Fury Towards The Burning Heaven

Chapter 1350 - Green Eagle King
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Chapter 1350: Green Eagle King

Blue Eagle Prefecture, on Blue Eagle Mountain...!

A group of the strongest martial artists and important people from Blue Eagle Prefecture had already remained here for a few Lower-Domain days, but there was not a hint of dissatisfaction on anyone’s face. This was because the Prefecture Lord was still standing in front of the group silently. If even the Prefecture Lord was silent, what could they say?

Of course, a few people were beginning to grumble in their hearts. How important were these people anyway? How dare they keep everyone waiting for such a long time? It was fine that they were being kept waiting, but even the Prefecture Lord Xiao Hong was waiting—he was the top formidable martial artist in the Earth Emanations Domain.

Luo Xiang was so anxious that he felt like a fire was burning up in his chest. Just a while ago, he received a message that Jiang Yi was out of the city. Luo Fu was leading a group of formidable martial artists from the Battle God Pavilion Luo Clan towards the Blue Lion City.

He and Luo Fu had been at odds for several years. He was the snake, and Luo Fu was the fierce dragon coming their way.

The Earth Emanations Pavilion was the strongest power inside the Earth Emanations Domain, but the Battle God Pavilion was the strongest in the entire Heaven Domain. That was why the Earth Emanations Sovereign had quietly sent a message to every City Lord, instructing them not to fight with people from Battle God Pavilion unless there was a good reason to do so. Of course... the Battle God Pavilion’s General Pavilion in the Earth Emanations Domain had also instructed them not to cause trouble unnecessarily!

Therefore, the Battle God Pavilion Luo Clan and Earth Emanations Pavilion Luo Clan had always been at loggerheads. Neither one could stand the other!

Now, a battle was brewing between them.

This time, the Earth Emanations Pavilion Luo Clan was the one who started it. He had given the nod of approval to Luo Qingyan’s plan. The moment Jiang Yi lands in the Battle God Pavilion Luo Clan’s hands, Luo Fu—this mad man—would surely attack the Earth Emanations Pavilion Luo Clan with all he had. Even the Prefecture Lord of Blue Eagle Prefecture would not be able to stop him then.

He knew Luo Fu inside and out. This man was extremely domineering and merciless. He would ordinarily not do anything, but once he did, he would make sure that there would be bloodshed. Since he was going to the Blue Lion City himself this time—not only would Luo Qingyan be in danger, but the entire Earth Emanations Pavilion Luo Clan would be in danger as well!

Just thinking about this caused Luo Xiang’s eyes to dart around. He kept looking at Xiao Di. He pondered for a full minute before he could take it no longer. He gritted his teeth and prepared himself to tell Xiao Di everything that had happened so far. He wanted Xiao Di to go with him to Blue Lion City. Luo Qingyan was already engaged to be married to Xiao Di’s grandson. Xiao Di would surely not stand back and watch her die, would he? After all, the Xiao Clan’s reputation would suffer as well.


At that exact moment, the Teleportation Formation in front of them lit up. The beam of light shot up into the sky. It was so bright that it illuminated half of the sky. Luo Xiang swallowed the words that were already at the tip of his tongue. The important men were already here. At a time like this, none of them dared to mess around. If anyone dared to do so, Xiao Hong would deal with them harshly for sure. Luo Xiang had no choice but to suppress the increasing worry he felt in his chest and keep waiting.

He waited for five full minutes before the beam of light around the Teleportation Formation finally dissipated.

Even such a strong Teleportation Formation needed five minutes to complete the teleportation. One could only imagine how far these people were teleporting from. The twenty thousand people there immediately turned to the Teleportation Formation, wanting to see who was going to step out of it.

Nine figures slowly congealed inside the Teleportation Formation. Xiao Hong, who was still standing right in front, scanned each of them and immediately got down on one knee, shouting, “Xiao Hong pays his greetings to Lord Mo and all the Lords!”

Thud! Thud!

Twenty thousand people immediately fell to their knees. Many people did not even get to catch a glimpse of the visitors, but they did not dare to steal a glance now. Xiao Hong was already on his knees, who dared to remain standing? Lord Mo? That was the clan member of the Earth Emanations Sovereign himself! That was indeed Mo Lingqiu, the Assistant Pavilion Lord of Earth Emanations Pavilion’s General Pavilion. The Earth Emanations Sovereign also had Mo as his last name!

Mo Lingqiu looked very dignified. He looked like a young man, without a hint of agedness on his face. He must have consumed many anti-aging spirit fruits in his life. His skin was a deep copper, his face was handsome, and his features were chiseled. What would form the deepest impression was his gaze. It was sharp as a sword and extremely bright as well. One look at his eyes would cause anyone to feel like they were being pierced right through the chest. The man’s nose was sharp, and so were his eyebrows. This was a very charming man indeed.

He did not spare Xiao Hong and company even a glance. Instead, he turned to the beautiful middle-aged woman beside him. This woman must be quite old; thin crow’s feet were appearing at the corners of her eyes. However, her figure was still impeccable, and her face was still beautiful. This middle-aged woman must have been a top beauty when she was younger.

The woman was dressed in an emerald green, long robe. Her hair was emerald green as well. The most eye-catching thing about her was the little green horns hidden in her hair. She must be a formidable martial artist of an extraordinary race. There were five men behind her, and each of them was dressed in green battle armor. Their expressions were cool, and their eyes were overflowing with pride. Similarly... each of them had horns in their hair.

They are all Heaven Emanations! Mo Lingqiu and that woman must be Heaven Emanations!

The kneeling crowd’s hearts began to race. They had heard of Mo Lingqiu before, but none of them had ever seen him. Now, feeling his aura made them realize that he was a really formidable martial artist!

Heaven Emanations was what the Earth Emanations Pavilion would refer to them as. The Battle God Pavilion would refer to them as God Thearchs, and the Demon-Killing Pavilion would call them Demon-Killing Battle Gods. No matter the name, the meaning was the same. To arrive at such a cultivation level meant that their skills were already at the peak-stage of Heaven Emanations. They were the strongest existence in the Earth Domain.

Mo Lingqiu brought two guards with him. They must have come together with these six people, but what are these six people doing here in Blue Eagle Prefecture? What race are they exactly? I don’t think the Earth Domain has ever seen a race as strong as this; she’s even here with Mo Lingqiu himself?

The same questions arose in many people’s minds. Mo Lingqiu smiled and opened his mouth, causing the crowd’s minds to stop running wild. As the crowd remained kneeling, Mo Lingqiu said, “Big Sister Mu, this is Blue Eagle Prefecture. Please, go in and have a cup of tea. Xiao Hong and company have been waiting for us for a long time. You have to show them some respect, right?”

“Young Brother Mo has already spoken so I must show them respect!”

The woman’s answer carried a strong sense of pride. She was acting like she was above even Mo Lingqiu, but he seemed to be used to it. He smiled gently and led the woman to a castle in the distance. Xiao Hong brought a few people with him and followed them closely. He was obviously trying his best to go in front of them to lead the way.

“Alright, everyone, stand up!”

As Xiao Hong left with a few people to host the guests, Xiao Di remained with the crowd. Once Mo Lingqiu and company disappeared, Xiao Di waved his hands. “Everyone, go to Blue Eagle Prefecture and wait. The Prefecture Lord might call on you at any time. These important people must be here to run some errands. Be on your toes and wait on them properly.”

Everyone left, one by one. It was then that Luo Xiang walked over to Xiao Di anxiously, cupping his hands. “Lord Xiao Di, something shocking has happened. Qingyan is in grave danger, and she may lose her life anytime!”

Xiao Di did not follow Xiao Hong, because he realized from Luo Xiang’s expression that something was amiss. He guessed that something had happened. Without spouting any more nonsense, he turned to leave instructions to one of the disciples of the Xiao Clan. “Let’s go. Little Qingyan cannot die, or our little boy will throw a tantrum for a long time. Whoever dares to kidnap my granddaughter-in-law, no matter who he is... must die!”

“Many thanks, My Lord!”

Luo Xiang was on the verge of tears. With these words from Xiao Di and the fact that he was attending to this matter personally—not only did Luo Qingyan have hope, but the Battle God Pavilion Luo Clan’s Luo Fu might even perish! The two of them flew up into the air and soon disappeared into the Teleportation Formation at Blue Eagle City.


“Big Sister Mu!”

In the most elegant castle on Blue Eagle Mountain, Xiao Hong served his best spirit fruits and spirit tea, allowing the group to have a taste. A moment later, Mo Lingqiu turned to the woman and asked, “We’ve already arrived at Blue Eagle Prefecture. You have to tell me... what are we doing here?”

Big Sister Mu said nothing but turned behind to a middle-aged, burly man. The latter retrieved a green pearl which was glowing green. As the pearl glowed, the middle-aged man closed his eyes, not knowing what to say.

A moment later, the middle-aged man opened his eyes and said in a low voice, “Lord, I’ve sensed it. Young Mistress is in Blue Eagle Prefecture, in the south!”

“Young Mistress?”

Mo Lingqiu’s sharp eyebrows furrowed. Astonished, he asked, “Big Sister Mu, your young mistress? Could it be the Green Eagle King’s daughter? How... could that be?”

“Why not!”

Big Sister Mu jumped on her feet and exclaimed. “Young Brother Mo, I’ll explain all of this to you another time. We have to go and find our young mistress now! Let’s go!”

“The Green Eagle King?”

Xiao Hong had been very confused about these people’s identity the entire time. On hearing these three words, his entire body shook uncontrollably. Then, he got increasingly nervous. The Green Eagle King’s daughter was in Blue Eagle Prefecture? Nothing must happen to her, or the Green Eagle King would shred him to pieces.

“I’ll go with you!”

Mo Lingqiu seemed to have realized that this was an important matter. He quickly followed Big Sister Mu and company out. Xiao Hong stiffened and then followed them as well. “Lords, I will lead the way!”

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