From Sidekick to Bigshot

Chapter 13: Heroine Mo Shiyun
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Chapter 13: Heroine Mo Shiyun

Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

In a blink of an eye, five days had passed out of the seven-day break that Jian Yiling had taken. Jian Yiling had been busy these few days.

Other than dealing with Qin Chuan every day, Jian Yiling had also used her computer, phone, and other communication devices to talk with several people.

Jian Yiling had two things to do right now: One, to heal Jian Yunnao’s hands. This would prevent him from becoming gloomy in the future. He would be an unstable factor that affected her and the entire of the Jian family.

Two, to find the surveillance that had disappeared. These two days, Jian Yiling had been investigating that area the incident had happened in. She found out that there was surveillance in the area where Jian Yunnao had the accident in. However, all the surveillance tape had disappeared without a trace.

No one in the Jian family had noticed this. They never knew that there was surveillance monitoring the corridor where the incident had happened. To them, the testimony of Jian Yunnao was enough.

The Jian Yiling from before hadn’t thought about the surveillance tape either. After she explained numerous times to her family, she no longer wanted to explain anymore.

In fact, she became rebellious. She yelled at her family and said, “Yes, it was me! I pushed him off! Now you guys can lock me up! Or why not just cut my hand off and give that to him instead?”

Today, Jian Yuncheng intended to let Jian Yiling have a day of rest. Later, he would take her to the hospital to see Jian Yunnao.

When they left the house, Jian Yiling wore a small backpack. It was squeezed to the brim and seemed like there were a lot of things in there.

Jian Yuncheng had noticed this, however, he didn’t ask about it. It was quite normal for a little girl to wear a backpack.

When Jian Yuncheng drove out of the Jian Residence, he saw Mo Shiyun waiting for a bus by the roadside.

Today was the weekend, so Mo Shiyun was meant to be on break at home.

She had a lunch box in her hand. It appeared that she had prepared the lunch box for Jian Yunnao.

The Jian Residence was in the villa area. There were rarely buses that came over here. Maximum around a few buses a day.

Jian Yuncheng stopped the car and rolled down the window.

“Come on.”

Jian Yiling who was sitting in the backseat saw Mo Shiyun for the first time. She looked the same as what was described in the original book. Delicate and pretty.

An oval face, big eyes, and delicate facial features. It gave people the feeling that they were familiar with her.

It was unlike Jian Yiling’s facial features that were overly delicate. Along with her strong and stubborn personality, that made people feel that it was difficult to get along with her at first sight.

“Young master, I will catch the bus instead...” Mo Shiyun carefully rejected the invitation of Jian Yuncheng.

Her voice was sweet yet gentle and polite.

“We are also going to the hospital. It’s convenient for us to take you, and I don’t want my brother to eat food that is cold either,” Jian Yuncheng continued.

After hearing Jian Yuncheng’s words, Mo Shiyun had no reason to refuse his invitation anymore. And so, she went onto the car.

When she got onto the car, she saw that Jian Yiling was sitting in the backseat. There was a pile of clothes on the other side of her. It appeared that they were going to bring those clothes for the two people who were at the hospital.

Only the spot next to the driver was available. Mo Shiyun could only sit there.

Along the way, Jian Yuncheng kept observing Jian Yiling’s expression via the rearview mirror.

This event happened because of Mo Shiyun. If Jian Yiling really had changed, then she shouldn’t continue to show anger towards Mo Shiyun.

However, Jian Yuncheng did not see Jian Yiling’s anger. She kept looking down at her phone and appeared to be really concentrated on it. He didn’t know what she was looking at however, it seemed as though she hadn’t even noticed Mo Shiyun come into the car.

Jian Yuncheng was quite satisfied with Jian Yiling’s reaction.

Following that, Jian Yuncheng asked Mo Shiyun a few questions regarding Jian Yunnao.

Jian Yuncheng rarely returned home in the past two years. He didn’t know his younger brother as much as Mo Shiyun did.

Mo Shiyun answered his questions one by one. It appeared that they could chat rather well together.

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