neck stood up. Women were most afraid of insects. What’s more, she had just witnessed one of the Heaven Emanations of the Qin Clan being eaten alive by these worms.

She gritted her teeth and spat in anger, “Jiang Yi, you are a devil. You will perish for sure this time, I—”

Qin Yuewen suddenly stopped mid-sentence. The hand that Jiang Yi had around her waist was moving steadily upwards. He grabbed one of her full and perfect breasts. She was an esteemed and respectable lady. No one had even held her hand before. How could she tolerate Jiang Yi’s rude invasion of her body? She felt her blood begin to boil as killing intent emanated from her body. She wanted to fight it out with Jiang Yi once and for all.


The hand that Jiang Yi had on Qin Yuewen’s breast glowed red, sending a heat wave throughout Qin Yuewen’s body and causing her body to tremble uncontrollably. She felt like she was being burned alive. Even the yellow sand worms could hardly tolerate the high temperatures. They began to dart around, which caused the Divine Boat’s restrictions to glow on and off nonstop. If Jiang Yi summoned his flames now, perhaps the entire Divine Boat would catch fire immediately.

“Young Mistress Qin, it will be very easy for me to kill you, do you understand?”

Jiang Yi spoke in an icy cold tone. Qin Yuewen tutted, pained and frustrated. She sensed Jiang Yi’s hand moving steadily downwards now, towards her waist where it lingered. The anger in her chest simmered down, and the killing intent dissipated also. Nobody wanted to die. She was a fresh, young lady; and yet she walked the line between life and death twice without passing out. This was already proof enough that she was of a strong heart.

“Jiang Yi, what do you want?” Qin Yuewen said in a low voice, through gritted teeth, “Let me go at once. Let me go!”


Jiang Yi gently blew against her ear and whispered, “If you don’t want to face even greater humiliation and torture and if you don’t want to die, then just sit still. You are a smart woman. Don’t cause yourself more trouble, understand?”

Qin Yuewen was a smart woman indeed. She knew that she alone was no match for Jiang Yi. If she did not want to die and if she did not want to be further violated by Jiang Yi, she could only wait for the three elders of the Qin Clan to arrive.

Jiang Yi did not speak again. He entered the State of the Union of Heaven and Man and surveyed the situation outside. Things were a mess. There were five hundred Earth Emanations and one Heaven Emanations left. None of them made it in time to collect the corpse of the dead Heaven Emanations before they had to follow the Divine Boat. Each of their faces revealed the anxiety and rage they felt inside.

Once the three elders of the Qin Clan received the voice transmission, they rushed over. Although the Titled Heaven Emanations’ skills were frightening, they needed time to get there. Jiang Yi maintained his cool and kept a close eye on the surroundings. His flames were already ready in his palm.

If the Qin Clan dared to pull any tricks, he... would dare to destroy everyone!

Jiang Yi remained seated nonchalantly, but Qin Yuewen felt like time was crawling by. She was an esteemed and respected lady, and yet she was seated on a man’s thigh, with his arm around her waist. It was almost like she was being held by her lover, and yet she despised and hated the man more than she did anyone else. This was driving Qin Yuewen crazy, but she could not even move.

Her own shame, the uncomfortable sitting position, the romantic aura, and the awkward silence were all becoming too much for Qin Yuewen to handle. These short two hours would certainly be unforgettable.


Two hours later, the Fifth Elder of the Qin Clan finally arrived. Through voice transmissions he received along the way, he understood the entire situation. The moment he arrived in the vicinity of Qin Yuewen, his strong divine senses cut through the restrictions of the Divine Boat and locked in on Jiang Yi and Qin Yuewen.


Fifth Elder’s divine senses were powerful, but Jiang Yi was in the State of the Union of Heaven and Man. He effortlessly sensed that something was amiss.

His hand glowed, and a heat wave shot out. Jiang Yi opened his eyes and looked at Qin Yuewen whose face was a mask of pain. “A formidable martial artist from your clan is here. Tell them to follow us without causing any trouble by attempting to rescue you. We can talk again once we get to North River City. Otherwise, both of us will be a couple in fire.”

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