Fury Towards The Burning Heaven

Chapter 1339 - Name Your Request!
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Chapter 1339: Name Your Request!

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Luo Qingyan’s words alarmed all the formidable martial artists in the backyard. Luo Qingyan was City Lord Luo’s only daughter. All along, the City Lord saw Luo Qingyan’s life as more important than his own. Most importantly, Luo Qingyan was both beautiful and intelligent. She was still young; in Higher-Domain time, she was considered just twenty years old.

Yet, she was already a God General. The formidable martial artists of the Earth Emanations Pavilion Luo Clan all favored her and nurtured her as their own successors. This was the same reason why City Lord Luo left the peak-stage God King behind and did not take him the Blue Eagle Prefecture with him. City Lord Luo wanted this man to protect his daughter.

Swish! Swish!

Ten God Kings immediately flew into the air, looking as though a beehive had just exploded. Countless God Generals flew toward Jiang Yi, and tens of formidable auras engulfed the entire Qingyan Pavilion.


Jing Yi did not think that Luo Qingyan would react so quickly. All they did was exchange a look, and she immediately realized that something was wrong. He already used the Rootless Water. Even ordinary God Kings could not see through his disguise so how did Luo Qingyan manage to?

In actual fact...

The problem was with the Rootless Water. The reason that Luo Qingyan could see through Jiang Yi so quickly was because of this Rootless Water. She had done something to the water. Of course, she did not add any poison inside it. She only added a special type of powder. This powder helped her to recognize Jiang Yi easily. She had been afraid that Jiang Yi would escape after arriving at the Demon Fire Mountain so she added the powder into the Rootless Water in the hopes that it would be easy for them to find him if such a thing happened.

The strange thing was Gu Mu did not know about any of this. Luo Qingyan only gave him a pearl and told him that he was to use the pearl to find Jiang Yi if the latter went missing. From beginning to end, Jiang Yi never tried to escape. Since Gu Mu had been depressed recently, he did not even think about this matter.

No matter how Luo Qingyan saw through his disguise, Jiang Yi still reacted quickly. Immediately, he decided to take matters into his own hands. He shouted, “Gu Mu, stop them!”


He charged toward Luo Qingyan. Gu Mu was a soul slave; he naturally did not dare to defy Jiang Yi’s orders. He also knew what Jiang Yi wanted to do. At that moment, fear overwhelmed him. He jumped into the air, a huge metal rod appearing in his hands. Then, he charged towards the peak-stage God King, who was leading the entire group.

The peak-stage God King was quite old. His face was covered in wrinkles, and his eyelids drooped down so that half of his eyeballs were covered. However, a crazy aura surrounded his body, which pressed down on Jiang Yi so that the latter could hardly breathe. Before he even reached Jiang Yi, he hollered in rage. “How brave! You dare to hurt Young Mistress; you will die today for sure!”

“Gu Mu, how dare you betray our clan? You’re done for!”

“Betrayers of our clan will be tortured to death with a hundred and eight different kinds of torture...”

A few God Kings cried out in anger. They all reacted quickly, but they were flying in from their various pavilions. At the very least, they required two or three seconds. They were flying in from such a distance while Jiang Yi, Gu Mu, and Luo Qingyan were all so close to one another. None of them dared to deal any attacks.

Jiang Yi charged towards Luo Qingyan as quickly as he could, the Fire Dragon Sword appearing in his hands. He already dealt the Divinity Slayer earlier. At the same time, one of his hands glowed. Before the Merged Flames even appeared, a terrifyingly intense heat spread outwards from his hand. The countless flowers and plants in the backyard caught fire immediately. Even the water in the lake far away evaporated, turning into steam and rising into the air.


Luo Qingyan’s blue battle armor appeared around her body, along with a pretty little green sword, which appeared in her hand. The green sword glowed, causing gentle spatial fluctuations. It was obvious that she was going to engage her nomological mystical abilities to stop Jiang Yi from coming any closer.

Luo Qingyan was very smart. She knew that she could only hope to live on if she stopped this blow from Jiang Yi. The God Kings would be able to crush Jiang Yi to pieces easily once they arrived. On seeing that Luo Qingyan was about to deal a blow, Jiang Yi immediately rolled out his Merged Flames. His heavenly powers amplified his voice as he shouted, “Young Lady Luo, my advice to you is not to move. Otherwise, you might well turn into barbecued meat!”


The flames began to roll out. Even ordinary God Kings would not be able to withstand these flames, much less Luo Qingyan, whose skills were still a far cry from God Kings’. The green battle armor around Luo Qingyan’s body was a valuable superior-grade divine artifact. However, it still stood no chance against the high temperatures. Her entire body started to burn up. She immediately changed her mind and stopped trying to attack Jiang Yi. Fearfully, she retreated.

The smarter a person was, the more he or she would fear death!

The smarter a person was, the less he or she would like to employ brute force as well. She loved to strategize. With her different strategies at her fingertips, she could make her enemies turn into dust. Luo Qingyan’s battle skills were great, and the little green sword in her hand was a superior-grade divine artifact as well. If she had given all she had to attack Jiang Yi, she could have stopped Jiang Yi from coming any closer.

There were so many God Kings in the air, flying towards them. If she could buy herself some time, she could have had a chance to live. She had superior-grade battle armor; the most the Merged Flames could do was injure her severely. There was a high chance that she would not be burned alive.

However, she was just a lady. She had little to no practical experience in fighting. She had always been protected by elders and formidable martial artist, and so she had never met such a terrifying attack. These flames caused her so much pain that she naturally retreated.

Yet... the Divinity Slayer employed the powers of heaven and earth to suppress its enemies, and the high temperatures were messing with her own heavenly powers. Could she get away?


Jiang Yi’s eyes glinted. The flames in his hand disappeared. He charged forward to close the distance between him and Luo Qingyan. In just two seconds, he arrived right next to her.


Three Fire Dragons exploded, but they had no effect against Luo Qingyan’s superior-grade divine artifact. In fact, her body did not even tremble.

With one hand, Jiang Yi held the astonished and confused Luo Qingyan’s neck. His other hand glowed, again preparing to release the Merged Flames. Jiang Yi shouted, “Everyone, stop! Otherwise, your clan’s young mistress will turn into barbecued meat at once. You should know how powerful my flames are!”


Gu Mu had just been struck harshly by the peak-stage God King. Gu Mu’s skills were not far off from that God King’s, but Gu Mu had already been so gravely injured just days before. The peak-stage God King, frightened by Jiang Yi’s flames, immediately turned to glare at him. He held off his attacks.


Gu Mu was thrown into the garden. He climbed to his feet again and then spat out a mouthful of blood. He took one look at Luo Qingyan, who had a pained expression on her face as Jiang Yi held her neck. A look of pain flashed across Gu Mu’s own face. He had watched Luo Qingyan grow up with his own eyes. Yet, he was helping Jiang Yi to take her hostage at a time like this.

He was very sure that Jiang Yi had already succeeded. His flames were too powerful. No one dared to mess around with him. A few God Kings could have killed Jiang Yi in an instant, but if the latter summoned his Merged Flames just before dying, Luo Qingyan could really turn into barbecued meat. She would be burned alive.


The other God Kings dared not talk or even move. The peak-stage God King elder locked his gaze on Jiang Yi and spoke in a cool tone. “Do you know who our young mistress is? Do you know who she is engaged to be married to? I promise that if you kill her, everybody related to you will perish.”

“Shut up, old dog!”

Jiang Yi tightened his grip around Luo Qingyan’s neck and lifted her body up slightly, blocking his body with hers. He scanned the peak-stage God King from head to toe with a cool gaze and said, “Even if she were the Prefecture Lord’s daughter or the Earth Emanations Sovereign’s daughter, I would kill her if you force me, too. I don’t care that she is the City Lord’s daughter. If you don’t believe me, you can come and take a shot!”

Luo Qingyan was really frightened speechless. She stole a glance at Jiang Yi’s hard expression. Even though she was hanging in mid-air by her neck that she could hardly breathe, she was still smart enough to remain calm and not move. She did not even dare to say anything to provoke Jiang Yi any further.

Jiang Yi was only a minor character. If a person like that could do something this crazy, it meant that he had no other way out. People in such situations were akin to mad dogs. If they continued to push him to a corner, he would definitely take her down with him.

Since Jiang Yi did not kill her but only took her hostage, it meant that she still had a chance to survive. In mere seconds, Luo Qingyan figured this out. With difficulty, she said, “Sixth Grandfather, back off. Jiang Yi... you’ve won. Name your request!”

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