Fox Girl In An Apocalyptic World

Chapter 43: Payment and truth
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Chapter 43: Payment and truth

Dragging her body down the street they had reached the alleyway back to the bunker and Akira went to grab Lou.

Reia threw Klein out in the middle of the alley watching over her to make sure she didn't run away. π“―π’“π’†π’†π’˜π’†π’ƒπ“·π™€π’—π’†π™‘.𝓬𝙀𝙒

"Why?" Reia wanted to know why she was so infatuated with Akira.

"You wouldn't understand." Klein laid on the floor not moving as she saw the end of her life approaching.

"I don't care, tell me." Not caring for how crazy it may be, all she wanted to know was what drove her to do such things.

"Heh, well as you know since I absorb essence one day I got a taste of Akira an-" Before Klein could finish Reia had kicked Klein as her thoughts instantly went to her succubus methods.

*cough* *cough* "Not like that you dumb vixen, he had used his essence to restrain me when I attacked him and ever since then the other me has wanted nothing more than to have more." Klein was up against the wall from Reia's kick and felt one of her ribs crack.

"Still doesn't explain why YOU went for him." Reia understood why this beast side of her would want Akira again due to his unique type of essence, but it still didn't answer why Klein was so obsessed.

"Because he was the first person to ever be able to suppress my urges without having to trade my body and take all of someone's essence." Klein teared up a bit as although she did those terrible things, she felt like she had no choice.

"This still doesn't excuse what you did and let alone you still have to absorb it to copy it." Reia felt the smallest shred of sympathy as it seemed as if it was her only way of not going crazy, but she felt like there were much better ways to go about it.

"When I start, I can't stop. No matter what I do, once I get a taste, it is over for whoever I was with." Klein clenched her fists as there were many times she had tried stopping but in the end, she finished them off as it was addicting.

"Tch, so you really deserve no sympathy." Reia felt disgusted in herself as it seemed Klein was a succubus to the core.

"I LOVED HIM! You can't comprehend the pain and anguish I went through, without being by his side and having him suppress this side, I can't live without HIM!" Klein had seemingly snapped which proved she had been living in her own fantasy the entire time.

"You think you love him, let alone even have a chance. you can't even treat him like a person, you see him as some sort of drug to suppress your addiction, how can you even call that love!" Reia was getting aggravated and was close to killing her.

"Ha… Haha… Hahaha, you will see, only time will tell and you will see how my love prevails." Klein had a crazed look in her eyes and had turned into some sort of beast-like look.

"What makes you think that after your death you will still be able to be by his side. Love to break it to you, but there is no afterlife." Reia was already getting sick of Klein and wanted her gone already.

"There are more of me and they know about Akira, so just be aware it isn't the end and they will come looking for him." Klein smiled as although she was most likely going to die, her family, which shared the same traits, knew of Klein's discovery about Akira's essence. They had not approached at the time as Klein had taken claim of him, but her death meant that Akira was free to be taken by any of the other family members.

"Tell me more." Reia was intrigued as it seemed like this wouldn't be the end of these essence-sucking beasts. It also involved Akira meaning they will have to deal with more powerful versions of Klein which was not a good thought seeing that they can use other people's essence.

"Ha, of course, they are one of the top families in the city, so be careful when you roam the streets you may bump into them hehe~." Klein seemed to be spiralling even further as she began to laugh at anything.

"WHERE IS THIS BITCH!" Lou had come out of the bunker upon hearing the news and seeing her in the flesh had set her off even more. Kim had come out and was hiding behind Akira, peaking around his arm. Although she wanted revenge for what happened to her, she was still afraid of Klein and did not want to approach her.

Reia had stood back as she had gotten most of the information she wanted from Klein.

'In the end, she was just crazy, no wonder she was stuck in her own delusions and thought Akira wouldn't fight back.' Reia being explained what happened on the way back couldn't believe her stupidity, but seeing how delusional she was it made sense why her approach was so dumb.

Going back to Akira's side, Reia wanted to participate in whatever Lou was going to do, but she was satisfied with what she had already done and didn't want to get in the way of Lou.

"You okay?" Akira saw Reia's frustrated and annoyed face knowing whatever they talked about was not good.

"There is a lot to talk about, but let's wait until Lou is finished." Planning to fill everyone in, she wanted to enjoy the show that was going to happen in front of them. Also without realising it Reia had leaned her head on Akira's shoulder lost in thought.

"Heh." Kim who was still hiding behind Akira saw this and couldn't help but chuckle at the scene. Akira sighed as he didn't know what to do other than stand there and wait.


[Warning: Very violent/gory so proceed with caution]

Lou had walked up to Klein who was on the floor and picked her up by the collar.

"Look at what we have here~." Lou's eyes were glowing brightly and the golden under hair had a slight fire effect.

"Hey there sweetie~, let me have a taste of your fire." Klein was mentally unstable and seeing her death so near was willing to say or do anything to piss Lou off.

Without saying a word Lou covered her hand in fire and punched Klein in the face while letting go to make her fall to the floor.

"Argh!" Klein groaned in pain and while she was on the floor Lou stomped onto her ribs.

"Dare to even say my name and you will pay the price." Lou glared at Klein who was squirming in pain as Lou pushed harder on her ribs.

"Ha... Haha… sure thing ice princess." Klein saying all the right words to piss off Lou, she had only made the situation worse.

This time covering her feet in fire without caring for the consequences started to repeatedly stomp into her ribs and stomach.

Burning her clothes and skin Klein began to scream in pain. Lou then started driving her heel into Klein's chest. Tears were falling from Klein's face as she tried to withstand the pain, but found herself losing consciousness.

"Oh no don't go passing out now, you need to feel everything~" Lou took her foot off Klein and picked her up once again, this time Lou had a knife to facilitate her fire. Coating it a layer of fire, Lou brought the blade close to Klein's face, skimming it.

"I would love to drink your tears of agony, but I don't want to drink something that had been used like an old rag." Lou used the knife to dry up all the tears and her eyes forcing them to shut.

"No screams? Let me fix that." Placing the blade on Klein's cheek she began to burn her face.


"Keep your head still bitch." Grabbing Klein by the neck, Lou would tighten her grip every time Klein moved.

Having finished marking her face with severe burns, Lou pushed her back down to the ground having her lay on her stomach.

"Look at this beautiful canvas." Lou ran the blade down Klein's clothes exposing her back. Lou had also cut Klein's hair removing almost all of its length. Sitting on top of Klein, Lou had begun to cut things into her back with the fire still on the blade. Klein tried to move but would be met with a punch on the kidney or her head getting smashed into the ground.

"Oi, Reia stop hugging your boyfriend and hold down this succubus." Lou was sick of getting interrupted so she called for some extra hands.

Reia quickly backed away from Akira as she realised she was leaning on him and was now completely red.

'Sorry." Reia apologised and quickly ran over to Lou to help

"Huh? Reia is his girlfriend." Klein hearing this couldn't believe it and her mind was further descending into insanity.

"Oho, they are all over each other, I even heard them last night. Now just imagine the noises I heard. "Oh Reia, you're so hot." It was unbelievably noisy." Although Lou was completely lying she knew how much Akira meant to Klein, knowing it would break her.

Klein bit her lip causing it to bleed and started to scream as the thoughts invaded her mind.


"HAHAHAHAHA! YES! Scream for me." Lou Loved the reaction and wanted more so she continued to cut long streaks along her back creating permanent marks.

Reia shook her head and blushed even more and wanted to smack Lou, but knew it was intentional so she played along.

"Hold her arms so they are not flailing about." Lou ordered Reia on what to do, letting Lou have free range to do whatever she wanted.

"YOU DAMN VIXEN SLUT….. YOU DARE TOU-." Klein had lost it and was now screaming for her life trying to hurl any insults, but before she could finish, Reia shoved her face into the ground.

"He belongs to me, so shut up you worthless piece of human existence." Reia, still red in the face, held the cold look and all Klein could do was glare out the corner of her eye at Reia.

"Good one~." Lou was just about done with her back and was going to move on to something else. Stabbing into a non-lethal part of the back, Klein's body was starting to spasm from pain since she could no longer move due to being restrained.

"You can move now, Reia." Lou was now done with burning the entirety of Klein's back and was ready to move on.

Reia got up and stepped back to give Lou space.

Getting up from the ground while pulling Klein by the hair, forcing her to stand up. Her face was completely exhausted and covered in blood, which Lou considered a piece of art.

"Now let's finish that fight we had all these years ago." Lou let go of Klein who could barely stand and put away the knife. Readying herself for a fist fight, Klein had no choice, but to fight back.

"You damn… She-wolf." Klein was swaying, almost losing balance from the constant wave of pain she was feeling.

Lou's hair got an almost fiery look, her tail and ears were tipped with flames showcasing her excitement and rage.

"Here I come~!" Lou opened up with a fire punch to the stomach making Klein fall on her back and scream in pain. All the cuts and burns Lou gave were not only done for fun but to cause even more pain as she landed on the ground.

Getting on top of her instantly Lou started to furiously punch Klein in the face and chest crushing every bone she could.

"This. Is. For. Kim. And. All. The. People. You. Have. FUCKED WITH!" Saying a word after each punch, Klein was on the verge of death as she felt her entire body burn with pain and start to lose control over her body.

Her eyes were blurry and all she could see was Lou's smile and fiery eyes staring at her, while she was continuously beaten. Fire was slowly engulfing her body and Klein was getting numb to the feeling of pain despite burning alive. Lou seeing Klein was about to die decided to finish her off for good.

Raising both hands together Lou smashed down one last time onto Klein's skull dealing the final blow and killing Klein.

Feeling a weight lift off her chest Lou felt invigorated as she looked at the bloody burning mess she had made.

"Finally, she's dead." Lou took a few deep breaths as she sat on Klein's dead body and blood, basking in the satisfaction of ridding someone she hated to her core.

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