From Sidekick to Bigshot

Chapter 17: You’re So Much Better Than Jian Yiling
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Chapter 17: You’re So Much Better Than Jian Yiling

Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

Although the female classmate didn’t hear about how Jian Yiling was treated by the Jian family, she concluded from Mo Shiyun’s words that it was Jian Yiling who pushed Jian Yunnao down the stairs.

The female classmate was called Zhu Sha. She was in the same class as Mo Shiyun and Jian Yunnao. Zhu Sha was the representative of the final year experimental class. Her literature grades were exceptional and her other grades were good as well. Although her appearance was average, she had a good relation with Mo Shiyun.

Zhu Sha liked Jian Yunnao. She had previously wanted to get close to Jian Yunnao through Jian Yiling as she was his sister. If she got along with his sister, then her relationship would become closer to Jian Yunnao.

However, Jian Yiling didn’t care about her at all. She wasn’t even polite about telling her to stop thinking about her brother.

Of course, Zhu Sha was not convinced. Why was she called delusional for liking Jian Yunnao? Did Jian Yiling even look at herself in the mirror!

Not only did Zhu Sha fail to get closer to Jian Yunnao through Jian Yiling. She also became super angry.

And thus, Zhu Sha approached Mo Shiyun.

Compared to Jian Yiling whose temper was akin to a demon, Mo Shiyun’s character could be regarded as an angel.

Zhu Sha asked Mo Shiyun, “Oh right, Shiyun, do you think that we can go visit Jian Yunnao? There are a lot of students in the class that prepared a card for him. However, the only one in the class who still is in contact with Yunnao is you. You’re the only one who knows which hospital and ward he is staying in.”

Mo Shiyun replied, “Jian Yunnao probably doesn’t want everyone to visit him right now. It would be better for him to get some rest.”

Mo Shiyun knew Zhu Sha’s thoughts. However, she didn’t want Zhu Sha to affect Jian Yunnao’s mood. It was not worth to ruin her relationship with Jian Yunnao just for Zhu Sha’s wishes.

Zhu Sha was a bit disappointed. “Then, could you at least take the card that we prepared for Jian Yunnao? We won’t visit him just yet as we might disturb him.”

Mo Shiyun could see that Zhu Sha wasn’t very happy. She reassured her and said, “Wait for a few days. When he is in a better mood, I’ll ask him and see if I can organize a time where everyone can visit him on the weekends.”

Zhu Shu immediately became incredibly happy. “Shiyun, you’re awesome! You’re so much better than Jian Yiling. Not only in appearance and academics, but you’re also better in personality by miles!”

Mo Shiyun smiled, “Don’t let her hear you say that.”

Zhu Sha hummed disdainfully. “So what if she hears? Everyone in the school knows what sort of viper she is. Everyone in the school is going to scold her! If she is going to get revenge on everyone who scolds her, I’m afraid that there wouldn’t be many people left in the school.”

If it was before, Zhu Sha would be a bit careful with talking about Jian Yiling. However, she didn’t care at all right now. When she scolded Jian Yiling right now, it was helping her idol vent anger.

Zhu Sha whispered in Mo Shiyun’s ear, “Shiyun, just you watch! If Jian Yiling dares to come back to school, she will be punished!”

Mo Shiyun looked at Zhu Sha, her expression one of curiosity, “What do you know?”

Zhu Sha smiled mysteriously, “I’ve heard the news for a long time. Sister Qiu has already released the news and she wants to avenge Jian Yunnao.”

Sister Qiu was Qiu Yizhen. She was the daughter of the chairman in Shenghua High School. At the same time, she was the tyrant of Shenghua High School. It didn’t matter whether the student was male or female, everyone would call her ‘Sister Qiu’.

Jian Yunnao had a fan group in the school and the president of this group was Sister Qiu.

Sister Qiu was furious that Jian Yunnao’s hands were ruined and he could potentially never be able to play the piano again.

It seemed as though that Jian Yiling was going to suffer a lot when she returned to school.

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